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A girl says thank you to her uncle for raising her with unconditional love.

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My father was never in my life and my Uncle William, my mother's brother, stepped in and gave me everything that a little girl needs from her Daddy. I had unconditional love, I could talk to...

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Thanks To My Uncle

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Published: February 2006

Mother's brother
Took me in as his daughter
Wiped the tears from my face
Father took off, so he filled his place
No questions about his loyalty
The love he shows already answered them for me
Day and night I bow and pray
Giving God praise for letting him stay in my life another day
My protector when life gets rough
No one can break our bond, because it's strong and tough
In his eyes he reveals a secret
Something that is so beautiful, but only we share it
His love is pure, like no other
Thank you grandma for having my mother's brother.



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  • Thembie by Thembie
  • 6 months ago

This story is talking about me. Tears are running. I was raised by my uncle and his wife because my mom was not working, so my uncle took us (my sister and me). They raised us with love and care and taught us how to love unconditionally. We never feel the gap of not having a father. I first saw my father when I was 14 years old. We are not close even now because I don't know him. He doesn't even know that I have two kids. I'm 34 years old now. I thank God for giving me that uncle. I love him a lot. My uncle will always be the most important man in my life.

  • Queenisis1 by Queenisis1
  • 10 months ago

My father was never in my life and my Uncle William, my mother's brother, stepped in and gave me everything that a little girl needs from her Daddy. I had unconditional love, I could talk to him about anything, even things I found difficult to talk to my Mom about. He was paralyzed from the waist down by a young man trying to rob him. As I was taking care of him all I felt was rage at God and the man who had done this to him. I wished every kind of suffering on this man short of death. But my Uncle looked at me, hugged me and told me, "Pooh, I've already forgiven him. I need you to forgive him too...Hate is the worst disease you can have; it eats you from the inside and destroys you." He taught me to be kind and forgiving no matter the circumstances. He was my Daddy in every way that counted. He was also the greatest Grandfather my children could ask for. When he passed away I searched for something that spoke my heart. This poem is my heart in prose.

  • Laney Bell by Laney Bell
  • 2 years ago

I am crying over how sweet this poem is. I can totally relate. Two months after I turned 9, my dad was put into prison. My mom couldn't pay the power bill and we were completely poor. My mom wanted to go to her boyfriend's house, so she locked the door and we got in the car. My mom's friend lived with us in our 3 bedroom trailer. It was me, my 3 sisters, and my little brother, and my mom's friend's 3 kids all living there. My mom's friend was not coming to my mom's boyfriend's house, so we dropped her off. My mom called her brother and told her we were not going to be home. My uncle told her to drive to the nearest gas station and he was taking us to his house. My mom told him okay so she wouldn't have to deal with us and we went to a Shell gas station. My uncle came to pick us up and I did not want to go. I kicked and screamed because I loved my mom. We went to my uncle's house and stayed there. Two and a half months later my mom went to prison. I have has the amazing opportunity of living with my uncle.

  • Anaheim California by Anaheim California
  • 5 years ago

I had tears in my eyes while I was reading this poem. I totally related to it. My dad took off when my mom was pregnant with me. I never got to meet him. My uncle helped my mom raise me. He was always there to support us. He's like a dad to me he's sick now with colon cancer. I pray to God That he be giving the strength he needs..

  • Elena Gilbert by Elena Gilbert
  • 7 years ago

This made me cry because last July my mom died and my Uncle took me in and raised me as his daughter. without him I don't know what would have happened to me!

  • Tamika D by Tamika D, Detroit MI
  • 7 years ago

My dads brother was there for me I call him my Uncle Daddy!!!! He has been a Father, Friend. He has shown me over the years how a Husband is supposed to be. A gentleman as well. He is a Blessing to me and my family . I remember growing up him and a
Auntie would get on me like if I wouldn't obey my mother they would pull out the Bible and turn to Esph.6:1. It talks about children obey your parents ....... I'm sitting there saying but all don't understand and they would say whether you think they're wrong or right ...... ok I give up They really helped me That's why I Love them soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!

  • Cartersville Ga by Cartersville Ga
  • 7 years ago

When I read this it made me cry my dad passed away when I was 8 and my Uncle has always been there for me and I talk to him about everything I would talk to my daddy about and he guides me through everything and I thank god that we are so close. I feel like he is the only one I can open up to and I'm so glad to have him in my life....

  • Sophia by Sophia, Chicago
  • 7 years ago

My dad took off when I was about 5 years old and I'm 26 years old now. My uncle helped my mom raise me and my 3 siblings. He has never been married and when people ask him why he hasn't gotten married and had children of his own, he says, "why should I? I have 4 kids already!" referring to me and my siblings. I could never thank him enough for sacrificing his own life to give us ours...this poem really touched me..

  • Isabel Edna by Isabel Edna
  • 8 years ago

I have tears in my eyes, this poem feels like it has also been written for me. I have an uncle who has a heart of gold. He is on dialysis and can no longer live near my grandparents. I pray to God that he may find a suitable donor for him. I love you my uncle John!

  • Bernadette by Bernadette, San Jose
  • 9 years ago

I feel this poem was written for me. I have an Uncle who helped raise me with my Mom.

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