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How Can A Single Mother Manage Alone?

Raising children is no easy feat especially when there's no money or help from a father.

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As a single mother of three girls (now grown with families of their own), I can totally relate to this piece. My husband and I split up when my youngest daughter was 18 months old. I worked...

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How Am I


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

How am I going to explain this to you?
I have four children and don't know what to do.
I have had less than eight hours of sleep all week.
I am so tired of yelling, I can barely speak.
1, 2, 3, 4 they all start to bawl.
I'm by myself there is no one to call.

How am I going to feed them today?
Send me some help God, I am trying to pray!
I can't work anymore I'm on hour fourteen.
Nowhere to turn, I wish I could scream!

How am I to pay you, I'm all alone.
She's sick, I couldn't call they disconnected the phone.
Won't someone please give me a hand?
I can't afford it. Why don't they understand?

How am I going to explain sacrifice?
All they've had to eat is peanut butter and rice.
His birthday is special; I wish I could buy it.
I've explained this already! Please just be quiet.

How am I wrong when I try so much?
I don't want to go I can't afford lunch.
Everyone says I'm getting thinner.
I took money from their accounts just to buy dinner.

How am I going to ask my Dad?
After all the 'little talks' we've already had?
Children, please stop fighting with one another,
I know it's a mess; I have no time to clean, Mother!

How am I to ask them not to be bitter?
I need to work but can't find a sitter!
I wish they didn't seem to be so sad.
I think all they need is just one good Dad!

How am I going to look them in the face?
We're getting divorced, he found a new place.
Trouble with her, just go away!
No, I don't mean it; it's OK if you stay!

How am I going to give you some money?
You're getting older, you'll have to work, Honey.
They're all grown up but still having trouble.
I want to protect them, keep them in a bubble.

How am I going to care for myself?
I can't even say, 'I've still got my health!'
For too many years, I would sit alone and cry.
Please Lord, I need to know just how am I?


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  • Sharron by Sharron
  • 6 years ago

As a single mother of three girls (now grown with families of their own), I can totally relate to this piece. My husband and I split up when my youngest daughter was 18 months old. I worked and did the best I could for many years. I often felt ashamed, but recently my daughter came to me and said, "Mom, thank you for doing all you did for my sisters and me. You gave so much and never complained. I owe all I am to you today." It was as though all the years we did without never happened. My girls and I survived, and even though they had less than their friends had, they were loved, and that's what they remembered the most. All the times when I worried that they were lacking something...they were gaining something more, a mom who always made their needs come first and made them stronger and able to face whatever was before them. They learned God always watches over us and is there when we need Him most. Thanks for sharing such a touching piece.

  • Lydia Bendou by Lydia Bendou
  • 6 years ago

I am the not the mom. I am the daughter of a brave mother who struggled and suffered to raise 4 kids. I'm living without a dad who should help and work for us, but she is my awesome angel sent from heaven. She brought and did everything good to let us love our lives. I love you, MOM!

  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 6 years ago

Great poem, I love it. One of my favorite poems on this website.

  • Audrey Fox by Audrey Fox, Tennessee
  • 8 years ago

The poem describes my life. I have 4 children and during their younger years there were times I did not see any way but God always made a way. Now they are grown and I still do everything I can to try and make their lives a little better. They have become loving, respectable adults with families of their own. It was a struggle but we made it through. As I read the poem it all came back to me.

  • michelle by michelle
  • 15 years ago

I enjoyed this poem, this poem consists of no lies just truths, truths of the single mothers that try to keep it together. Single mothers that are far from superwomen yet pray everynight that their children) don't feel the truth. that truth is: mommie cries at night when she isn't able to give her children) everything that the children) needs and is deserving to have.

  • danielle by danielle
  • 15 years ago

hi! wow !!!
I don't know if this is a true story for you or not but wow I bawled my eyes out reading it... I was a single mother of 4 till 5 months ago I married a wonderful man that helps so much but boy do I remember those days... every single word of this poem was MY life ... I love it I had my first child when I was 16 I lived on my own the father left and I had 3 kids by 21.. the 4th was different his dad stayed for 4 years but didn't do much.. I'm now 27 years old my daughter (the first one) is going to be 11 .

  • Janelle by Janelle
  • 15 years ago

wonderful poem , loved it 5stars :)

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