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It's been 4 days since my eldest sister was located. After 43 years of separation by adoption, we can be a complete family. The best thing we each can bring to our new relationship is the memories and experiences we each have. I'm so humble and thankful to her adoptive parents for lovingly raising her to be who she is.

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After fostering and then adopting my dear little sister for three years, I am now 13 and my older sister 15. The little one welcomed into our family from adoption is 5. Fostering children had...

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Sisters Reunion


Published: November 2009

My Dearest Sister,
This journey has been long.
This experience like a favorite song.
Dreams realized and not abandoned,
Wishes finally granted. 
My imaginary friend now has a name,
a face,
embodiment I now can claim. 
I am yours and you are mine, 
My sister forever,
no longer undefined. 
This journey has indeed been long,
and now we know that what was wrong;
was just the timing in our past,
and now the clock can be still as last. 
Long enough for us to embrace,
the promises of tomorrow and what we'll face. 
I envision a reunion,
happy not sad,
in which we're altogether,
now that would be Rad!
Love from your 'Little sister.'
- Jeni Dawn


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  • Ashley by Ashley
  • 5 years ago

After fostering and then adopting my dear little sister for three years, I am now 13 and my older sister 15. The little one welcomed into our family from adoption is 5. Fostering children had been something we did since I was 7. I am always asked if it was hard saying goodbye. I don't now how to answer that, the idea of bringing broken children into your family only to have it taken away IS really hard to think about. But it is worth it. The oldest child we ever brought into our home was 2 and the youngest was picked up from the hospital.
My sister that we adopted didn't have it as easy. She was removed by police at age 1, reunified twice, lived in a small motor home, and experienced horrible trauma. But my family made the commitment and stayed with her through all of it. We knew this is what God wanted us to do. As hard as the journey was God gave us hope that now shines in my little sisters eyes.

  • Catlin Collins by Catlin Collins, Texas
  • 6 years ago

I'm 15 years old and I live in Texas. My little sister who is 6 years young lives in Arizona with my mother and little brother. It has been really hard being away from them. I've been living with my aunt now for 9 months and I've only recently seen my sister. She likes to call me and tell me everything is fine but I can hear it in her voice that she's trying not to cry and it kills me.

  • Evy Kas by Evy Kas
  • 9 years ago

I found my sister who was given up for adoption at birth...47 years ago! All I can say is God granted us a miracle. My sister was alone for so much of her life and now she is in a big big family. She was always missed and now that we've found her she's missed even more!! I pray God will provide for us to all meet all 7 of us siblings!! <3 I love you Abby Lynn

  • Jennifer by Jennifer, Havelock
  • 9 years ago

My mother searched for my biological family for years and finally found some of them a week ago. To my surprise I have three siblings that I didn't know I had. I have a bunch more to find and meet! I am so excited and thankful!

  • Newport by Newport
  • 11 years ago

Wow what a beautiful poem, it seems to sum up everything that I feel about finding my half sister, my mother gave her up for adoption almost 45 years ago and I have recently found her. We've not meet yet just emailed each other and exchanged photos but I feel as though I know her so well. I hope you both every happiness and a great relationship now that you've found each other.

  • Terri by Terri, Sussex
  • 11 years ago

I am so glad you found your sister. I searched for my brother for 24 years, but when I eventually found that missing link to lead me to him, I also discovered he died 3 years earlier at the age of just 37. Now I feel my life will never be complete. I wish you and your sister great happiness and love, and hope you are able to make up for the lost years. Bless you both.

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