Abandonment Poem

Turning To God When Family Walks Away

I wasn't raised by a good mother and father. I raised myself. I'm a 14 year old girl, and things have been like this since I was 5. I was continuously in the middle of my parents' fights. Constantly moving and having to make new friends. I wrote this poem just recently, trying to describe how I feel now. It ended up being a letter to someone I never thought existed. Things are a lot worse than they are described. It's time for people to stop putting up with this in their lives. I'm starting now.

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What It's Like


Published: January 2017

Do you know what it's like
to feel so alone?
No mom, no dad,
no house to call a home.
Nobody wants me,
nobody cares.
Everybody can see me,
Everybody just stares.
They know my life,
But they don't know it all.
I feel abandoned,
and one day I'll fall.
My dad was never here,
didn't want me, no doubt.
There was always fighting.
Then he moved out.
Dad hit Mom,
Mom hit Dad.
They are both twisted.
Yes, things are bad.
My mom was a drunk,
a drug addict, too.
Her boyfriend hit me,
and out the door I flew.
My life isn't perfect.
It spirals down.
I'll refuse to show fear
when I move out of town.
I need a way out,
but there is no escape.
God, if you're listening,
is this really my fate?
I don't know where I am.
I'm lost and all alone.
Can't you see me crying?
My heart is torn.
God, I need you.
Can you give me a family,
give me a home,
someone who'll love me for me?
I know it's a lot.
I will thank you for this.
I may not have a family,
but you made up for it with friends.
I love them all very much,
but you know it has to end.
Everyone says that you love me.
Is that really true?
Sometimes it doesn't seem like it.
I wonder if I should love you, too.
I don't know what I'm doing,
who it is I am.
I don't know anything anymore.
It's all confusing.



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