Grandchildren Poem

Acrostic Poem For Grandson

This poem is dedicated to our grandson Harvey. Our son Neil and his lovely wife Barbara have been married for 9 years now and Harvey has been a wonderful blessing in our lives.
As being first time grandparents, we are ecstatic and can't get enough of our gorgeous grandson.

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Ode To Our Grandson Harvey

© more by Franciszka Doris

Published: July 2008

H is for Harvey, happy and smiling, and made out of love.
A is for Angel, bestowed from above.
R is for Rascal with twinkling eyes, and a grin full of fun.
V is for Vulnerable so tiny and sweet, that brings out the lion in all who he meets.
E is for Exceptional, so smart and so bright, so full of life and heavenly light.
Y is for  Young with life's road ahead, full of promise and honors to gain.

N is for Noisy when food is about, or tickling and playing and flinging about.
E is for Early, on awakening, eyes open wide, you play with your angels and coo with delight.
I is for Intent, as you sight your goal and go for it with gusto, scream with frustration when you can't quite grab it.
L is for Loving and giving, for little and lovely,  thank you for being the glue in our life.

D is for Darling, adorable and gorgeous, the light of our lives and the gift from our son and his wife.
O is for Orbit, as you revolve around us like stars in the night and the sun in our days.
R is for Radiant, your smile is so precious, just like your laughter that's so infectious.
I is for Impatient when you cannot achieve, and pure pleasure when you do.
S is for Soul, so pure and gentle, blessed from above and filled with love.

Love from Granny and Grandad Doris


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