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  1. Before I Sleep, I Cry

    • By Alison
    • Published: May 2008

    I don't like to sit upon your lap
    and cuddle close to you
    I don't like it when you touch me
    and do the things you do,...

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    I was sexually abused by my blood dad when I was just 12 years old. The coward not only sexually abused me but my older sister too. The sexual abuse went on for 2 years and I stood quiet. I...

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  2. Returning Faith

    • By Lynette Gutwein
    • Published: April 2011
    Poem By A Victim And Survivor Of Domestic Violence

    You took away my innocence
    My hopes, my dreams, my youth
    You took from me my very soul
    What could have been, I never knew

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    As I read this Poem, it touched me very deeply because I myself can relate to the same situation and there's always HOPE! Thank you for sharing!

  3. His Hand

    • By Babbette Slaughter
    • Published: November 2008

    She felt the warmth
    Of his gentle hand
    press deep between her thighs
    Trust betrayed...

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    I can relate I was molested by my uncle. No one beloved me though. I am alone to this day. Some advice stay strong and know who your friends are.

  4. Black And Blue

    • By J.D
    • Published: April 2011

    Sitting alone under the night sky so black,
    Nobody knows what she's holding back,
    Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue,
    Once these bruises fade they'll come back anew....

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    That poem very much ought to be published. Very heart wrenching. I am 53 yrs old. A man from a very abusive father. But I have 2 daughters and never ever laid a hand on either of them. ...

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  5. Surviving You

    • By Rebecca
    • Published: October 2009

    Tell me what I did to make you treat me so cheaply,
    What did I do to make you so angry and make you beat me,
    You could see I was broken up inside and you just threw me around,
    You left me lying dazed on the ground,...

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    I was also abused and raped from 10-14. I got out to another home and was raped again. I tried to tell, but no one believed me, so I just kept quiet. I'm now 52. It still haunts me. my niece...

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  6. A Mending To A Broken Heart

    • By Rhiannon
    • Published: March 2008
    Abuse By Boyfriend Poem

    I Talk to him
    He talks to me.
    My heart, it swells
    And Begs to be Free....

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    I am in the same boat. I do love him and I want my children to have a dad in their life, but it rips me apart knowing they will either see their mother being hurt or not have a father in...

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  7. The Broken Girl

    Welcome to my broken home,
    There's nobody here I'm all alone.

    The walls they scream of things once said,...

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    Can't seem to put into words how you blessed my mind with your poems. They have helped me come out of my shell. Thankful you are comfortable putting this out there for the world to see....

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  8. Brother

    • By Loraya
    • Published: November 2008

    Why did you do it,
    Dearest brother of mine.
    How could you commit,
    Such an atrocious crime....

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    This made me feel pride...when someone goes through this but is as strong as they possibly can be. I'm so happy that this is a thing. I only found this website yesterday, and now I know I'm...

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  9. Molested

    • By Angel
    • Published: December 2010
    Poem About The Long Term Suffering Caused By Molestation

    He touches me,
    He feels me,
    I cut and cut,
    To get rid of the pain,

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    Reach out to your mom or sister who have been through the same thing. They are your best audience and support system because they can relate to your pain and they love you and care for you...

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  10. A Mothers Pain

    • By Lynda
    • Published: December 2007
    Molested By Uncle

    She looked up to you.
    I did to.
    I told her you were a good role model.
    Over and over I did. ...

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    I'm so sorry that your brother betrayed your trust like that. I love my brother so much and could never imagine something like that happening to me. But I do know what it's like to be...

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