Hurting Poem by Teens

The Emo They Call Me

About cutting. I went through the stage, but I'm out of it now, so this is for others who know what it's like. This poem is quite vivid, but if I can get through, so can you.

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My name is Cade, I'm trans ftm. I started to cut when I was 11. I haven't been able to stop. It's become a very bad addiction for me. Every time I try to stop, I always have a relapse. So I...

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Cuts For A Life

© more by Danni

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

From start to finish I wonder why
The cuts look good in this messed up lie
The blood that trickles down my arm
People all stare at the girl who self-harms.

"The emo" they call me
I turn to my name
They act out slicing their wrists
I hang my head in shame
I can't help my feelings
Of being alone
I hide myself for the day
Just longing to go home
I sprawl on my bed
With my razor in hand
And take myself away
To a much better land
I stare in the mirror
And let myself cry
Looking forward to the day
That I finally die


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  • Cade Dino Jackson by Cade Dino Jackson
  • 2 years ago

My name is Cade, I'm trans ftm. I started to cut when I was 11. I haven't been able to stop. It's become a very bad addiction for me. Every time I try to stop, I always have a relapse. So I gave up on trying to stop. I tried to end my life multiple times; when that didn't work, I turned back to cutting myself. I now start to pull my hair also, and I scar up my fingers. It's been about 1 week since I last cut. My left arm and left thigh are full of scars. I also have scars on my right arm, and l also have more scars on my right thigh. I use anything I can to cut if I don't have a blade. I wanna stop, but I can't. I've been bullied since I was in 1st grade, and now that I came out as trans to my family they misgender me and misname me. My parents are both homophobic and transphobic. The only support I have is from my friends and teachers. But that still doesn't help. I was molested when I was 6.

  • Augustina by Augustina
  • 4 years ago

I really relate to you. Cutting for me has become an addiction. I want to stop, but I can't seem to. I also turned to drugs Now this is my shame and cult. My mom knows about the cuts but not about the drugs. I'm only 16, and I really need help, but my mom would be so defeated.

  • Darkdepression545 by Darkdepression545
  • 5 years ago

This poem really touched my heart. I'm 16 and I started cutting when I was 13. My daily life in school was unbearable. All the kids hated me, I hung out with the wrong people, and I started doing drugs. When I was 14, I started doing dope. My father was my supplier. My father also raped me from the age of 7 all the way up until I turned 14 and reported him.

  • Jazzy by Jazzy, Lebanon IN
  • 7 years ago

Hi my name is Jazzy. I'm 13 and this is the story of my last past 10 years. My life was a lie for ten years. I started cutting when I was 11 because that's when my baby brother was born and he got taken away, all I did was cried all the time. I was mad at my dad because it was his fault and he never did anything to get him back he's still in foster care to this day. I still cry to this day I pray that he won't be stuck there anymore I want him to come home.

  • Addison I London by Addison I London
  • 6 years ago

I understand how you feel. My parents died when I was 11, and I started blaming myself for everything. I started cutting at ten before they passed, due to the bullying at school and all of the death threats I was given. Trust me, tell someone. It makes everything better. I bottled up my feelings and it was hell. Stay strong, Jazzy

  • Lhall100 by Lhall100, IL
  • 7 years ago

Prayers are with you and your little brother. I'm sorry you had to go through all this. I experienced the same type of pain with my siblings and now a terrible unfair separation from my own children, in a divorce. Family courts aren't always the best interest to anyone. There is more than meets the eye on that. I don't know your father, but I know how courts can be deceiving and harsh. There was no reason for a stay at home mother too lose her happy, well adjusted, at the time, children either. So do that math and you'll be puzzled. We want to blame the ones that are to protect us. Sometimes that is next to impossible. Prayers to the better side of life. Corruption is real and it comes with so many sad outcomes. I'm truly sorry for your temporary loss. Make it that you'll see him again one day.

  • Gabriellewilhelm by Gabriellewilhelm
  • 8 years ago

I was very touched by this poem it reminds me of my daily life at school.

  • Max Dylan by Max Dylan, South Africa
  • 9 years ago

I'm so, so sorry that you had to go through this alone. This poem is the epitome of me and my life that I'm living right now, and it just makes me so sad that other people have to go through this too. I don't know you, I've never met you, I don't even know what country you're living in.. but I want you to know that I love you. We all do.

  • Emmy Jones by Emmy Jones, Alabama
  • 9 years ago

I am a teen girl with depression. This story is my life. I felt a deep connection with the words. This story informs me that other people are going through this. I've been crying myself to sleep for the past year because I have thought I am alone, but I can sleep well knowing I'm not.

  • Xzavier by Xzavier
  • 9 years ago

I actually love this, I used to cut myself there's no shame in that being emo wasn't a choice for me it just happens when you are so fed up with everything. I've been like this for a very long time since I was 12 now I'm turning 16 and things have changed this poem is so great because I was the same. I found a girl that accepted it all which surprised me but there is a light at the end of emo tunnel you might not want to see it but it's there everyone will get out. I'm not yet there but I know everything will change even though deep inside of my dark heart I don't want it to because I don't really care but it's there.

  • Kyle by Kyle, Belfast
  • 10 years ago

I really love this poem because I used to cut really deep until I passed out one day and I could see my life flashing before my eyes I know I made my mum sad but I got help there's a light in every tunnel in life stay strong and positive life isn't as bad as you think remember your family loves you and they don't want to see any of their children in pain or cutting my motto is Don't worry family is always there for you no matter what hope this wee story helps people out there always have inner happiness in helping others overcome their cutting #LoveLife

  • Cheyanne by Cheyanne, New York
  • 10 years ago

I love this poem. I used to cut its been a couple months since I last cut. But its getting harder to not cut. It was like a medicine to me. It got to the point to where my school noticed and had my parents bring me to the hospital. It help sooth me. Anyway people labeled me cuz I did before they got to know me and that always called me names like "emo freak". Your poem is amazing and helps people know that we aren't alone.

  • Fang by Fang
  • 10 years ago

I'm a cutter. I'm ashamed. Wishing I was unnamed. I want to stop I truly do. But it's hard to and I just can't stop. It's almost as if it's calling my name. And I listen to responding to its pleas even though all it does is hurt me. Even though I only cut on my emotional days that feel like shit. My wrist hips legs and stomach were my razors kiss my skin. Drawing blood at the first strike. If you know what feels like then you might understand my pain. The only thing that keeps me from ending this hurtful game is being strong for my friends. Remember to be strong and hopefully you will get out of this mess unlike me.

  • Christine by Christine, California
  • 10 years ago

I love your poem! It was amazing. I'm not a cutter, although I know quite a few people at my school who cut. Some of them don't bother trying to hide their cuts and they happen to not get noticed, the teachers just don't realize. My best friend was a cutter, it's a rough time she's been through. I'm sure she's not alone. This poem meant so much to me knowing that I might have lost a best friend, she's alright though, I was the first one to know about her self-harm because she told me right away.

  • Josh by Josh, Indiana
  • 11 years ago

I love this poem it touched my broken soul of a heart and I went all through highschool looking for a friend but never found one. I am a cutter and can't stop, I want to but can't. I also write but this poem made me feel like I have hope. thank you <3

  • Vince by Vince
  • 11 years ago

This is truly the story of my life because everyday I go though a lot like you and people made fun of me calling names like emo and anime freak. So it turned me into what they thought I was. So it's nice to know I'm not alone and j will admit the cutting takes away the stress but I got so bad that this is no longer enough so I stab myself every now and then but life would not suck if people took the time to really know you so that's the story of this emo freak :'(

  • Winona by Winona, Ohio
  • 11 years ago

I find this story touching because I used to cut. Cutting is like a drug that is addicting. But what made me want to cut was the way my sister treated me. She blackmailed me and gossiped about me and told everyone my secrets. And I cried so much that one day I just couldn't take it and I couldn't breathe and all I could think was "Get a knife and do it" but everyone also thinks I'm possessed by the guy who died in our house and blah blah blah.

  • Jaryd by Jaryd, Minnesota
  • 11 years ago

Thank you for believing all the people who are emo like me now lets hope someday this poem will change everything.

  • Magi by Magi
  • 11 years ago

Wow, your poem is really nice. No one is the same after they cut. It's hard to accept the thought that you're cutting but it's even harder to stop. Even though you've stopped ... There's that little thought: Why not cut? That's what got you through the day didn't it?
At least for me it's like that...

  • Giselle by Giselle, California
  • 11 years ago

I really love this poem. I can relate to it a lot. I'm a cutter and well when I started cutting I was 12 and I'm 14 now so I have 2 years cutting and I do it maybe 2-3 times every week. It started off with my best friend. he had a really big problem and it was killing him so he started cutting and then he got addicted to it at, first I didn't know who he was anymore but then one day my mom had told me the worst things that anybody had told me in my life any I felt like the worst person so I called him and he told me to cut myself and I did it, but in mind I said to myself "just this one time and I'm not doing it anymore" well I was wrong. I kept and kept on doing it and nobody could have stopped me. I took counseling and it didn't help. I went to the hospital a couple times also. My friend even stopped cutting so that maybe I could stop to, but I didn't. People at school started finding out they would make fun of me. I had to move schools because of that. I'm not planning on stopping right now because my life hasn't gotten any better but I know I'll have to stop sometime just not now.

  • Jessica Henry by Jessica Henry
  • 11 years ago

I know how you feel. I started cutting when my dad said that he didn't care after he found me having sex. Everytime I get upset I cut and cut until I bleed. I want to stop but its really hard. Everytime I stop I tell myself that this is the last time, but I know it isn't. It kills me when I cut again because I'm disappointing everyone that cares about me. Everybody at my school calls me a cutter and laughs at me. It kills me. Now I'm in a residential treatment facility and I'm getting help. I haven't cut in in a week. I feel so proud. When I feel like cutting I think of my brother Shaun who got murdered and say to myself would he want me to do this. You have great talent. Continue to write.

  • Amber  Houghton by Amber Houghton
  • 11 years ago

I'm a cutter and so is my friend. This is so what happened to me no one seems to understand and I know how you feel. It is so hard it is addictive and very hard. I started half way through year 7 and every one said that I was only attention seeking even the teachers and my mum and dad said I was so wrecked I didn't know what to do.

  • Cassie by Cassie
  • 11 years ago

I'm currently a cutter and I stopped. Today's the second day because love's just so hard. I'm 12 and I advise you all to read a wonderful book called Wintergirls because it helped me through my pain only I just can't be as strong as her to stop. I was really afraid of what my friend Joseph would think of me cuz I really like him my best friend Carey doesn't even know or my parents and what if they find out?

  • Brendan Fultz by Brendan Fultz
  • 11 years ago

I have only cut myself twice, I am not really one to do that. But I felt a lot from this poem and I know how you feel. You should try to stop cutting yourself though, you will find out in the end that it does not help. You just need someone to tell you that you are okay and maybe a big hug! hang in there.

  • Amanda by Amanda
  • 11 years ago

I relate to this so much, because I used to cut. Everyday I would create new scars on my body to match the scars created on my soul by others. I used to wish almost everyday that I was dead. I even tried to commit suicide once. I'm not proud of what I did, but my scars are now a part of me, a part my history. They helped to create who I am today. It has now been almost two years since I last cut. My ex girlfriend was the one who helped me to realize that I wasn't only hurting myself. I was hurting the people who love me as well. I will forever be grateful to her. Well thank you for reading my story. I hope that the people out there who cut or self harm in anyway get the help they need to stop. It's not worth it. Trust me. I went through it.

  • Matthew by Matthew, CA
  • 11 years ago

That was the most amazing poem I have seen in a long time I used to cut and never had friends while my life was going bad.
Keep writing I would love to read more poems like this. I was able to stop cutting only from the help of another.
Well anyone who reads this take care.

  • Pantera by Pantera
  • 11 years ago

I was cutting myself for a year, almost everyday. I've tried to stop few times, but I really couldn't. The one and only thing that made me stop cutting, is an awesome band called Black Veil Brides. They have literally saved my life, and I really appreciate it. Most people like them because they're all really hot, but you really have to listen to their music. I don't think they realize how many lives they really save, I know that if I could ever be lucky enough to meet them, the first thing I would do is thank them for saving me. Looking back now, I don't really know why I did it, the cutting. Even after I cut, the mental pain was still there, my life still sucked. Now, I just write it down, or draw, or something; anything but cutting. I feel really proud of myself now, because people ask me if I cut all the time. I feel really proud, because I'm able to tell them no. Like I said, Black Veil Brides saved my life. Listen to them; see if they can save your life too.

  • Allan by Allan, California
  • 11 years ago

I used to be a person who made fun of emo's. One day I met a girl and instantly fell in love with her. She was a cutter and I helped her het through it. We ended up going out, but broke up a few months later. After we broke up she started cutting again. I couldn't live with myself knowing I caused her so much pain. She ended up committing suicide, and I was distraught. Since then I have tried my best to educate people on what emo's are really like. This poem reminded me of her, so thanks for publishing it. It is beautiful to read and very touching. R.I.P Amanda Cross

  • Jo by Jo
  • 11 years ago

I started cutting at 11, stopped around Christmas then started again around my 12th birthday and still currently do it. I think you're really brave to put your poem here because I write but don't publish it. I used to be known as the girl who is sad for some dumb reason and I should just stop but I ignore them and so what if I got raped or bullied, I'm still being strong. All you guys out there who feel awful and cut, like me, be strong as well. xx

  • Jo by Jo
  • 11 years ago

I love this poem it touches me. I cut and don't know how to stop but I don't feel alone anymore. I bleed but I don't like being called "emo" because I'm not. I'm just going through a tough time

  • Alyssa Baldwin by Alyssa Baldwin, Kinross
  • 11 years ago

I use to do the some thing, but then I realized that my life wasn't that bad maybe I had an abusive dad when I was younger.. maybe my dad left me for drugs and a stupid H** and told me he never wanted to see me again, maybe I was raped many time when I was younger, maybe everyone in my life hates me or has hated me. Maybe my mom didn't want me but she was stuck with me...maybe there was a lot of really bad things in my life. but I'm still here and it will all get better one day,..

  • Jess by Jess, England
  • 11 years ago

This explains my life so much, I'm trying to stop self harming. It's been 33 days since I last cut myself, I've done really well but it's so hard.

  • Zjala by Zjala, Georgia
  • 11 years ago

I HATE when people call us "emo". Just because I cut doesn't mean I am. Most people don't expect since I'm on the cheer team and have a lot of friends, but I feel alone like no one understands what I'm going through. I love this poem <3 <3 it's really good....wish I could write like that

  • Anna by Anna, Massachusetts
  • 11 years ago

I don't really cry or cut but I cut myself off from my friends and other people, because I know people would notice how I really am. People have asked if I'm 'okay' or 'depressed' and things of that such. But I always just throw on a smile and lie to them. I don't talk to anyone about how I feel. But this poem was a good inspiration to never start cutting. I don't want to and I hope I never do. I'm still holding on, staying strong, at least around other people. This poem almost made me cry. I don't even remember the last time I cried.

  • Richard by Richard, Fl
  • 12 years ago

This truly speaks to every emo out there in this cold world, full of betrayal. I started on my tenth birthday, my wish was to die. Five years later, I've have it mostly control. The key to an angel's heart? Find God, and then you find true love. Well on the bright side in our little blood bath, is that emo's are the only ones who aren't afraid to show how they really feel and not just offer a fake smile.

  • Delgato by Delgato
  • 12 years ago

Awesome poem. Most inspiring thing I've come across all day. I have a big scar, hundreds of little scars, several cigarette burn scars, and a four-letter word of scars fading from my arms and chest. Used to find it satisfying, cathartic, proof of the torment I was in. But it's not really the solution. I have searched millions of solutions over the years. The best one is to sympathize with each other, help each other, hang out, build solidarity, protect and heal each other, and work on creative fun projects.

Confronting bullies intelligently and effectively, as a group, is also essential. Giving in to bullies is like a gateway drug -- the more you do it, the worse everything gets, and the harder it is to recover.

  • Annie by Annie, Texas
  • 12 years ago

I love this poem. I haven't cut in about a week now. When I did cut last however, my boyfriend caught me. So for him I've promised not to cut anymore... But, today I stood in the bathroom with a razorblade in my hand, debating between my love for him or the need to "Take myself away to a much better land." I cried when I read this poem. Thank you..

  • Samantha by Samantha, Knoxvile
  • 12 years ago

I have been struggling with cutting for years. I tried to get help but nobody cares. People stare, people laugh and make fun but nobody asks or cares. I never feel happy. I cut to make me feel better to feel in control of my emotions. Cutting is my out. When people can't stop with their taunts. When life's too much. When I can't take it anymore. When nobody will listen, my body is my journal and the razor blade is my pen. I spell it out till there's no more to say.

  • Destiny by Destiny
  • 12 years ago

I used to be a cutter, and still try to at times. It just takes away the stress and the worry, like when I come home from a horrible day at school I just want to find something sharp and take it to my arm, but I just don't. After reading most of the comments and the poem, I finally found out I wasn't alone. I haven't cut myself for about 6 months, if I can stop after a year of doing something as addicting as this, then you can too.

  • Tamera by Tamera, Winner South Dakota
  • 12 years ago

I used to cut myself & still do because of personal reasons, and I have friends that do the same. I know how all you people feel when people make jokes about this kind of stuff and think it's funny, but it's not! That 'causes more cuts! So people should just quit making jokes like that because it ain't funny. It's sad because you're not only hurting yourself, but you are hurting everybody around you and your family members, but it's a habit that you can't easily stop.

  • Hannah by Hannah
  • 12 years ago

I love this poem. I had this crush earlier this year, and obviously he didn't like me back, so he called me a stalker. That REALLY hurt me. Not like he cared. l:
but anyway, I tried to cut myself 5 or 6 times in that week. I used to take a pocket knife to school "just in case I wanted to cut" I had insomnia for at least a month and the suicidal thoughts kept coming. I couldn't take it. I was hurt, emotionally mostly. I had the urge to hide my wrists even though I didn't cut. (Weird right?) And finally I told my mom about it and a few days later she found me a therapist. I still go to that therapist. She's helped me a lot. The suicidal thoughts are gone, the urges to cut are gone. My depression seems to be going away. :3 I love my therapist and everytime I go there, I thank her for helping me. :3 that's my story. I'm almost 14 and I still have images of cut marks in my mind sometimes when I'm asleep. l: thanks for letting me share my story loves! c:

  • Kristen by Kristen, Windsor
  • 12 years ago

When I was eight, my dad raped me. As the years went on, it happened more frequently. I started cutting myself when I was twelve. I've had fifty six stitches in my left arm, eleven on my right, and thirty three on my leg. I add them each time I get them. I haven't self harmed in five days. The urge to feel that blade slide across my skin, is ever so great. Especially now.
Your poem touched me. I feel your pain. I get bullied because of who I am , because of how I look. How fat I am, how blue my eyes are, my nationality, my race. It hurts.

Hang in there. You'll be okay. <3

  • Stephannie Mossiah by Stephannie Mossiah
  • 12 years ago

I thought of stop cutting. I jus can't. I can't b/c of my surroundings, who I'm with, what I have to face every single day. Sometimes I jus right about it, but they are no words no be expressed, all I do it take out the pain a my magical razor eraser of pain, and I'm good for the next day.

  • Kimberly Pena by Kimberly Pena
  • 12 years ago

I've been cutting for a year and a half but trying to stop. everyone one I know hate me for cutting. they don't see why I do it and don't understand. People call me names cause of my cuts. I haven't cut in two weeks now but I've been going though a tough time now. I wanted to cut but haven't. This poem is really good and you should keep writing.

  • Autunm by Autunm
  • 12 years ago

This I can relate to. Everyday, it's a constant struggle just to get my self not to cut. I always wonder when my life will end, just so I don't have to be in this pain anymore. I am proud of my scars. They represent I found a way to keep going, even when that seemed like an impossible thing. It still is so hard for me. I have been cutting since I was 13, I will soon be 15 in 2 months. I have tried to get help, but when I did tell my mom, all she said was "I'm sorry to hear that baby girl." I just gave up on trying to get help.

  • Kiana by Kiana
  • 12 years ago

It's sick to say, but it makes me feel hopeful to know I am not the only person in the world that feels like this. But enough about me this is about you, you're poem is very beautiful and you have a strong talent. You are a beautiful person and I just want you to ever think dying is a way out. If you knew me you would think I was a hypocrite for saying that, but I believe in you, your happiness, and your joy. Please hang in there, one day you will look back on this and think "how foolish was I ha," continue to claim your deliverance from this, it will not be the end of you. Much love.

  • Becky Evans by Becky Evans
  • 12 years ago

My name is Beckie and I am 14 and have suffered with cutting and suicidal thoughts for about a year and a half now. I have taken 3 overdoses and cut myself so many times. I am proud of my scars however. At first it began with cutting and it progressed into a personality disorder, a very serious condition. I cry all the time, at the little thing. I feel like dying at the littlest thing and without treatment doctors say I'll succeed., please get help! X

  • Katie by Katie
  • 12 years ago

I haven't cut for some time. it has been hard. I remember back I would cut every day and I didn't seem to be able to get out of the hole that my life was in. But then I met this guy....I've been with him for sometime and I think it helps when you find someone who really cares about you. I still think about cutting and I think about suicide....but I never do anything about it because then I think about how much it would hurt the only person that cares about me and I'm able to live my life a little easier. Cutting is hard to stop no doubt, some say that's it's worse then a drug and about some people they are right.

  • Becca by Becca, Md
  • 12 years ago

This is a good poem, but is it supposed to help? Nothing seems to help me I would read this stuff everyday, people don't cut just because they feel alone or because they do it because everyone else does, it means so much more than this you don't understand, it's more than freedom it's what keeps most people still alive and so they don't kill themselves, if I never do it I wouldn't be here because the pain I go through everyday would kill me before I could kill myself.

  • Mariah by Mariah
  • 12 years ago

I used to cut about six months ago until I finally ran away from home and ended up in foster care and they sent me to a mental hospital. Mental hospitals aren't jokes if you cut which I still do sometimes it's not always best to tell people. People don't understand what you go through and most people never will. Just believe in yourself guys live you life to the fullest within the last two weeks, three of my closest friends committed suicide because they couldn't take their life anymore. Just be strong guys

  • Victor by Victor, Tx
  • 12 years ago

The story is far too long. Basics of it being I cut as much as I could to let pain go away, pain of my abandoning sister, situations with my adoptive parents hating what I became and the girl I was dating. My whole life was a wreck from the start being put in foster care at 3 and by 5 I was in at least 8 different families. But when I turned 16 my life hit me hard I went from fail to failure in so many ways I never really had a life never really had fiends. I got taunted of me London poetry and many other things that "guys shouldn't like". I write constantly I have over 40 poems about cutting, love, and suicidal attempts, but now I see that I rather write about it then do it, it saves energy.

  • Jessica Lynch by Jessica Lynch, Maryland
  • 12 years ago

I know what you mean. My friends try to be supportive but they don't understand me, they tell me to stop but I can't. I started to cut when I was 12, I am now 13 because the realization of what happened to me when I was 10 finally caught up to me. When I was 10, I was sexually harassed and raped by one of my brothers friends. Now, whenever any guy asks some thing of me (sexually) I do it because I was taught to do as I was told. My family knows but they just don't understand me.

  • Sarah Tibbetts by Sarah Tibbetts, Arkansas
  • 12 years ago

I was sexually abused for 8 years by several different people I started to cut at the age 12. I was thinking about different places that I could cut and hide. I was always ashamed of it I have over 300 scars on my thighs and only 5 on my wrist. I never wanted to show it that's why I used to cut on my legs. I have being going counseling for my depression I have found a new way to cope instead of a razor blade. I now use ice cubes. You put one in each hand and squeeze till they melt. I have cut 20 times since February. It's so sad to cut and to not have any one to talk about this disease.

  • Kim Hammond by Kim Hammond
  • 12 years ago

I am a cutter of about 8 years now matter of fact I just did it once again 2 days ago. I hurt so bad inside so this takes my pain away for the moment but then after all is said and done the feelings of guilt get me cause of what I have done. I just can't help myself when I am feeling lonely and just upset cause someone hurt me cause they said I hurt them that's when it starts I cut cause I am hurting inside.

  • Meggie by Meggie
  • 12 years ago

This poem made me cry...Well, everything makes me cry. I'm a very, Very deep Emo, I cut nearly twice a day. It's a horrible thing to do, but I think that it's me, it sets me free from this world and TBH I don't care what other people may think. I'm me and that's all I care about. :)

  • Jenny by Jenny, Manhattan
  • 12 years ago

I love your poem. It is so good. It's really true every thing you wrote is true you only cut yourself to feel good and not think of the bad stuff that happened to you.

  • Haley by Haley, New Hampshire
  • 12 years ago

I cried reading this poem because I deal with the looks and taunts everyday. I have been trying to stop for over a year and a half now and the urge just keeps coming back because of all the people at my school. I feel your pain.

  • Brandilee by Brandilee, New Castle
  • 12 years ago

I love this poem, I love to see poems that are related to me, it inspires me to write poetry more often than I already do keep publishing darlings we all love your poems even if they are sad. They are touching. <3x :)

  • Cindy by Cindy, Black Falls USA
  • 12 years ago

Former self confessed cutter, I know how this feels :( One time I cut too hard and ended up in hospital for 2 days, haven't cut since lol.

Listen to my poem, let me know what you think, I usually write them on my own but I think after reading this I have the confidence to post.

I'm a delicate death lily

I feel the burns on my arm
why am I causing myself so much harm?
people stare people laugh
why don't I just cut my arm in half?

Please don't stare please don't laugh
I'm delicate like a death lily
Funny when things never change
Even when you say they will
But while your off screwing her
My life is standing still

well guess what?
I cry for the time that you were almost mine
I cry for the memories I've left behind I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new
I cry for the times I thought I had you

  • Kasey by Kasey, North Carolina
  • 12 years ago

I understand what your going through, and I know it sucks. Everyday I walk down the hall seeing everyone smiling and laughing and it kills something inside of me. I use to cut so badly. I was 11 when I first started and most people think "why cut at such a young age? What's wrong when your 11?" I was having major family issues. Now I'm 17 and things are getting bad again and I want to cut my wrists in to ribbons. But I won't. I know I'm stronger than my pain, even when it feels like I just wanna curl in a ball and die. People don't understand what it's like to feel like no one cares. My best friends found out I was cutting and they started yelling at me. They said I was stupid and that I shouldn't do something that would hurt myself. I know they were doing it out of love, by saying I shouldn't hurt myself, but that only made me want to do it more. They didn't understand. They still don't. I try not to cut but sometimes the pain is just all together over my limit. And that's what hurts.

  • Cheyenne by Cheyenne, Mo
  • 12 years ago

I've always wondered how it would feel like to just die and let all your worries and problems just evaporate from your soul. I've cut myself before but never felt satisfied. I wanted more but the only way I can do that is to kill myself. Death is something to look forward to but it takes some time. I would never take my life but at age fourteen I need to know I am not alone. This poem Is me and is what most people feel. Thank you for having the courage to write this. I Look up to you.

  • Emma by Emma, South Dakota
  • 12 years ago

I was so alone last school year when I transferred to my new school. Then I found a friend I had everything in common with. She felt my pain and I felt the same, because we both knew what it felt like to feel emotions. Especially when she had problems with her mom and I had problems with boys... we'd be there for each other in a heart beat. :). the end of the year, me and her weren't so close as I thought... but when I saw her at a pow wow and carnival a week ago. she hugged so tight, I almost cried. I realized how much she missed me, and I realized she truely was a best friend. Now I am in 8th grade, same school, just I'm different now. kiana is in another school and that's okay. she deserves better for herself. I get by these days at school, ready to graduate to get on with my life. My scars are gone. I shed tears every now and then, but tears of joy because I didn't know what I was gonna do with life and everything that was going on in my life..

  • Andrew by Andrew
  • 12 years ago

WOW. I feel as if me and this person share a life because they do the same to me every day. Even though this is my last year of school they still treat me like I mean nothing to the world.

  • Kgosi by Kgosi
  • 12 years ago

Wow! I relate to this poem on so many levels. I've felt this way for such a long time, but I just didn't know how to put it into words. As a read your poem I pictured myself and I saw myself in a different light. THANK YOU.

  • Andora by Andora
  • 12 years ago

I am going through this at the moment an everyday it seems to be getting worse. Your poem is so amazing.

  • Scarlet;Calefornia by Scarlet;Calefornia
  • 12 years ago

I can relate to loneliness...I feel that people don't really like me and I don't know why...I don't care what people think of me but it kind of be alone.

  • Nick by Nick, Newport
  • 12 years ago

I can relate to this poem soo much I'm also a cutter but my reasons are both from personal experience and medical reasons, my girlfriend cries everytime she runs her hand up my arms and feels the cuts and scars. I stopped once for almost a year but everything just happened again and I couldn't handle it, I've tried soo many things to replace cutting but the truth of hurting myself more than those who try to hurt me is irreplaceable but those who truly love us stick by us even through the dark sides.

  • Brianna by Brianna, Texas
  • 12 years ago

I love this poem, I cut myself too. When I told my best friend I was a cutter he was so pissed at me and that just made me feel worse, he was pissed because he said all he ever did was try to help me but I never listened to him. I have been trying to stop, I haven't cut myself in at least a month but I almost cut myself today and I was so scared, this poem is beautiful and I relate to it very much.

  • Ga by Ga
  • 12 years ago

I am a former cuter (sorry if I spell anything wrong) I started at age 11 almost 4 years ago and I don't know how to stop. It's really hard for me. My friends try to help but it's just not enough anymore. My parents aren't much help on this but they don't know and I hope they never know.. all the fighting at home and being made fun of at school doesn't help me at all. I've tried stopping but for some reason I cant go a day without cutting myself. and this poem was really good you should keep writing

  • Danni by Danni
  • 12 years ago

hey. its Danni, the writer here. thanks for all your stories, they are really touching. I hope that one day you will find the strength to stop cutting. it may not seem it, but there is hope. I'm now one of the happiest girls alive. yes, I have scars up my arm, but I'm not ashamed. Cutting has made me who I am, so don't hang your head in shame. just try and stop gradually. I used to cut every morning, after school and when I went to bed. 3 slices each time. on my wrist, my stomach , my hip. I just cut it down gradually. like, to 2 cuts each time. then to 1 cut. then cut out doing it when I got home. it works. trust me :) love you all <3

  • Alex by Alex, Virginia
  • 12 years ago

Really inspirational... Like 98% of the people who commented, I'm also a "cutter". Though, I've not done so in about a month, I've done it for 4 years (I'm currently 16). I also relate to this poem so much; except, my friends have not yet alienated me. People think I do it to "fit in" or because I think it's "cool". That's just not so. I do it so I can have physical pain to match the emotional. I noticed that some of the people who responded said something about always seeming happy, but being absolutely dead on the inside; that's pretty much me. I'm slowly getting over it with the help of my boyfriend. It's not easy, but you just have to find that one thing worth living for; the one thing that makes you smile. I've come to learn that there IS a silver-lining to every dark cloud. You may not see it now, but, with time, you will.

  • Diana Olson by Diana Olson
  • 12 years ago

This poem really hit me hard when I first read it I started crying and then I reflected on my life. I used to be the "emo" and people would ask me a lot of questions and they'd always put me down which made me cut deeper and I almost died while doing that after which I promised myself I wouldn't cut no matter what and I haven't since. It's been about six months since that dreadful day. Thank you so much for posting this means a lot

  • Sydney by Sydney
  • 12 years ago

This is beautiful. The same thing happens to me. When they talk to me- even about my cutting- they are nice, but I can hear their whispers as I walk down the hallway.

Next time someone asks who my favorite poets are, am I allowed to use your name?

  • Madelynn by Madelynn
  • 13 years ago

I started cutting when I was 12(I am fourteen now). I still do every now and then. I feel so miserable and alone and everyone treats me like I am a freak or that I'm just someone to push around and use. My own family judges me. I also write poetry to get my feelings out but sometimes it's just not enough. When I read this it made me realize I'm not the only one feeling this.

  • Dannielle by Dannielle, New York
  • 13 years ago

Hi I'm 17 years old only and I used to be a cutter it has been one year and 4 days since I last sliced my wrist. this poem really hits home. I started cutting at age 11 when the abuse at home got really hard. I still have urges to cut and there are many days that I just wish to die. It can be so hard to be strong but in the end it is worth it. Being able to wear tee shirts and a strapless gown for my senior ball are great reminders of that.

  • Lexy by Lexy
  • 13 years ago

I know what you went through it was the same for me. For a while no one knew then it seemed like every one did. I've tried to stop but it can be hard. Life can seem so hopeless but people tell me it gets better so I try to hold on. For all you cutters hold on

  • Annabel by Annabel, Tx
  • 13 years ago

When I first read this I cried and cried because I know what you are going through and I knows how it feels to be so alone. I have been cutting since I was 11(3 years ago) when my whole world came falling down around me. At school I hid my scars along with my pain and never got close to people because I was scared to death that they might find out. And in 7th grade I would cover my wrist with my sweater and bracelets but one day I went to a pool party and I was being careless. A boy that was in half of my classes saw my scars but I didn't find out until Monday when no one talked to me and would laugh and call me emo as I walked down the hall. It was the worst year of my life, and things have not gotten better since then. I have not cut in nine days but it's like everywhere I look I see something I can cut myself with. But I really try hard to just walk away even though its hell and back without cutting but I'm really trying to put my life back because I know it's wrong.

  • Carla Brown by Carla Brown
  • 13 years ago

I'm 16! I'll be straight, I'm a cutter simple as that... All my life I've been pushed around that's why I look close to my razor... The cuts were small then they got deeper till one day I could see the deep tissues of my muscles... But still no one helped me I'm still cutting my legs and my belly and my wrist... I'm trying to stop but the name bares the shame of my blood running down the drain...(Carla Brown)

  • Dustin by Dustin, Alabama
  • 13 years ago

I started cutting when I was 12. I used to cry all the time. I felt so miserable. I remember going to sleep everynight praying I wouldn't wake up. I stopped for about two months, but had a relapse three days ago. When I read this poem, I felt the words in my heart. I would have cried if I were still able to. Thank you for posting this. You saved my life. If I hadn't read this, I would've done something I would seriously regret. You are a wonderful and brave person, I hope the rest of your life will be fill

  • Jimmy by Jimmy, CA
  • 13 years ago

Thank you for writing this it took a lot of guts and I was a cutter for 5 years (since I was 10) my girlfriend cut herself to and she did it to deep and wanted me to stop also so I stopped for her but everyday I want to so I just think to myself it for her and I don'tt

  • Karsen Leigh by Karsen Leigh
  • 13 years ago

I'm 12, will be 13 in March. I'm one of the emo kids at my school. But I'm also one friends with some of the most popular people in my grade. I haven't gone to cutting yet, but I don't think I ever will. And just because your emo, DOES NOT mean you cut. And it's pathetic that people think it's funny to make jokes. We are all people, we all have feelings. And to the people who do cut, please get help. It doesn't have to be a counselor, not even your parents, just a friend or someone you can trust.

  • Jasani by Jasani, Minnesota
  • 13 years ago

I really like this poem. I think I should stop. But I can't because when people make fun of me I get it out I got to the and go in the stall and lock myself in. My friends try to stop but there's no use I tried everything. But didn't work. Someone out there please help me I started at a very young age now I'm 10 years olds I started when I was 7 years old. And still can't stop. I'm cutting myself right now I like it but I need to stop before I have no friends at all.(//_-)

  • Liliana by Liliana
  • 13 years ago

I am 13 years old. People have recently found out about my cutting. I haven't cut in 2 days. :/ I'm making progress! My friend's get mad when they see that I have done it again. They are trying to help. I recently safety pinned initials into my arm, the day he broke up with me. It really hurts. I am trying to stop. This feels just like me... I felt like you while reading this. I read it over and over and over. Keep writing, you have talent...

  • Amara by Amara
  • 13 years ago

I'm not a cutter but this poem truely speaks to me. I feel the same pain as what was said in the poem. Truth is...I'm afraid to cut, well beautiful poem

  • Rina by Rina
  • 13 years ago

This poem makes me feel like you have seen my life, seen what I felt. it makes me feel like you have seen my pain.
I am 13 years old and I am a cutter. I'm trying to stop, I really really am! its been 4 days since I used my little safety pin. It's getting a little better, but I feel like I'm keeping my emotions in; my friend is helping me but not even she can stop my inner pain.

  • Kyla by Kyla
  • 13 years ago

I used to cut myself. I'm not sure why or how I started but it was a relief from the pain, and I liked that. On December 26th it will be 11 months since I have cut. I look at my arms and I wish I would have never done it but I did and now I must deal with seeing these scars everyday. I hope no one ever feels like cutting is the only way because it's not.

  • Brittany by Brittany
  • 13 years ago

I'm a cutter and it has been 3 days since the last and I don't think I will ever be able to stop:( I need help

  • Lily Hansen by Lily Hansen, Illinois
  • 13 years ago

It's like you knew me forever, and understand my everyday problems. Like you saw through my eyes. I'll respect you forever. :)

I'm still a "cutter" and I'm 13 years old, and started at age 10.I get called emo, I have been under the blade. I'm still suicidal. but my friends are helping me through rough times, and I know that I have someone to lean on whenever I need help. I'll try to stop for you!!! (this made my eyeliner run) I love you :) keep living and cherish the good people. and I may sound stupid, but when the good people come you'll know it, and when you talk to them, even at the worst moment, that stupid smile comes back on your face

Good luck, Lily <3

  • Cabrey by Cabrey
  • 13 years ago

I relate to this poem very easily, I'm a 14 year old girl who has been living in depression pretty much all my life. I love hurting myself it reduces that pain I feel inside. I nearly cried reading this poem because I really long for the day I die, I often pray and ask GOD to bless me with death, life is hard it's unexplainable, slowly I'm trying hard to get away from this habit and I have really good friends who try and make sure I don't continue cutting myself, I really hope that I one day get over this all the people who think we're delusional when we do this then you haven't felt the emotional pain we feel..

  • Salena by Salena
  • 13 years ago

I am a cutter... I can relate to this poem so much I started crying when I read it. Most all of my friends have turned because they are ashamed of me... There isn't a moment that goes by someone isn't pointing or whispering about me I wish I could get free.

  • Chrystal by Chrystal
  • 13 years ago

I was a cutter up until a couple of weeks ago when my mam found me in the bathroom cutting myself. I used to do it because it was kind of how I escaped, so much has happened in my life, but when I read the poem I thought if you could get through it so could I. But the only reason I stopped is because everytime I did it my friend cried because she didn't like me doing it

  • Leah by Leah
  • 13 years ago

This poem is great. I did cut since I was 11, but when I was 13 I finally got myself to quit. It also helped that my mom found out a week after I stopped. I think my brother knew 'cause he would always grab me by the wrist when playing. When my mom found out this terrible pain coursed through my gut whenever she would talk about it. Now a days I'm 14 and it doesn't hurt that bad to talk to her about it. I still get the urge but that's what healing is for. Sadly enough, I'll live with the scars my whole life.

  • Jack by Jack, New Jersey
  • 13 years ago

So many people can relate to this poem.

I used to use my own hands instead of a razor. I left these big ugly scars, but their healing, everything's healing.

  • Taylor by Taylor, Monterey
  • 13 years ago

I know how you feel! I want to just end it a lot but you can't, you just got to keep pushing. You have a life to live so just try to make the best of it. I'm sure you heard a lot of crap like that and I'm sure your just like, "yea whatever", but I was just like that. Then, one night, I almost did it, just ended it, but then I thought about it and I was like what's the point? I mean like, what are you going to do when you die? What happens? The truth is, I don't know, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that things will eventually get better. My life is still not better but I just try to think positive and that's all you can do.

  • Morgan by Morgan
  • 13 years ago

It's funny how people think since you have a smile, that your happy. I like this poem but I'm glad I've stop cutting.

  • Amber Dawn by Amber Dawn
  • 13 years ago and my bf do the same thing...we're trying to stop...we're helping each other through it...

  • Leigha by Leigha, North Carolina
  • 13 years ago

This is such a good poem, it has inspired me to try to quit cutting myself, so far it has been a struggle but I am doing it. I haven't cut myself in 11 days and counting. Instead I write in a journal now, it really helps. I'm on my way to being cut free!

  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 13 years ago

I know how you feel I currently cut and I try to stop but it's hard I'm not called emo because I don't look like I would be because I hide it so well you would think that an emo would wear all black and have pale white skin but no I'm blonde tan and seem to be always happy but if you really knew me you would know how much I hurt and to all you who still cut know that you're not alone even though you feel like you always are.

  • Briana Sauceda by Briana Sauceda, La Feria
  • 13 years ago

I like this poem very much it reminds me of how I used to be. I started cutting at the age of 12. I went into several hospitals and I have several scars. The scars are my past and they remind me of it. I changed to make myself better. I didn't want to be addicted to cutting or drugs. Life isn't bad at all. We just need to look at the bright side of things. Look ahead towards your future. Never say you can't because you can. I was called emo at school and the kids did the same as in your poem. Yea it hurt but we got to show them that it doesn't hurt us. We need to be stronger. You don't need to be in this alone because there are a lot more people who have it a lot worse than you do. When you cut we leave scars. You don't want them there when you get older trust me. If you want to know my story more you can ask me on my email. (Edit: email removed) I know how you feel I went through it but it isn't healthy for you. You can say I don't know you and you're right. But I care for you. :)

  • Jordan Kline by Jordan Kline
  • 13 years ago

I relate to this so much! people think girls are weird when they do this but we are not..I'm 13 years old and I started when I was 12 in 7th grade. I stopped earlier this year when I got caught. I cried reading this..I always wished the day I died would be the next day..I prayed a few times..if you currently cut PLEASE go get help!

  • Anonymous by Anonymous
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem so much. This poem touched me which is really big cause nothing ever does. I can't even explain it. I look forward to reading your other poems. I'm so happy I found this.

  • Marthe by Marthe
  • 13 years ago

This is exactly how I felt a year ago.
I used to cut myself to make the pain go away. Everybody at school hated me, except from one girl. She had been my best friend my whole life, but she betrayed me when she found out I cut myself.
And my dad's girlfriend used to call me fat and trashy and making me depressed.
I was going to kill myself. Then I heard Tokio Hotel's song don't jump. That song saved my life. If it wasn't for Tokio Hotel, I would be dead now. To all the current cutters out there, I just want to say that I know how you feel and I know cutting seems like a way out, but it's not. This poem touched me because that's exactly what I thought too.
Thank you for an amazing poem, Danni.

  • Kayla by Kayla, Indiana
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem. I feel exactly the same. It's great to know I'm not alone with this stuff and there's others who feel the same way. Thanks so much for sharing this poem. ^.^

  • Maria Vieyra by Maria Vieyra
  • 13 years ago

This is a great poem. I write some too. I was a cutter. I stopped cutting with the help of some of my friends. I still want to cut but now I've got my friends as an alternative. :)

  • Kasey by Kasey, Massachusetts
  • 13 years ago

I'm currently a cutter. This poem relates to me perfectly. Al the girls in the school, they all called me emo. The boys no different. They'd say "go in the corner and cut yourself you stupid emo." Everyday I did. I've nearly quit, but it keeps coming back. It feels free to me. This poem is simply amazing for this self-inflicted injury.

  • Jackie by Jackie
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem I think its amazing how you gathered all your thoughts and feelings together.
Your strong!
I cut myself once. just so I can fade my emotional pain away.
thanks for sharing your great poem.


  • Marisela by Marisela
  • 13 years ago

You're a wonderful poet and I adore your poems. You should publish more. I'm a current cutter and I hate what I do, but I can't stop. How did you stop????

  • Kayla by Kayla, Texas
  • 13 years ago

I'm also a cutter. my life is complicated and its the physical pain that helps get rid of my emotional pain. I love your poem, it really touched me when I read it.

  • Venus Doom Arizona by Venus Doom Arizona
  • 13 years ago

This poem is easy to relate to. Poems express they way I feel and knowing that there's someone out there you don't really feel alone keep writing you're amazing (:

  • Tiffany by Tiffany, Australia
  • 13 years ago

Well I use to cut myself because I get angry. But I have learned that talking to people helps a lot.

  • Moirra Brunson by Moirra Brunson
  • 13 years ago

I'm a cutter have been for years.... I'm sorry anyone has to go through this ever in there lives and I'm grateful for the ones who have been able to make it pass this. Wonderful poem if I wasn't so sick of crying I most likely would have when I read this.

  • Alyssa by Alyssa, Arkansas
  • 13 years ago

This is an amazing poem. I used to cut as well. Thankfully I quit. I don't write but I wish I could nothing really ever sounds right to me but this is really amazing glad you posted.

  • Aaliyah by Aaliyah, AZ
  • 13 years ago

I really love this poem cause it explains a lot I've been through it before and now I haven't been cutting myself for a month and I'm trying to stop but it's been so hard. My life is so complicated and my friends say it's retarded and stupid and they really don't understand how I feel.

  • Brianna by Brianna, AR
  • 13 years ago

I love this poem. I used to self/harm and still want to all the time... This poem really helped me...I know how you feel about how people make fun of you I beat this girl up for making fun of Emo's all my friends do it and the teachers make fun of us really doesn't help how we feel

  • Sandy by Sandy
  • 14 years ago

I'm a cutter to I really like the poem I know what you went through with the cutting and all, it's hard to stop. I'm glad to hear someone in this world is making it.

  • Nicole by Nicole, NY
  • 14 years ago

this is so sad i'm 11 and this just broke my heart I wish I could help but if you do it please try to stop this might help every day get a note book and write how you feel and then breath in and breath out for like a minute and try to relax.
After that write 3 thing that happened to you that day that were good and you'll see how it will change you a little and ignore all the people who make fun of you they're all ignorant

  • Sami Berry by Sami Berry
  • 14 years ago

I know exactly what it feels like to have people call you names. They do the same thing to me. They don't understand why I do it. I've been a cutter for about 3 years it relieves a lot of stress. I am able to relate to this poem for so many reasons.

  • Maria Vieyra by Maria Vieyra
  • 14 years ago

Great poem. I was/ kinda am still a cutter. My friends are trying to get me to stop and my parents found out( that was a lot of hell to go through)...which kinda doesn't help. But its nice to have a poem that has some truth. Shows what its really like, unlike some really mean stuff I've seen around. Keep writing!!!

  • Kelsie by Kelsie
  • 14 years ago

I used to do the same it really touched me and I'm glad to see someone actually write a poem about what it's like. I used to cut myself and I am still tempted but my friends now know about it and the help me when I feel like self-harming and now I put anger and hate into writing down my feeling in a emotion diary and now I can cope with it.

  • Kat by Kat, Frewsburgh NY
  • 14 years ago

My name is Katherina and I've been through hell and back and as soon as I read this I knew I wasn't alone I've been cutting sine age 10 and I don't know how to stop.

  • Briana by Briana
  • 14 years ago

I can so relate to this poem I was a cutter but my mom found out not to long ago and I feel so weird now I'm always tempted to grab something sharp and cut but I can't cause she checks my wrists everyday but this poem is really awesome.

  • Hannah by Hannah
  • 14 years ago

Thanks for posting, this really relates to a lot of people (including myself). I still self-harm, for the simple fact that it the only bit of my pain that I can control. I haven't cut in a few weeks, but I am tempted to all the time. I started to cut the day of my mother's death (It was my ninth birthday :() One of my best friends recently went to the hospital and almost lost her life to this. I keep her as inspiration, so that I can stop. I know that where ever my mother is, she wouldn't approve.

  • Addrienne by Addrienne
  • 14 years ago

I know how you feel. I feel the same way because I too have the feeling of being lonely. My friends abandoned me so I go off roaming the halls, looking at others smile but I wonder if one day that could be me. But I know that Life is not like that.

  • Catherine Jones by Catherine Jones
  • 14 years ago

hey this was a really outstanding poem. It take a lot of courage and strength to post a hard thing like this. Thank you for posting it has made me think that I can do the same. I an currently going through the same thing you are going through. Yes it hurts to know that the people you care about makes fun of us behind our make. It makes us guilty of the thing that we do. I hate it when people do this if only they think twice before they speak it will be a lot easier for us. keep writing it helps a lot.

  • Mia by Mia, Perth
  • 14 years ago

This poem is beautiful, I know how it feels, I'm currently a self harmer, I've been doing it for two year is now (since I was 11) and I can really relate to this To Be Honest.

  • Taylor by Taylor, Oklahoma
  • 14 years ago

Dude, I am so sorry I cut as well, and write as well. I would never be brave enough too post it though your an inspiration. God will help you.

  • Judey-Rockin by Judey-Rockin
  • 14 years ago

I always think about doing it but it doesn't seem like a good way to get away from my life
I like this poem it's nice :)

  • Natalie by Natalie
  • 14 years ago

I used to cut for like 6 years I know what you go through..I haven't cut in like a month...great poem keep writing =)

  • Sarah by Sarah
  • 14 years ago

My best friend used to do this, and I think she still kind of does. I love this poem. It's so powerful. It's not like these people can help it, why do people make rude jokes like that? I don't know, but I don't join in. People don't know my friend is like this, so they make these kind of jokes in front of her. She feels terrible everytime they say something, and I don't know what to do. I'm sorry for anyone who has ever suffered through something like this...

  • Harry by Harry
  • 14 years ago

I used to cut myself a lot cause of a lot of personal reasons and I have learned that I just need to walk away from it all, it helps if you tell some1 about it as well.

  • Adelle by Adelle
  • 14 years ago

I started crying while reading this poem...I went through the same pain day after day. I haven't cut myself for a couple of weeks now, but I still get the urge to do it everyday of my life...This is a good poem, its really good

  • Patrick by Patrick
  • 14 years ago

it says what happens to me everyday. and every painful thought in my head...
they come up to me with emo jokes and ask to see my wrists. and when they see what they're looking for, they act like it wasn't expected..

  • jasmin <3 by jasmin <3
  • 14 years ago

I've done this twice.. I like you poem.. thank you for sharing it.. :)

  • Jessie by Jessie
  • 14 years ago

I love this poem I used to do the same thing

  • M by M
  • 14 years ago

I relate to this poem so much, I am a current cutter. Well, I'm trying to stop this all the self-harm. It's been 8 days since I've last cut and it seems like its getting easier

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