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Unappreciated And Unloved In Family Poem

A girl talks about her place within her family in which she feels she is unappreciated and unloved.

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This is me! Sometimes I think my mum had me just so she had a live-in babysitter and housemaid! I'll leave as soon as I can, and then maybe she'll realize what she lost. Or maybe she won't,...

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What About Me


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2006 with permission of the Author.

My sister gets all the love
And support she needs
She has always been first
In your mind and heart

But what about me

My brother gets anything
He wants even when he
Doesn't deserve it at all
Because he's the baby

But what about me

I'm the one you can
Count on to watch the
Animals or the kid when
You go somewhere

But what about me

I'm the one that is the
Last person to know
What's going on and
The last one you consider

But what about me

What if I want to go
With you when you go
What if I want to do
The same things with you

But what about me

Why don't I get the same
Kind of love and support
That they get, aren't I
Just as important

But what about me

Don't I deserve the same
Consideration as them
Don't I deserve the same
Kind of love and support

But what about me

Am I not your daughter
Don't I deserve the same
As your other daughter
Or your son

But what about me

If I try to tell you how
I feel you get angry and
Upset that I feel this way
Why can't you understand

But what about me

I can't understand why
My feelings make you
Angry and why I am the
One that always gets left behind

But what about me

Why don't you take me
With you or plan things
So that I can go with you
Or be more involved in your life

But what about me

It's like you don't know me
Or even care to know me
So I guess I'll just leave
You three alone

But what about me

Don't call me if you want
Someone to watch the animals
Or the kid until you include me
Because I want to be included

But what about me

I am no longer the watcher
I guess I will make it by myself
Until I feel I am accepted by the
Family I was born into

But what about me

Until then, I stand alone


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  • JustaGirl by JustaGirl
  • 1 year ago

This is me! Sometimes I think my mum had me just so she had a live-in babysitter and housemaid! I'll leave as soon as I can, and then maybe she'll realize what she lost. Or maybe she won't, but by then it won't matter because I've realized I don't need her to be happy!

  • Afrolatina by Afrolatina, Kingston Jamaica
  • 6 years ago

I know the feelings. I may be hard headed, but I am also soft hearted. Everyone thinks I'm this super hero or something. But the truth is am not. I also get scared, lost, confused, and I don't have anyone to tell me that all will be ok. No shoulder to cry on, no support system. I'm scared too...

  • Tanya by Tanya, Cape Town
  • 9 years ago

The poem has touched me,not because I've been through it but because I know someone that has, my sister...I'm the eldest & she the youngest. We were treated very differently as we were growing up,not that I got everything I wanted but different, I could see the hurt my sister was going through for not having that bond me & my mom had, I've tried everything to bring the two of them closer but to no avail did I succeed.Then I decided to move out,hoping that will work...& yes it did. I could see the change in them both,they could talk to one another like they've never done actual fact they were exactly alike,it made me understand the bond the two of them had without them even knowing it....

  • Prema by Prema, India
  • 9 years ago

When I read this poem I felt that you have said what I wanted to say. I also wrote many poems to relieve my pain of being neglected, sometimes insulted and used by my family. Bravo ! Well done.

  • Elsa Rosenfeld by Elsa Rosenfeld
  • 9 years ago

Hello, As I read the poem I saw flashes of my life coming back to me.
I am elderly now, but being young, I felt exactly the same way growing up. My bother was special simply because he was a boy, my other sisters were smart, the other beautiful. I felt like I did not fit into this picture.
I ran away from home. Did damage to myself. Only now I see the only one I hurt was myself.
Show them you are someone. Focus on your God given abilities. Become someone. Not for them. For yourself. In time, you will learn to love yourself, and so will other people notice and love you. I know.

  • Cheryl by Cheryl, Il
  • 10 years ago

I lived that life for 29 yrs until in grief of miscarriage I realized those people really did not matter an iota. Horrible days now are so much better than the best day with those people. Sadly, their behavior will never change. Joyfully, I have no compunctions to give them a thought. I encourage anyone feeling this way to simply end ties with pain, create a real family, enjoy being who you are, grow, love, feel loved and don't wait 29 yrs!!

  • Eilah N by Eilah N
  • 11 years ago

This is how I feel practically every day!! My parents treat me like sh*t, but my sister like she's a freaking angel! Not to mention they now love my brother again even after he abused me for years.

  • Erika by Erika, South Bend IN
  • 11 years ago

I am a daughter myself, but my brother and I have always been loved and cared for. This poem not only touches my heart, but reminds me of how fortunate I am at 11 years old.

  • Chelsey Jack by Chelsey Jack
  • 13 years ago

This is exactly how my mom treats me she wants me to do everything for her but she treats me bad and my two sisters like they're angels

  • libby sadler by libby sadler
  • 15 years ago

I am so sorry to read your pain. We do not have to repeat history. I have a wonderful family and child of my own. Those people are so loved and needed. I hope that you will find as you grow older, you are loved, just because you are you. Your poem is me when I was younger, your day will come to shine, and when it does, I will shine with you.

  • victoria by victoria
  • 15 years ago

This story touched my heart. its how I felt and was treated when I was a child . now as an adult with two daughters of my own, my youngest has autism and my oldest is often felt as she is loved less because I treat my youngest so very different because of her autism. this poem opened my eyes..

  • Denise Fields by Denise Fields
  • 15 years ago

I feel the same way. Sadly the best in the family is taken for granted.

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