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A child experiences the trauma of the breakdown of his family. For a while her life is full of pain. Then she witnesses the miracle of her families rebirth into two beautiful families.

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What Love Can Change


Published: February 2006

Sunken in a hole from my wretched past,
Long lost memories have not begun to relax,
I remember the yells from father to mother,
Once were good friends,
And are now hating lovers,
The hits and the cries,
And the pain in her eyes,
The love there once was has now gone and died,
For some the world was ending,
I would sit and watch as the pain
went by,
And wish that I could disappear to loving family with arms
held open wide,
I went through some nights with a few drugs and a gun,
And watch the cigarettes burn through his lungs,
But they seemed to go through his heart,
And pierce his soul,
To where he couldn't think,
And had no more control,
And then they separated,
And so did my heart,
But then this new family began to start,
And I grew to know it as the one that I loved,
And it was sent by the angels,
From the heavens above,
And I'm so proud of my mom and my daddy too,
Because they both started over with lives of brand new,
My dad went away for awhile or so,
And when he came back he seemed to know,
Know where he was,
And how he came,
And he is the one man I'm proud to be related to and share the
same name,
And my mom,
She went through everything for me,
Even hell,
But her happiness still shows and it rings like a bell,
And I love them both,
They mean the world to me,
I never would have been able to live
without them,
They made me believe.



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