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  1. Daddy

    • By Tia
    • Published: July 2008
    Child Tries To Understand Death Of Father

    Please hold me daddy
    And don't let me go
    cause I really miss
    you daddy

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    Your poem was lovely! I have saved this file for my son whom is only 3 lost his father last year! I am putting a box of memories together for my son and will include your poem in it!!! Thank...

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  3. A Mighty Warrior

    The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

    I didn't leave you alone, Dad.
    I stayed close to your bedside.
    I held your hand and talked to you.
    You were waiting to join your bride.

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  4. The End

    • By Alexandria Marin
    • Published: February 2009
    My Father Committed Suicide

    In the beginning,
    you were my dad,
    you were my hero,
    you were my everything.

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    Hi Jaylen, my name is Sierra. My father was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder when I was three. When I was five he committed suicide. I feel like killing myself too, and I also...

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  6. You're Gone

    I whisper
    Your name
    I whisper
    My pain

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    I loved this poem it makes me want to cry! It makes me feel like it really happened to me!

  7. Forever And Always Your Baby

    • By Michelle N. Ballard
    • Published: February 2017
    Sudden Loss Of Father

    The moment I heard the news that day,
    My heart sunk and my soul ached.
    It just felt so unreal to me.
    It couldn't be right; how could it be?

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  8. Losing You

    • By Kryshelle
    • Published: April 2017
    Dealing With Dad's Suicide

    The day you left
    Was the day my world came tumbling down.
    I felt so alone...so empty...so angry!

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  10. Journey

    • By Alison J. Davis
    • Published: December 2017
    Journey Through Grief

    My heart's in pieces on the floor.
    My brain, an electrical storm.
    Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."
    And yet, I try to smile.

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  11. Dear Pop

    Once you had told me
    When you were gone
    I'd pick up the pieces
    I would go on...

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  12. Goodnight Dad God Bless

    • By Fiona Tunilla
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About a Daughter Remembering Her Dad

    You used to spoil me rotten
    With all your love and care
    But now each time I look for you
    You suddenly aren't there...

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    My daddy passed away recently from pneumonia after fighting lung and bone cancer. It's been a difficult time but knowing that he's not in pain anymore and that he's at rest has really helped....

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  13. You Had To Go Too Soon

    • By Natasha
    • Published: December 2013

    During the day I have to be strong
    I try so hard to show that nothing is wrong.
    But at night my tears will flow,
    it was just so sudden you had to go....

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    My father, Peter, died on May 29, 2016. He was everything to me, and he made my life so much better. He always listened to me. He always stayed by my side in good and bad times. He was my...

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