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Poem About A Special Child

A mother writes of her special son and asks that he be treated gently in this all too often cruel world.

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Can I copy this in our newsletter for special for mother's of special needs.

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A Mother's Unconditional Love


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

I have a child with special needs,
he is great, yes indeed.
People may look at him in a different way,
but he's like any other little boy wanting to play.
He has Cerebral Palsy, which enables him to walk,
but he's still up for a nice long talk.
He likes to play with play dough, blow bubbles, color and ride trikes.
But that is only some of the things that he likes.
At recess he walks on his walker out to the swing,
it just takes him longer when the bell rings.
So please be patient and get to know a little boy named Chandler,
who wants to be loved so.
He is very sweet and loves to play,
so please give him a chance and don't run away.
He has feelings, just as you and I,
so please be nice and don't make him cry.
Try not to judge him because he can't run.
Just look at his heart and you both will have fun.
He doesn't look at you different or make ugly jokes,
because God gave him a special heart
and he doesn't want it broke.
So if you see it in your heart,
please let him have fun and be a part.
He's just a child wanting to play,
you can teach each other in different ways.
Just remember God made each of us different and unique.
I like green, you may like pink.
In God's eyes we are all the same,
so what do you say friend, how about a game?


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  • Jennifer Dixon by Jennifer Dixon
  • 11 years ago

Can I copy this in our newsletter for special for mother's of special needs.

  • Peggy Hughes by Peggy Hughes, Midway City
  • 14 years ago

My daughter is an aide in a school where she teaches and cares for teen-agers that are autistic. They are amazing. And they are dear loving souls.
People who can't take the time to know these children that need love and attention just like the rest of us.
They are so worth your while.

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