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In "The Tree Outside" by Annette Wynne, poetic techniques like personification bring the tree to life. The tree is described as standing "straight and tall" and never resting, creating an image of resilience. The tree's role in protecting the bird nests is highlighted through this personification, emphasizing its loving and caring nature. The poem beautifully captures the enduring strength and kindness of nature, forging a heartfelt connection between the reader and this steadfast tree.

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Famous Poem

The Tree Outside


The tree outside stands straight and tall
And never can lie down at all;
For if it once should take a rest,
I fear for each small swinging nest;
And so untiredly it stands
And holds up in its leafy hands
The little nests; and soon and late
I bless my good tree, tall and straight,
I bless its kind strong loving arms,
That hold the birds and nests from harms,
It never does grow tired at all,
I love you, Tree, straight, kind, and tall.


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