Courage Poem by Teens

I am 17 now and I don't hear it quite as much but so often I'd hear "You're just a child" or" You're too young to know what love is" or my favorite "You aint got no business" and how could I forget "You're too young to have problems"! wrong! I wrote this poem to speak out for the young teens who feel as discredited by society as I do.
P.S. love you adults lol you too mommy! but I gotta speak up for my peers. hope this helps a little.:)..tell me what you guys think. and I appreciate any constructive critics needed. Thanks.

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Young And Experienced


Published: January 2012

I'm sixteen but I reason better than some double my age.
I see through life's glasses and I never hesitate to turn life's pages

Sometimes I feel like a newborn, when I cry from everyday pressures.
And as much as I want to run to the comforts of mothers warmth,
I'm forced to get it together.

I too know what it's like to be in love and I've been broken-hearted.
Like you I worry restless about the day that hasn't started.

I am surrounded by prejudice, seems everyone's gave up the fight.
Still, like you, within me there's a love that conquers hate.
For years I've consumed the knowledge that opens life's gates.

Age is but a number... we all must live life.
I'm young but I too am experienced.


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