Missing You Poem

Poem Leaving Baby For Military Duty At End Of Maternity Leave

Royal Air Force mother leaving first baby to go away on a four month tour soon after returning from maternity leave. RAF life.
This heartfelt poem tells the story of a mother in the Royal Air Force who must leave her baby behind for a four-month tour, soon after returning from maternity leave. She grapples with the heartbreaking decision of duty over motherhood, and the fear of missing out on precious moments of her child's life.

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The Oath


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

Every time I think of this,
My heart seems to shatter, how unnatural it is,
What an awful hour,
The thought of me leaving,
Makes me shiver and quake,
I wish I was dreaming,
Am I even awake.

Will she cry for me,
Will she wonder where I am,
Will she get angry,
Will she forget who I am,
I am her mummy,
And she's not even a year old.
Who will take care of her,
And keep her safe from cold.

Separation anxiety is flowing like a burst pipe,
Heart is thumbing, mouth is dry, questioning why,
I signed the dotted line,
And said I would defend,
When all I wish is to be with my daughter,
Be her nurse, teacher and friend.

Will I miss her first steps,
Her birthday and more,
Will she even recognize me,
When I walk through the door.
Her smile that's so wide,
No teeth yet come through,
Will warm my heart,
When I'm feeling sad and low.

As I pack up my kit,
And set off on my way,
A thousand kisses aren't enough
Nor a hug, squeeze or play.
I break down and sob,
Tears fall from my face,
I pray to God this tour goes fast pace.


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