Teen Sweet Love Poem

Ummmm I like this guy and hopefully he will like me the way I like him it may be creepy in some extent but it's okay cuz sometimes people feel that way...

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The Way You Make Me Feel


Published: August 2011

You will never know what I truly feel for you,
I keep my feeling hidden inside and locked away
Like a jewel locked away in a safe,
I try to keep it cool when you speak to me,
When in reality,
I get shaky and nervous,
with butterflies fluttering in my stomach,
You make me shudder when you ask me how was my day,
I can't explain,
the way you smile,
It's adorable the way your lips curve on the edges,
But today you told me you liked that girl in the other room,
It's okay it didn't bother me but the fact that you didn't feel that way for me,
When you say my name,
In some way you make me feel like you notice me,
I barely know you,
I just know that your polite, funny and sweet,
It doesn't matter if you like that other girl,
She's moving pretty soon and then you will be
mine to keep......



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