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  1. 21. Glance

    • By Ashley Reyes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2020

    Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded by people but I still feel alone. When I wrote this, I felt so alone and was crying. Tears fell as I wrote this, but I felt better after I finished.

    Hiding Behind A Mask To Pretend I'm Okay

    Glance, but don't stare.
    You're not supposed to see the scars that I bear.

    Don't listen, just speak.
    You do not want the answers that you seek.

    You smile, I smile back.
    Look at the mask, don't notice the crack.

    There's a monster in there I'm trying to hide,
    But she's nibbling at the ropes in which she's tied.

    She roars at me, forcing tears out my eyes
    Then smiles triumphantly, like she's won a prize.

    "Why are you crying?" "I'm fine," I say.
    It's not like you would understand anyway.

    Don't talk about me, let's talk about you!
    Underneath your mask, is there a monster too?

    Does it rip your heart out and wave it in your face?
    Find sticks and thorns to put in its place?

    No? I'm sorry. I guess we don't relate.
    I'll shut up now and pretend all is great.

    Glance, but don't stare.
    There's a monster under the mask...enter if you dare.

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    Great couplets on the theme of depression and the rhymes are nicely done and for many this poem will be relatable so I'm sure your poem will connect with many readers. Thanks for sharing Ashley.

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  2. 22. Depression Blues

    • By Tina M. Casalvera
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2020

    I am bipolar manic depressive. It helps writing rhymes when I am in my low state. Sometimes this mental illness gets the best of me. I would like to share these in hopes of helping others to know they are not alone.

    Poem About Struggle With Bipolar Depression

    My head is not right today.
    I have no idea why it's this way.

    It switches from one thought to another.
    I feel like I am being smothered.

    I can't finish just one thought.
    In a group is where they are brought.

    I'm under so much stress.
    There are things I should confess.

    Some people say I am so strong,
    But in reality, they couldn't be more wrong.

    The outer part of me puts on that smile
    While the inner me has been dying for a while.

    I hate this part of my disease.
    It literally brings me to my knees.

    From a great mood to nasty as hell.
    Which it's gonna be, I can never tell.

    Most of the days I can push through.
    Today I don't know what to do.

    It comes with no known trigger.
    It's not going away; it's only getting bigger.

    Bigger, louder, and extremely strong.
    I wish I knew what was wrong.

    I want to cry, but I don't know what for.
    I hate this disease; I don't want it anymore.

    I get these terrible pains in my chest.
    Feels like the Lord is gonna lay me to my final rest.

    Will these feelings only last for today?
    'Cause it feels like they will never go away.

    In reality it will not.
    A life sentence is what I got.

    The meds that make me manage
    Are the same meds that cause me damage.

    I could be flying high in the fluffiest cloud.
    Then, bam, I crash onto the ground.

    I wonder if people truely understand
    What really goes on in my land.

    How could they when even I don't?
    How could they when they simply won't?

    This not only takes a toll on me,
    But it affects my friends and family,

    Especially those days I cannot hide
    The deep dark depression I feel inside.

    Some days I'm just not strong enough.
    Some days are just too tough.

    But most of the days I seem to manage
    To get through them without serious damage.

    Well at least to others
    Is what I mutter

    Things aren't usually this bad,
    But you won't know which I have had

    'Cause that is what we do.
    We pretty it up for you.

    I can't keep that clear though in my head.
    I'm done with this crap; I am going to bed

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  3. 23. Worth

    • By Joel
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016

    Sometimes feeling alone can mean many things. Expressing ourselves through poems can also be an attempt at reaching out for help. I hope this poem reminds people of that, because it isn't meant to create more sadness, but to remind that there is ALWAYS someone who cares.

    Reaching Out For Someone To Care

    It's hard sometimes to say exactly what I'm worth.
    Sometimes even harder dealing with the hurt.

    To feel like no one's there during all my pain.
    I have nothing left to lose and nothing left to gain.

    I struggle through the days, with no one at my side,
    To find some sort of worth, to save a little pride.

    But all my days are dark, stormy, cold and gray,
    And emptiness keeps growing as I slowly fade away.

    I have no effort left to put into this life,
    No helping hand behind me to pull me to the light.

    So once again I ask, before I leave this Earth,
    Tell me, if you care, exactly what I'm worth.

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    I know that my post is late, but I hope--by some miracle--you will discover it. I am much older than you, and I, too, have experienced a life that is void of human companionship. It is my...

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  4. 24. Hollow

    When you can't express the agony and pain inside of you, poetry is one of the ways to get it out. I wrote this poem when I just couldn't find the meaning in anything. Everything was numb. I was paralyzed. A feeling so dreadful that I turned into an empty shell. I doubted every emotion I felt. I tried so hard to get through it all. I was broken. I no longer wanted to feel love. I just wanted the dreadful feeling to end. I hope you like it. This poem is for those you have felt like this.

    Feeling Numb

    Do you feel them?
    She was numb and frozen,
    Yet it dimly sparkled like a dying gem.

    Do you know what that feels like?
    Piercing explosions,
    Burning afflictions,
    Hollers of agonizing cries.
    She had nothing left inside.

    Eyes closed,
    Heartbeat stopped,
    Barely alive.

    She was a hollow shell.
    Into an endless oblivion she fell,
    Pitch black and nearly brain dead.
    There was nothing in her life ahead.

    Why is it so strong?
    She was deprived from it.
    Devils had done her heart way too many wrongs.
    Killed was the lust,
    Lost was the temptation.

    Why is it so painful?
    Once crystal clear and beautiful,
    Now a turned poison from what was as pure as golden dust.

    She wanted nothing to do with it.
    Not long ago it had made her bleed.

    Hidden thorns
    On her skin that burned.

    She was a hollow shell.
    Into an endless oblivion she fell.
    Pitch black and nearly brain dead.
    There was nothing in her life ahead.

    Eyes opened,
    Tears flowed,
    Standing in front of a mirror,
    Watching as she wholly became hollow.

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    When you feel empty and hollow, I feel like it's easy to feel alone. This poem helped me realize that I am not alone and that there are other people out there who struggle to feel again, who...

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  5. 25. Darkness

    I've long battled depression. In this moment I was at a low point.

    Being In A Bout Of Depression

    No words for a state that I cannot express
    Like gravity just holds me here in this mess
    An invisible force stealing my air
    A looming dark cloud and no one's aware
    The strength of a lion becomes a small mouse
    The whole of my world consists of my house
    Feigning my comfort, I internally cry
    Rationalize the how and the why

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  6. 26. A Prayer By Me

    With all the emotions in my head, I feel like I can’t breathe, but no one would ever guess because I never talk about it. I wish I could, but I don’t know how. Only God knows, and this poem is a prayer I wrote to the guy on my side. But some days it’s hard to feel God’s love, and some days I come close to giving up. I pray that I keep my promise and that I keep pushing on, but it’s so, so hard. To anyone else out there feeling this way, give it a read, say a prayer, and don’t give up. We got this!

    A Final Plea For Help

    No one knows what I feel today
    Or that I'm dying inside.
    No one knows the pain I'm in,
    For it's nothing a smile can't hide.

    If I could find the words to tell,
    I'd get help in a second.
    But there are no words to explain
    My pain and my heart that it's wreckin'.

    So I beg thee, Lord God of all
    Who sees the struggle I'm in,
    To stay by me with your grace
    And keep me from giving in.

    I promise you that I'll fight on
    And that I will survive,
    But every day I lose some hope
    That's been keeping me alive.

    I need your help so earnestly, Lord,
    And I need your love today.
    But I also ask if it be your will,
    Please take the pain away.

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  7. 27. When You Feel Like You Can't Go On

    • By Aliysha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013

    This is how I feel every day, and I can't seem to talk about it; it's easier to write it in a poem style. Thanks for reading.

    When you feel so lonely and can't sleep at night,
    because everything gives you a fright.
    The pain and the sadness takes control,
    and once again you're all alone.
    The pain I feel is torturing.
    My life isn't really worth living.
    You keep living every day, hoping it might end someway.
    You go to sleep and pray to God,
    but it doesn't work... you're too stuck!

    All the tears cooped up inside,
    from all the lies that bleed you dry.
    Just one tear shows a million emotions.
    It's all mixed and with terror and devotion!
    I devote myself to acting happy,
    but at night when I'm all alone,
    somehow it all spills out
    when no one can see and no one can hear
    all of the pain and all of the fear.

    You go to sleep hoping you won't wake up,
    but when morning comes you have to keep going.
    It isn't easy and you can't say it is,
    until you know just how it feels.
    My soul is dying.
    Why do I keep trying?
    Nothing seems worth it anymore!
    I just want to be alone...

    This is from the heart of all my feelings and emotions,
    something I can't speak, but one day it'll all be over.
    And I will be that happy person I know I want to be.
    But just acting happy is too hard for me!

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    This poem describes my life for the past 5 years perfectly. I may not even be a teenager or adult, but these feelings reach me, and many others I know. I try to hide the emotions described in...

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  8. 28. Behind This Face

    This poem is written from a very personal view during my battle with depression. This talks about the fact that you have to hide your true feelings and the constant act that you put on to the people around you.

    Hiding Your True Feelings When Suffering From Depression

    Behind this calm face there is a raging storm,
    Like a war in my head since the day I was born.

    Behind this smile there is a lonely sad frown,
    Acting oh so happy when really you are down.

    Behind these blue eyes is a bright burning fire,
    Flames flickering out of control, getting higher.

    Behind this laugh when I'm laughing out loud,
    There's a tear like a rain drop from a dull cloud.

    Behind these dry eyes is a waterfall of pain,
    Trying to plug the leak, but the effort is in vain.

    Behind this confident man is a shy little boy,
    The youngster from school, so lonely and coy.

    Between my ears is a fight inside my head,
    Happy against sad or living battling dead.

    Behind this big heart it is shattered like glass,
    Still not healed from the bully in the class.

    Behind the happiness lies sadness deep down,
    Swimming against the tide trying not to drown.

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  9. 29. Waves

    When you are depressed, you are often inundated by waves of sadness. Unfortunately, you never know when the next wave will come.

    Waves Of Depression

    I was just sitting there,
    Watching TV,
    When a wave of sadness
    Washed over me.

    There was no warning;
    It just showed up.
    I tried to swim through it
    But had no luck.

    My heart was heavy,
    And I started to cry.
    I just couldn't stop,
    And I didn't know why.

    I finally gave up fighting
    And went with the flow,
    Praying the sadness
    Would soon go.

    I walked down the aisle
    Of the grocery store
    When another wave of sadness
    Pulled me from the shore.

    I couldn't stay there,
    Not one second more,
    So I just left my cart
    And headed to the door.

    I sat in my car
    And started to cry.
    I just couldn't stop,
    And I didn't know why.

    What's wrong with me?
    I need to know.
    My soul is drowning
    With each ebb and flow.

    I never know when
    The next wave will arrive.
    It makes me question
    Why I'm still alive.

    Is there someone out there
    Who can help build me a boat?
    So when the next wave comes
    I can stay afloat.

    Or will I eventually drown
    And never awake,
    Enveloped by the next wave
    Of endless heartache?

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  10. 30. If Only It Were Me

    • By Trinity A Chavez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 8, 2022

    I love poetry. It's a way for me to get out of my head. I suffer from PPD, depression, anxiety, and social anxiety, My goal is to put these emotions into poetry. Many have these disorders, so if you relate, I'm sorry.

    Wanting To Be Someone Else

    The wind blows
    The sun shines
    The grass grows
    The air smells of pines
    If only it were mine -
    The halls are loud
    The building is cold
    The people walk proud
    The kids are bold
    If only it were me -
    The days are long
    The week is hard
    The answer was wrong
    The kids put up their guard
    If only it wasn't me -
    I want to be open
    I want to be happy
    I hate being broken
    I hate acting sadly
    The walls, they glare at me
    The words jump off the pages
    The stares get heavy
    The building is a cage
    Trapping me
    Trapping us
    Holding us here as if they're scared we'll leave
    If only people could understand me
    Then maybe, just maybe
    The days wouldn't be so lengthy
    So hard
    So scary
    So difficult
    Because that is me -
    Something I don't want to be

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  11. 31. The Countdown

    • By Emma H
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 22, 2022

    I wrote this poem when I felt like I was suffocating. People told me that I will be fine, and that if I count to ten then I will feel okay. But they could never comprehend the pain that came with each second that went by. No matter how many times you count to ten, sometimes that feeling just doesn't shift.

    Suffocating From Anxiety And Depression

    "Count to 10," they said,
    "Deep breaths and it will pass,
    because the feelings that consume you won't stay, and they won't last,"
    but with each and every land mine that goes off within my head,
    it doesn't quite feel long enough with only 9 seconds left.

    With 8, I'm running out of breath.
    I'm drowning in my thoughts
    but forget it and think happy things,
    'cause life is far too short.

    By 7, I've already lost myself.
    There's nothing in my eyes,
    and at 6, I've lost the mask I wear
    for my daily disguise.

    5 cuts me open,
    and 4 sews me back up.
    By 3, the war is over,
    but the scars it left are stuck.

    By 2, the peace arrives,
    but the drowning kind from hell,
    the idea that the wound won't heal,
    even if i rebel,

    'cause pain isn't forgiving,
    and at 1, it doesn't leave.
    Instead, it just goes silent,
    and for another few days I'll grieve.

    Now before 10 had even started,
    I'd already lost a piece of me,
    but of course you didn't notice,
    'cause in your own mind
    you are free.

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  12. 32. My Daughter's Tears

    Dedicated to my beautiful daughter who has suffered most of her life with depression. I don't ever want to lose her, so I love her through her pain.

    Until it affects someone we love,
    We don't even know it's there.
    It's really not our problem,
    So why should we care.

    The statistics are quite shocking,
    One in four they say
    Will suffer from depression
    In their lives one day.

    There's not much stigma anymore
    For this serious mental flaw.
    But no one knows where it will strike,
    It's just the luck of the draw.

    No one would choose to live with it,
    And some don't even try.
    I see my daughter suffering
    And all she can do is cry.

    Most people turn the other cheek,
    They've been doing it for years.
    But I must face the pain I see,
    In my daughter's tears.

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    As I read this poem, I hurt with you. I feel the pain and still do that you do and could only imagine what your mother must of be going through to help you deal with it and trying to...

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  13. 33. The Feeling Of Emptiness

    • By Janieta Lister
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2013

    My story...I am a girl seeking love since my parents left me when I was young. I had no support or love. My dad was always with his second family and my mother abuses drugs and alcohol. With no support and love, I went on drugs, was highly addicted, used R6000 a day 7 days a week. I had to realize my mistake, with my mom still on drugs and my dad never here. I am in darkness, I am in pain, I am off the drugs with effort, but my life is still upside down...

    I look into a broken mirror,
    I seek to see why I am still living.
    when I look around all I can see
    is darkness and pain...

    My chest is tight, I can hardly breath.
    I feel empty and broken,
    I feel like a monster is trying to escape.
    I don't know which way to go...

    I am crying but only dry tears,
    dust on my face and sores on my mind,
    I do not speak nor do I try,
    I have a million times.

    When I speak, silence over takes.
    I can scream, and still no one will hear.
    I am invisible, no one can see,
    I have pain inside, please let me free.

    Before I save myself,
    and death is my way,
    not long from today,
    I am seeking my way...

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    I was abused even before birth by my dad's sisters and mom. When I turned 1, dad left this world. Me and mama were thrown out of home by my grandparents. We came to the home of mom's...

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  14. 34. The Ending Start

    • By Ethan Wulf
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    Hi. My name is Ethan Wulf. I'm chronically depressed from the death of my mother and grandfather, who was my only father figure, and I'm a very discontent person. But I try not to complain because I know nobody likes a complainer. I'm 17 and I'm sick of high school. I'm sure we've all been there, right kids? Well, I'm not much on introductions. If you really actually care to get to know me and about me, just read my poetry. Thanks for your time.

    Chronically Depressed

    I've written everything I have to say,
    But the words, they rot and fall away.
    So with a hole in the bottom, I'm stuck in the same boat as before
    And slowly sinking just in sight of shore.

    I work so hard to make my life worse
    Sometimes I think I'm better off in the back of a hearse,
    But I know I could never leave her behind.
    She's the one I've been searching for all this time.

    And though she confesses to me all of her love,
    Selfishly I feel that it is not enough.
    I know it in my heart, oh I swear,
    There is someone so much better for her out there.

    I dream about her all day long,
    Yet when we're together, it all feels wrong.
    Something isn't right, and I know it's me
    Because you're a beautiful, perfect being.

    I can never just be what and who I am.
    So much discontent I don't think anyone understands,
    I put my feelings into words that rhyme
    To give everyone who cares a glimpse of what's inside.

    Why must it be that I'm never satisfied.
    I have all I could want; still I lie awake at night
    And wish for more.
    So much discontent.

    It's the end that I wish was near.
    Just the letdown that I fear.

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    I am Sam. I am twelve years old, and I moved to Arizona over a year ago. I was diagnosed with depression two or three years ago, and sometimes I consider killing myself. I never have, and I...

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  15. 35. Finding Joy

    • By Trent D. Et
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 10, 2021

    True Happiness is my definition of "Joy," which I can recognize, as I have experienced much previously. She slipped away in my early to mid-20s. I am now 55. I wrote this poem 17 years ago. It is mostly a rhyming, rhythmic poem, but I found that to be somewhat boring, so to create a little confusion and struggle in the reading, I disrupted the rhythmic feature of my poem in a couple places and found this to be symbolic of the confusion and struggle of my life without true happiness.

    Looking For "Joy"

    Have you seen Joy? I have not seen her in so, so long,
    I miss her, oh how I miss her and her heartwarming song.

    I keep searching and searching and asking why
    she went away without saying goodbye.

    Many years have gone by. but I envision her clearly.
    I love her! "Joy, I love you so dearly."

    I have searched all over, I searched my soul.
    If you don't return, you'll never know,

    How I loved the time we spent with one another.
    I showed you off to my mother, my brother.

    You were there when I married my wife,
    I thought you would be with me for the rest of my life.

    Joy, can you imagine a clear dark night without any stars?
    This time without you leaves unwanted scars.

    I'm hurting inside and losing control.
    I'm trying to hide it but it's taking a toll.

    I'm saddened to the point of anger
    that you betrayed me. Do you feel my pain? Do you feel any shame?

    I wish you could feel the loss I've been delt!
    That's when I realized that you have no feelings, but rather are a feeling to be felt!

    Because I am losing hope that we will be reunited,
    I have to make a choice but remain undecided.

    Whether to succumb to this awful feeling of sadness,
    or continue on faith, it seems like madness.

    In the end I am not afraid, I'll continue, I must!
    Because I also love others, I've gained their trust.

    And though you left for whatever reason,
    the others I love with help bring you back this next season.

    To have taken you for granted was my biggest mistake.
    Please forgive me, forgive me please for heaven's sake.

    When you return to my arms, whenever this may be,
    I'll never let you go or get away from me.

    As for those who took your place when you are gone,
    they are not invited; they use me like a pawn.

    Making me feel so worthless on this Earth,
    I long for your return, to signify my rebirth.

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  16. 36. Wake Up, Repeat

    When I was a teenager even now in my early 20's, there were days where I felt like I was just going through the motions. I felt empty, broken, useless. I felt like I had to hide how I felt from everyone by wearing a "mask." This poem describes how a typical day looks and feels from the perspective of someone suffering with severe depression. My message to you all is keep fighting. Don't lose hope. Don't be afraid to ask for help and talk to someone. I was too afraid, and it was almost too late for me.

    The Daunting Feelings Of Everyday Depression

    She looks in the mirror, and what does she see?
    Something frail, broken, and unfree.
    She sees the pain swollen in her eyes.
    She sees the cuts she marked on her thighs.

    She looks at herself with an empty stare
    With her crooked smile and her messy hair.
    Her mind is spoiled with terrible thoughts.
    The anxiety she suffers puts her stomach in knots.

    Her eyes are stained from countless tears.
    Her thoughts corrupted with constant fears.
    She grabs the bottle to numb her pain.
    She feels as if she'll never break the chain.

    After she cries herself to sleep
    And there's no more tears left to weep,
    She'll wake up, put on that mask and smile.
    She'll walk like it's nothing because that's just her style.

    People will walk past her and she'll wave with pride,
    But nobody knows she's actually dying inside.
    She'll go home, and she'll close her door.
    The mask comes off as she lays on the floor.

    Again she wipes her tears with her stained bed sheets.
    She cries for the night, wakes up, repeat.

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    Latest Shared Story

    This poem describes me. I wear a mask all the time, and I am depressed all the time and self-harm almost every day.

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  17. 37. Stronger Than You

    Sometimes our lives can take a road that leads to very dark places. Sometimes we find ourselves pushed into difficult places. Some may take a while to find their exit, their gate, their door to freedom. Some may just stop. But I believe it's strength of mind and soul that are our maps, our guides. Our inner strength can surprise us.

    Stronger Than Depression

    There you are, sneaking upon me!
    From the corner of my eye, you make no sound, but I can see!

    I ignore you're there, but you grow each day.
    I fear if I acknowledge you, you will never go away.

    I've seen the power you have over other people's lives,
    I have seen their struggles and them strive

    To keep you in check, to keep you at bay.
    I've seen them give in and allow you to stay.

    The confusion, the havoc you have played,
    I have seen the pain and the price they've paid.

    Swallowing them whole without a thought,
    Like the helpless fish in the net when caught.

    They squirm and wriggle to break free.
    Yes, I see you there, but you won't take me.

    I will not allow your darkness to consume,
    I will not allow the cloud to linger and to loom.

    I will fight you every day and every night,
    Push away the dark, I will stay in the light.

    I see you there waiting to pounce,
    I will stand strong against your call, I will stand strong and denounce!

    For all the sad, pain, and tears you feed upon,
    Your call to me will forever be long.

    As I have seen too many leave,
    I know better, I believe...

    In mind over matter, however dark the day,
    Life is a better place when you're told to go away!

    So move on and take your darkness too.
    I am now stronger, Depression; I'm stronger than you!

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  18. 38. The Darkness

    • By BGW
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 26, 2022

    This is an example of a repetition poem. To have suffered and languished silently is something owned by many - to endure without recourse, faith or aspiration, reduced to a mere shadow of one's former self. This poem looks at how staying too long somewhere, or with someone where darkness resides, can have a profound effect.

    How Circumstances Can Change You

    I had sight, but the darkness offers me no light.
    I had visions, but the darkness suppresses them.
    I had self-belief, but the darkness overshadows my confidence.
    I had freedom, but the darkness shackles me.

    I had empathy, but the darkness makes my thoughts so very cold.
    I had compassion, but the darkness brings me only indifference.
    I had knowledge, but the darkness offers me only ignorance.
    I had wisdom, but the darkness clouds my mind.

    I had well-being, but the darkness offers me only pain.
    I had strength, but the darkness weakens me.
    I had laughter, but the darkness made me shed only tears.
    I had joy, but the darkness offers me only anguish.

    I had feelings, but the darkness brings me only numbness.
    I had passion, but the darkness gave me only repulsion.
    I had love, but the darkness fills me with loathing.
    I had hope, but the darkness brings me only despair.

    I have only the darkness and the darkness has me.

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  19. 39. You Are Wrong

    • By Maria
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    This poem is written for me, by me. I wrote it because talking doesn't help, writing does.

    Really Know Who I Am

    Do you think I like feeling this?
    Afraid to look in the mirror and see a complete and total stranger?
    Do you think I like looking at shattered glass and wondering
    if that's what my heart looks like?
    Do you think I like feeling abandoned, and confused?
    Do you know how hard it is to look into the mirror and see imperfection?
    To hate to wake up in the morning to hate doing the same things over and over again?
    To keep wearing this mask
    Hiding who I truly am?
    Being afraid to face the world and the evil in it?
    Do you think I like it?

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  20. 40. Changed Because Of Depression

    • By Debbie Brown
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    What happened to me?

    Where is that cheerful girl I used to know?
    I look in the mirror and it's like I don't even recognize myself.

    I look so down and tired, I don't see that girl who was so happy so long ago.

    What happened to the days I would smile?
    Where are the days that my heart wouldn't break?
    Where have I gone?

    I see that girl when I look in the mirror, but she's too far gone.
    I can't bring her back to life, she's feeling too much strife.

    I feel her inside me, but my depression won't let her come out.
    I think the old me is gone without doubt.

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