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  1. 21. On Your Shoulders

    • By Magnus I. Rasmussen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018

    My father and I have always been close; when I was young, he would take me on drives to record stores and football games, anywhere and everywhere we'd go together. Recently he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, and slowly, day by day, he's losing what makes him my father. I wrote this poem as an ode to the memory of the man he once was, before it all. I read it to him from time to time, and he smiles and asks me who wrote it. I always say, "A girl who loves her father dearly."

    An Ode To A Father With Alzheimer's

    I remember the times
    You'd flip me onto your shoulder
    Freefalling skyward
    Taller, older

    I felt like a giant
    At that great height
    And felt no fear
    Just sheer delight

    Safe in your hands
    So sure and strong
    Now they're gone
    It feels all wrong

    No more do I fly
    And reach the stars
    No more do I soar
    That path of ours

    Up and beyond
    Your own great length
    Above your heart
    Upon your strength

    Where always you kept
    Me and us all
    Where you could watch us
    That we'd never fall

    And always you'd work
    Day after day
    To give us a life
    We'd love each day

    And though you'd grump
    And gripe and groan
    You'd flash a smile
    At coming home

    Where we would sit
    And eat home food
    Sing to songs
    That sang of blues

    Like stories you'd tell
    Of your young days
    And how the world
    Has changed its ways

    You'd reminisce
    Of your own dad
    The happy times
    That you two had

    I'd smile and think
    Of you and I
    And him and you
    And ache to cry

    For as I knew
    You'd lost your own
    I knew that you'd
    Leave me alone

    I could only hope
    And wish and pray
    That each day
    Would not be that day

    So each night that
    We'd sit and talk
    I'd try to capture
    Every thought

    And every smile
    Every laugh
    In my mind
    Like photographs

    Now I replay
    Your greatest hits
    From our hours together
    Our best bits

    These are the memories
    I now love
    In my heart as your picture
    In my glove

    And swear that until
    The day I go too
    I'll never forget
    And I'll always love you.

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    This poem so reminds me of the relationship my Daddy and I had. He had a major surgery in 1971 and because of that and the effects of the anesthesia, his decline began. It took a while for us...

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  2. 22. Dancing With My Dad

    • By Rosemarie Ev Shaeffer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 9, 2021

    Tribute to my dad, remembering and missing dancing with him through the years from a little girl in a Flamenco dress, jitter bugging in socks, and at parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

    Memories With Dad

    Socks glide across the kitchen floor,
    Arms spin me around once more.
    Best time I ever had,
    Was dancing with my Dad.

    Family and strangers gather round,
    Outdoor music, blaring sound.
    Familiar face and I'm so glad,
    Once more dancing with my Dad.

    Sitting beside him in the bed,
    Thinking about the life he led.
    Wishing he could rise; I'm mad,
    Not to be dancing with my Dad.

    Memories glide like a soft caress,
    Dark haired little girl in a fancy dress.
    Close my eyes, chase away the sad,
    Remember dancing with my Dad.

    Red cardinal, so bright to see,
    On the fence, reminder to me,
    The best time I ever had,
    Was dancing with my Dad.

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  3. 23. To My Dad

    • By Cassi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009

    This poem is for my Daddy. We may not always see eye-to-eye, but I will always love him.

    I wonder what it's like
    to not put up a fight
    with someone you're supposed to love so dearly
    and get some sleep at night.

    I look through these photos
    of me and you together,
    pictures of you and me smiling
    in nice or raining weather.

    I wish we could go back to that,
    smiling together every day,
    but now it's the occasional smile;
    it's just not the same today.

    Now I'm all grown up.
    I'm smart and strong-willed.
    You're still much smarter than me,
    and your strength just keeps on building.

    I'm tired of these fights
    and you making me mad.
    When I try to get along,
    the results just end up sad.

    So I'll keep trying
    for the moon and stars above.
    I may not act like it, Daddy,
    but you I will always love.

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    I can really understand this poem I'm 14 and everytime me and my dad talked we would end up yelling at each other and the conversation would end with him hitting me or kicking me to the...

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  4. 24. Daddy

    • By Monique
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    Dad, I miss you so much. Please come back home.

    Absent Father

    It seems like only yesterday
    You wiped away my tears
    As I called your name
    To fight away my fears.

    When you didn't respond,
    I knew you weren't coming back.
    I realized then you left me
    And that you were to slack.

    Are you alive?
    Or are you dead?
    Do you love me? And do you care?
    Sometimes I wonder what's going through your head.

    Always keep to your heart
    That I miss you,
    And my love for you will never part.

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    Dear Father,
    On this day I have nothing to look back at and reminisce. My memories of you are few. I can count on my fingers the times I have seen you, less than that the times we have...

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  5. 25. Hey Daddy, Please Come Back

    • By Jesse-Ryan G. Debenport
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A son pleading for his father not to leave tells him how special he is.

    Hey Daddy,

    There are a couple of things I think you missed
    So write this down, make a little list.
    Here are a couple of things that I want you to remember
    That sometimes you seem to forget.
    You're not the only one.
    There are also a couple of things that I need to fix.

    Hey Daddy,

    Don't forget to tell me you love me.
    Don't be too embarrassed to grab me and hug me.
    If it makes you feel better, go ahead and slug me.

    Hey Daddy,

    No matter how much you bug me,
    Just know that I enjoy your company,
    Laughing when you make fun of me.

    Hey Daddy,

    I'll try and set aside the girls
    At least one day a week
    So you won't get so mad at me
    So we can hop in the truck and go four-wheeling.

    Hey Daddy,

    Remind me to give you a hug goodnight.
    I never want you to feel
    Like I'm leaving you out to dry.
    Don't be afraid to grab my hand
    Just because it doesn't feel right.
    I never wanna regret
    Not doing it later on in life.

    Hey Daddy,

    Please hang on to me.
    I'm growing up way too fast.
    Too much of the future,
    Not enough of the present day or past.

    Hey Daddy,

    Please don't let me go.
    I want these years to last.
    I just wish I could let you know
    How much I don't want you to leave,
    How much I appreciate your company.

    Hey Daddy,

    I'm not gonna tell you to walk a little slower.
    I'll just catch up.
    I'm not gonna tell you that you're leading my life.
    I'm just gonna tell you to show your love.

    Hey Daddy,

    I didn't want you to see the tears in my eyes
    When I was standing there waving goodbye.
    I didn't want you to get on that plane.
    I didn't want you to take that flight.

    Hey Daddy,

    Ford looked up to me as you pulled away.
    He said on the verge of tears,
    "Jesse, I don't want Daddy to go to work today."
    In the back of my mind
    I recalled all of the fun over the years.

    Hey Daddy,

    I promise I tried to hold back the tears,
    But I couldn't; I cried, it hurt so bad.
    I could've died, it made me so mad
    To know that I couldn't stop you from leaving.
    Now the whole family is grieving,
    But no one is as hurt as I am.
    I lost my best friend when you left.
    I lost my Buddy, my Brother, my Friend.

    Hey Daddy,

    I can't write anymore,
    The tears are falling and the ink is fading.
    I haven't really been myself lately.

    Hey Daddy,

    I just couldn't hold back.
    Cut me some slack.

    Hey Daddy,

    Please come back.

    Hey Daddy,
    Please Come Back

    Love Always,
    Your Son,
    Jesse Debenport

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    This poem was a major speaker of my feelings toward my father who at this time is not present in my life. I resent him for all the emotional and physical abuse, but I often catch myself...

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  6. 26. A Message For Him

    I am the eldest among six children in the family, and losing our father at an early age is just so hard. You need to give strength to the family by being strong no matter how hard life is. Writing had been my friend since then. I use it to tell the words that I can't speak aloud. And most of what I write and have written are those that I want to tell to my father in heaven.

    A Message For My Father In Heaven

    No one can love me as much as you.
    In you, I know I'm not alone.
    Your smile gives me happiness behind sadness.
    Your memories give me strength behind darkness.
    You had been my reason since then
    To fight and continue living,
    To endure every pain, no matter how much I suffer,
    And to believe that I can still do better.
    I'll love you forever; that's my promise.
    Eating together, that's what I really miss.
    I will work hard for the family
    And do my best to make them happy.
    I know that you'll always be there,
    Guiding us and protecting us from any danger.
    That's why I want to say thank you
    And tell you that someday I want to be like you.

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    I lost my dad the year 2011 when I was writing my WEAC examination. It was devastating, but I had to pull through. When I think of him, I always wish he was around me to teach me how to be a...

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  7. 27. At The Bottom Of The Bottle

    • By Emily Olivo
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    I have dealt with a lot of traumas from my father. The fact that he is an alcoholic gives him a whole other side that is almost unforgivable. I'll search my whole life for the forgiveness it takes, and at the same time, I'll love him no matter what.

    How To Love An Alcoholic Father

    At the bottom of the bottle
    his feelings won't show.
    He'll let no one know
    the feelings he hides.
    Real late at night,
    his feelings ignite
    at the bottom of the bottle.

    When his pain goes away,
    he feels ashamed
    to feel so insane.
    He'll never know it's all right,
    so for his liquor he'll fight,
    and his pain goes away
    at the bottom of the bottle.

    It's a sad sight.
    His lifestyle is traumatic.
    Moving out, I'll be ecstatic.
    It's unfortunate, I know,
    but that doesn't mean I won't go.
    It's a sad sight
    at the bottom of the bottle.

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  8. 28. My Dad

    • By Antara D O
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2016

    I dedicate this poem to my Dad...the person behind everything of who I am today. This is my heartfelt gratitude and love to my dad on his birthday just to say he means the world to me. Love you, DAD!

    Poem About Dad Providing Strength To Child

    As a kid when I watched you walk,
    Leaving behind your foot mark,
    I leaped and jumped to match that stride,
    Never succeeded however hard I tried.

    Now no more a kid and grown up in all ways,
    I still struggle every moment every single day
    To stick to your path, no matter come what may,
    Where unbounded faith and principles lead the way.

    After every fall of mine you made me stand up right,
    Wiping away my tears and making me smile bright,
    Inspiring me not to lose my heart in the moments of fright,
    Telling me the real meaning of life is to fight.

    Opening the doors, some old and some new,
    To show me the world and its view,
    Telling me moments of sorrow are few
    And each of them teaches us a chapter that is new.

    Like the fresh air that I breathe in,
    Like flesh and blood protected by skin,
    And the heart that beats deep within,
    You are by my side through my problems, thick and thin.

    To the Almighty today I place a request on the altar
    If I am bound to another life later,
    Again and again I want only you as my father,
    As you have been my only strength to not falter.

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  9. 29. To You, My Daddy

    • By Shawna
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011

    I'm 33 years old and I will always call him daddy. I wrote this because I want the world to know how much my daddy means to me.

    I have to tell you how I feel
    Sometimes my words may not seem real

    You do what you do to make me laugh when I cry
    Most importantly you always try

    I know that no matter what or where
    You will always and forever be right there

    You loved me then, You love me now
    Knowing this it is hard to frown

    I love you more than words can tell
    Life without you would be just Hell

    Forever in my heart I know you will be
    I thank the Stars YOU made me

    You are my daddy, You should know
    No matter how little I let it show

    Thank you for all your love and caring
    "I Love You Daddy"
    Forever your heart will be hearing

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    This poem had me crying so hard!! It's a great poem.

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  10. 30. My Father's Words

    My father is a very good man and I wanted to express this in a poem.

    A Father's Way With Words

    My father is a man of his word
    A man interested in your word

    A man of many words
    A man of few words

    A man of encouraging words
    A man of truthful words

    A man of motivational words
    A man of calming words

    A man of loving words
    A man of instructional words

    A man of humorous, witty words
    A man of firm, gritty words

    A man of forgiving words
    A man of imperfect words

    A man who models God's Word
    My father, I appreciate his every word

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    Wow, I was fortunate to actually give this lovely poem a vote today. Now it's published. Congratulations! Well deserved.

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  11. 31. My Caring Dad

    • By Aisha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010

    This is to my wonderful dad

    I love my Dad and he loves me
    He cares for me and leads me
    Through good times and bad
    He cares for me and helps me
    And teaches me all the rules of life
    He is my dad my protector

    My dad helps me up when I'm down
    When life gets hard he is the one I call
    He can make you happy
    He can make you laugh
    He will always be there for me because he's my dad
    He is my dad my key to happiness

    My dad
    My protector
    My joy
    My keeper
    But most importantly my dad

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    this touched me because I did not have my dad all my life and my mom past . so I live with my grandmother she very special to me . my dad is a very good father but he's been through some...

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  12. 32. Friendship With Dad

    My name is Tukesha Ware. I'm 30 years old single mother of one with a dream of becoming a writer or a teacher. I'm from Georgia but now living in North Carolina. Going back to school this year

    Not many people can say
    they have a true friend
    Someone that stands by your side
    and shows devotion with no end
    The person that encourages you
    to reach for your dreams and goals
    The one that understands the hardships
    hidden deep within your soul
    That person that stays up at night
    When you need a listening ear
    The only person in the world
    that knows your deepest fear
    That shoulder that you cry on
    When life doesn't go according to plan
    They help you dust yourself off
    and muscle the strength to stand
    That person you can count on
    When times are good and bad
    Someone you're blessed with...
    I call mine Dad!

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  13. 33. Little Palms

    • By Nick a.k.a. Daimon A. Koivisto
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A man dreams of the day he will be a father and hold his child's little palm in his own

    One day a teardrop will fall from the sky
    And on that day, out of joy, I will cry
    Within my arms I'll hold you tight
    And as you open your eyes to me you'll know everything will be alright
    One day I will plant my seed
    And watch you grow into this love that I need
    I'll come home from work and put your little palm in mine
    We'll go for walks, talk, enjoy life, and forget about time
    Put your little palm in my massive hand
    I'll teach you the ways of life so that you'll understand
    When you're sick and I've got sleepless nights
    It'll be such a gorgeous sight to see you sleep in the middle of the night
    When we come home from our walks in the park
    And your mom's complaining about her stretch marks
    We'll smother her with hugs and kisses and say she's still beautiful, so beautiful tonight
    So put your little palm in mine and enjoy the night
    Your love from me is worth more than gold
    And it will continue to grow as you get old
    Like the cats in the cradle and the silver spoon we'll stay out together and watch the moon
    Tuck you in before you go to bed
    Butterfly kisses upon your forehead
    Never miss a dance recital or little league game and even if I did I'd love you all the same
    So put your little palm in mine and come walk with me
    My happiness you'll sure see
    I know how much you'll want to celebrate
    The day after you finally graduate
    I'll provide the alcohol but only before eight
    And as long as friends be sure to designate
    And if your prom doesn't go as planned
    Put your little palm in my hand
    I'll lock away my heart and give you the key
    As long as you save the last dance for me
    So put your little palm in the center of my hand
    And one day your father you'll understand
    You'll move out of my home
    And have kids of your own
    And all the things I will have done you'll understand
    One day when you kids put their little palms in the center of your hand

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  14. 34. I Love You Dad

    • By Christina Michelle Thompson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008

    This is a poem to my dad. He lives in Ohio and I live in Florida with my mom. I Love him very much. He is not only a dad to me he is a friend to me. I Love Him So Much. He is my one and my all. I only see him 2-months out of the whole year. I really hope you read this and maybe you can relate to it!

    I think God every day because you are always near.
    When I need you the most,
    We may be 800 miles apart, but you are always in my Heart.
    I found so much Love in you, more than I could ever imagine.
    When I was sad you believed in me, I had your Love from the start.
    You always showed me the way to go, You were always there for me when I needed you the most.
    I would not be able to go on to another day with out you.
    I know I don't call all the time, and I'm sorry.
    You brought so much Joy into my life, You helped me and never let me fall.
    I think every day if I will ever see you again.
    I know I should not think that, but I guess it is just a daughter thing.
    Dad I don't think you know how much I Love You.
    I remember all the fun we had.
    I cry every time I think about you.
    If I would lose you I don't know what I would do?
    You gave me life and you let me live it.
    Every breath that I take I remember that you gave me that rite to take that breath.
    When I was sick you were always right there.
    I will Always be your little girl, but I need to grow up and move on, but I will never move on from you.
    I could go on for days but all you really need to know is that I Love You with all my heart.
    And I will always be your little girl no matter how far or close to you I am.

    I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!

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    That is like my story but I am 10 years old and he lives in England and I live in Ireland and I haven't seen him in 3 years.

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  15. 35. A Father So Tall

    • By Duel T. Lane
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    This poem is in tribute to a loving father.

    A father is that special someone,
    Who seems so very tall;
    As he hold your hand in his,
    When you are oh so small;

    He rides you on his shoulders,
    And watches when you play;
    And laughs when you see a bug,
    Then scream and run away;

    He has a twinkle in his eye,
    When you ask for your first date;
    Then gives his approving nod,
    And says, Just don't be late.

    And now after all these years,
    When I think about it all;
    I see it was his caring love,
    That made him seem so tall.

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  16. 36. Though I'm Gone I Feel Your Love

    • By Steven M. Hollifield
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Can a father contact his loved ones from beyond the grave?

    To my dear family,
    I'm sending this from above,
    That even though I'm gone from earth,
    I can still feel your love,
    And all the times we spent together,
    Growing a love that would last forever,
    Are times that will never leave,
    Because you remember me.
    I'm sorry about the timing,
    For I didn't want to leave,
    But God called me home,
    So I fell into eternal sleep.
    There was so much left to do here,
    Cause God took me quite young,
    I had a loving family,
    And so much to teach my son.
    I'm sure you all can make it,
    You have God by your side,
    And just to let you know,
    I'm enjoying this long heavenly harley ride.
    If any of you ever need me,
    Just close your eyes and I'll be there,
    I'll help you through your life,
    If you remember how much I cared.
    I want you all to know today,
    That I love you very much,
    And even though I'm gone from earth,
    I can still feel your love.

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    I LOVE THIS POEM. I have no words to express my feelings. I lost my heart I lost my life I lost everything. I remember my dad who passed away almost four year ago. Aug 24 2010, when I was...

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  17. 37. The Power Of Love

    • By Erika N. Workman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A son yearns for his father to finally be at peace. He wants his father to just relax and be happy.

    A heart so gentle
    A heart so pure
    A heart so broken
    There seems to be no cure
    He does all he can
    For everyone else
    It's his turn to be happy
    A man so willing
    A man so kind
    A man so loving
    With too much on his mind
    He does all he can
    For everyone else
    It's his turn to be happy
    So I dedicate to him
    This poem and my life
    In hopes he will soon
    Be rid of all strife
    He does all he can
    For everyone else
    Dad, it's your turn to be happy
    I don't want you
    To work two jobs
    I don't want
    To see you cry
    I don't want you
    To keep losing sleep
    I'm scared you're going to die
    Please stop worrying
    There is no need to fear
    I don't want all the finest things
    I just want you here
    I know this doesn't amount
    To all you've done for me
    But I hope after reading this
    You will be able to see
    How much your happiness
    Means to me
    I love you dad...
    So be happy!

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  18. 38. I Miss You Dad!

    • By Catherine Ulanday
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    About a special relationship between a father and a daughter.

    When I was a little girl,
    I can still remember our happy moments we shared together.
    People said that because I'm the only girl in the family, aside from my mom
    That I'm a spoiled brat, but I guess I'm not.

    You're my mentor, you taught me a lot of things in life, moral values,
    Respect for elders, things that is useful to our everyday life.
    As a Dad, you showed me of the how, the why, and the where,
    No matter what has come about; you were always there.

    That was spring of 2002 when I heard the news.
    The doctor said you're in pain, and there's nothing they could do.
    The result of your biopsy was you have cancer of the liver,
    After I heard that, my world starts to shiver.

    You talked to me and said you are dying,
    My heart breaks when I heard you crying.
    3 weeks later, you've left me.
    That was so painful and the hardest thing to accept, for a grieving daughter that I am.

    Years may come and go, but your memory will never be erased.
    I once knew a man, who gave love at his best,
    And no one can ever take your place. I miss you so much DAD!

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    Latest Shared Story

    P.D.J. - 1 January 2020 20:01
    I lost my best friend. My whole entire world crashed before my eyes. My dad had a fatal heart attack (it's called the widow maker) in my mom's room. My mom...

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  19. 39. To Be Daddy's Girl Again Someday

    • By Katherine Cannon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Father and daughter are separated but in her heart she harbors dreams of a reunion someday.

    Feeling lost without him
    Feeling empty too
    I used to be my daddy's girl
    This I know was true.
    Now that we have split apart
    Gone our separate ways
    I pray to God each night
    To bring us back together someday.
    Yet I fear this is impossible
    Not right now anyway.
    I still hold out hope
    To be my daddy's girl again someday.
    Yet still all I can say is,
    I'm feeling lost without him
    Feeling empty too
    Dear God I'm still praying
    Please oh please to help me get through.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. Your story really touched my heart today. I am separated from my daughter now and I am sad everyday. She is 17 and I send her cards and letters. But I wish I could...

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  20. 40. Childhood Dreams

    • By Antoinette
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    My dad was a very powerful influence in my life, and when I think of him I know my life can only get better, he always made us smile even though he ruled with a fist of iron, he did it with love, taught me right from wrong and I miss him daily and this is my way of letting him know how much I loved him xx

    do you remember your childhood dreams
    summertime excitement and cold ice creams
    the glint of sunshine on your hair
    as you stood and wanted at the summer fair
    coconut shys and lucky dips
    sticky fingers and candy floss lips
    the flashing lights and thumping beat
    your tired eyes and aching feet
    your worn out legs so tired and heavy
    your daddies arms are strong and steady
    he holds you close his voice so clear
    his soothing words ring in your ear
    place you head upon my chest
    his cuddles warm this is the best
    this is a memory so strong and clear
    a lovely memory of yesteryear

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    This poem just tells my story. It just bought tears to my eyes. These are my memories. Exactly these. Don't have these anymore. Don't have my father loving me like this anymore. I go to bed...

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