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  1. 41. Not Just Step Dad

    • By Erica Galleno
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    This poem is in tribute to a step dad who is much more than that.

    Tribute To A Step-Dad Poem

    Having a father
    Is something not really known to me
    But you come the closest
    To what I have in my dreams
    You make my mother happy
    And you have forgiveness for me
    You are a grandfather to my children
    And you are very inspiring
    There is so much that you have taught me
    And so much more for me to learn
    Thank you for all that you have done
    And thank you for being part of my family

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    Step Dad....dad!

    You were more of a dad to me than a step dad.
    When I was two I would call you daddy, and as the years go by I grow up and soon to be an adult. you have taught me how to...

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  2. 42. His Family

    I remember him working at his regular job and still coming home and working on the farm until it was dark. He always made sure we had everything we needed.

    Strong Dad Poem

    His hands are callused and worn.
    He works hard from sun up to sun down.
    And at the end of his toilsome day,
    A smile on his face is found.
    All the sweat that beads on his brow,
    Each drop that runs down his face.
    He has made it through another day,
    By God's amazing grace.
    He comes home to his family,
    At the end of his wearied day.
    And as they gather around the table,
    He bows his head and prays.
    "Thank you Lord for this day,
    And all the blessing set before me.
    Thank you for my wife and my children,
    And for another day as a family.
    For the strength to make each day,
    To work, to sweat and to bleed,
    And for Your amazing grace,
    Helping me provide for my family."
    He lifts his head with an amen,
    Looks at his family gathered around.
    And as they settle in for the night,
    A smile on his face is found.

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  3. 43. Real Dad

    This poem is a reminder to an adoptive father that it is not who actually fathered the baby but who is raising the child that counts.

    Though you're not his father as far as blood lines go,
    You are the only daddy this child will ever know.
    You've held his hand and guided his path,
    Creating a bond that forever will last.
    There is no escape from his watchful eye,
    Whatever you do you know he wants to try.
    He wouldn't do this with just anyone,
    This is a special game shared between a father and a son.
    It doesn't make a difference whose blood courses through his veins,
    You know in his heart he loves you just the same.
    He is your little buddy following you around,
    A love stronger than his could never be found.
    You've taken the place of the sun, moon, and stars in the skies,
    You are his father in his precious little eyes.
    By the times you've shared and the experiences you've had,
    It's easy to see you are his REAL DAD.

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    A real dad is someone who sticks around to care for you. A biological dad is there when you’re born. I have a real dad now, and I am proud to call him my father.

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  4. 44. I Want You To Know, My Father

    • By Kacie Christie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    My Father was born and raised in Glasgo Scotland, and was a strong and loving man. He had a love of life that inspired those around him, especially his children. He passed away on March 28, 2009 after a battle with Congestive Heart Failure, but he lived a full, active, life right up to the end and had a wonderful hunger for adventure, new experiences, he loved animals, knowledge, volunteered, camped, and had many, many friends who loved him very much. I love and miss him dearly.

    As a young Child you held my hand and wiped away my tears.
    You saw me through some difficult years and watched me grow with the years.
    You spoke of love and life and dreams and helped to ease my fears.
    I want you to know, my Father, it's admiration and love in my tears.

    Your passion for knowledge, connection to people, love of animals, adventure, and food.
    Your desire to learn, to teach and help others, wherever and whenever you could.
    You helped to inspire and form my life and I will miss you as I would.
    But I want you to know, my Father, by example you taught me good.

    I saw in your heart and body the fight and through that experience you gave me insight.
    It was an honor holding your hand through the night, to dream your dreams and try to make it right.
    I knew in my soul what we must do bring you home for your final flight.
    But I want you to know, my Father, you are still my guiding light.

    With Highland mist, heather, dewdrops kissed, gentle wind blowing through the valley.
    I can see you now coming round the bend, eyes at peace, as your soul shall be.
    My message to you, as I help you go, is I love you with all of me.
    I want you to know my Father, in this place your soaring free.

    Even though not spoken enough, I appreciate all you did do.
    Gratitude is all I feel, for having a Father like you.
    I hold in my heart your image so clear; it was a gift to see you through.
    I want you to know my Father, in my heart you'll be - so true.

    Nothing but love and light and peace - my wish for you this day.
    I want you to know, my Father, this is what I pray.

    K. Christie 03/28/09

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    This poem is Great, You reminded me of my father and I am missing him soooo much every second in my life.. Thanks

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  5. 45. As A Boy

    • By Joel Miller
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    I just miss my dad

    Dad You Were The Best

    Well I grew up in the country.
    But things were never too bad.
    I have one person to thank.
    My always hard working dad.
    Sometimes there wasn't much for Christmas.
    But we always had something under the tree.
    At least one pair of shoes to wear all year.
    Before himself, dad always thought of me.
    I slept in a very cold room.
    Back then that's what we had to do.
    One wood heater in the living room.
    But dad's bedroom was cold too.
    We went to the grocery store once a week.
    It would always be on payday.
    Sometimes we would almost run out of food.
    Somehow dad always found a way.
    We hardly ever went on vacation.
    Maybe a quiet picnic on a summer day.
    But not too far away from home.
    Dad had worked overtime for extra pay.
    I never told you while you were here.
    Over twenty years now you have been at rest.
    You were the hardest working man I ever knew.
    And dad.......... You were the best.

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  6. 46. Dad

    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2007

    This poem is dedicated to who I believe was the greatness man I ever knew, my dad, and I miss him dearly Often we take advantage of people we have in our lives, not knowing what they mean to us until it's too late. Life is precious; cherish it to the fullest.

    Poem About Being Richer Than A Millionaire

    Today a great man died.
    He wasn't a world leader, a famous doctor, a war hero or even a great sports figure.
    He was no business tycoon and you would never see his name in the fortune 500.
    But he was one of the greatest men who ever walked this earth, he was my dad.
    I guess you can say he was never interested in getting any credit or receiving honors,
    He did corny things like paid his bills on time and fed the dogs.
    He never served on the P.T.A.
    But he was always there to help me with my homework.
    He got kicks on going to cookie or donut shops to read the paper.
    Dad enjoyed the simple things like going to the park with the grandkids.
    He didn't like opera; his thing was Tejano/Spanish music.
    He did all the outside housework (mowing the lawn and cleaning the yard)
    He never owned a tuxedo, and I'm sure he never tasted caviar.
    He never had a BMW or Lexus; he settled for his Toyota Celica.
    He never took handouts but was always willing to give a helping hand,
    Tonight will be my first night without him, I feel so lonesome without him.
    I'm sorry for all the times I showed disrespect towards him.
    I am grateful to God that I was given a wonderful father.
    I hope he knew how much he has meant to all of us.
    My dad smiled with a smile on this face and fulfillment in his heart.
    He knew that he was a great success as a husband, father, brother, son and friend to all those whose lives he touched.
    I wonder how many millionaires can say that.....your son

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  7. 47. Ode To The Step-Dad

    • By Susan E. Winover
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Is it more special to be a birth father or to be a step-father?

    Poem For A Step Dad

    Although you're not my birth Dad,
    You've loved me since I was small,

    The road has not always been easy,
    I'm sure at times you've wondered,
    how you even got here at all,

    There may have been times when I
    was distant,
    Resenting you because you weren't
    my 'real' Dad,

    And when the going got real rough at times,
    I'm sure you felt you'd been had,

    But time is the great healer,
    She's patient and loving and kind,

    One day I woke up from my slumber,
    And with you, I just changed my mind,

    I decided you weren't such a bad guy,
    You really seemed like you cared,

    You seemed to make Mommy so happy,
    Perhaps I could open my heart just a wee
    little bit, a wee little bit if I dared,

    You stood there with arms wide open,
    When I decided to take 'the chance',

    It seemed so natural and made such sense,
    Like a lovely, well-choreographed dance,

    You never held it against me,
    Those early days when I wasn't so sure,

    And when you hold me so close and so dear,
    I now know our love is real and pure.

    Written for Audrey Rose, by Mommy

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  8. 48. My Father

    • By Ellie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    Thank you for reading my poem.

    Poem About The Importance Of A Father

    There's a man in every boy's life that he calls Father,
    One who never gives up,
    When most wouldn't even bother.
    No matter how bad it is,
    He's always there.
    His judgment impartial, even though at the time
    You don't think it's fair.
    He taught you his values and imparted his views,
    Equipped you with the tools of life that you need to use.
    Yes, there's one man I know unlike any other,
    And that's the man I call my Father.

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  9. 49. If You Could Only Hear

    • By Ashley Kramp
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    Hi, my name is Ashley and I recently lost my Dad on Memorial Day., May 26, 2008. He was 39. He has 3 grandsons who loved him very much. He committed suicide, which seemed a little strange considering the fact that my Aunt was coming from Eastern Shore the very next day to help him get his life together. Now that he's gone we all have to try to get OUR lives together. I love you Dad and you will always be missed!

    Dad Committed Suicide Poem

    If You Could Only Hear
    Hey Pop Pop, hey it's me...
    I would say this if I could only speak.
    But I know if you could hear,
    my gibberish would turn to words as they float to your loving ears.
    You would hear them say I love you in so many ways.

    So tell me Pop Pop,
    the name you so longed to hear,
    please tell me you'll be close and always be near.

    If you could hear,
    I'd tell you I miss you
    and Mommy does too
    and I'd tell you how great it was to have met you.

    If you could hear,
    I'd tell you I'll see you again one day,
    but I don't worry because I know you'll be watching over me all along the way.

    If you could hear,
    I'd tell you Mommy wishes you could come back
    but I know your up there to stay.
    But as I get older I'll have dreams of you and we'll finally get to play.

    This is what I would say if only you hear.

    In Loving Memory- Frank John Kramp
    August 29, 1967- May 26, 2008

    By: AshleyKramp
    May 27, 2008

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    Thanks to everyone who commented. I so sorry for all your losses. It is 5 years this Sunday of my dads suicide and instead of it getting easier it's getting harder. To any of those who like...

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