Missing You Poem

Poem By Mother Who Has to Leave Her Baby For 4 Months

Royal Air Force mother leaving first baby to go away on a four month tour soon after returning from maternity leave. RAF life.

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The Oath


Published: June 2014

Every time I think of this,
My heart seems to shatter, how unnatural it is,
What an awful hour,
The thought of me leaving,
Makes me shiver and quake,
I wish I was dreaming,
Am I even awake.

Will she cry for me,
Will she wonder where I am,
Will she get angry,
Will she forget who I am,
I am her mummy,
And she's not even a year old.
Who will take care of her,
And keep her safe from cold.

Separation anxiety is flowing like a burst pipe,
Heart is thumbing, mouth is dry, questioning why,
I signed the dotted line,
And said I would defend,
When all I wish is to be with my daughter,
Be her nurse, teacher and friend.

Will I miss her first steps,
Her birthday and more,
Will she even recognize me,
When I walk through the door.
Her smile that's so wide,
No teeth yet come through,
Will warm my heart,
When I'm feeling sad and low.

As I pack up my kit,
And set off on my way,
A thousand kisses aren't enough
Nor a hug, squeeze or play.
I break down and sob,
Tears fall from my face,
I pray to God this tour goes fast pace.


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