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Poem About Children Growing Up So Fast

My cousin has 3 children, one is 4 and the twins are 2. She shares photos of them growing, picnics, walking, birthdays, etc. She made a comment that time steals all the memories. I said I can do something with that!

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Time Is A Thief


Published by Family Friend Poems March 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Time is a thief, in the night so silent,
Stealing moments, tender and vibrant.
From cradle's first cry to the first step so bold,
In a blink of an eye, the story of growth is told.

In the laughter and tears of a playground's charm,
Time sneaks on by, as children are arm in arm.
The first word spoken, a joyous leap,
In to the thief's pocket go fleeting memories to keep.

With each birthday candle that's blown away,
Time steals another chapter of yesterday.
Little hands that once held mine so tight,
Grow to embrace their own future so bright.

Through scraped knees and bedtime tales,
The thief hastens innocence sails.
Through seasons of joy, seasons of strife,
Time molds the clay of a young life.

Yet in this theft, there's a gift so grand,
In each fleeting moment, we come to understand.
While time is a thief, so swift and clever,
The love planted in hearts remains forever.

So cherish each giggle, each tear, each frown,
In this whirlwind journey, time continues to tick down.
For while time does steal, it also gives,
In the legacy of love, where forever lives.


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