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  1. 41. My Death

    • By Adam
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010

    Sometime a couple years ago I was just feeling really depressed and down on my luck. So I decided to write out my feelings in words. This poem represents my outlook on life at the time that I wrote it.

    A silenty shadow
    stalking me in the night.
    The doors are open
    but I cannot see the light.
    The gray mist
    into the abyss I fall.
    And I do not know
    what my life was at all.
    I cannot see
    the path before me.
    As his cloaked hands
    bring me to one knee.
    And what I see
    is not heaven at all.
    But a hell much more worse
    than nothing at all.

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  2. 42. Demons Inside

    • By Aimee Jones
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017

    I've suffered with depression for 4 years, and recently I have found that writing is my way of release. I don't always write about mental health, but I feel my pieces on that subject are my best because I understand my mind better than anything else. I want to help people who are struggling, because even though I don't know what you're going through, I know what it's like to feel scared, trapped and alone.

    Trying To Explain Depression

    It's hard to explain those
    demons inside,
    the daily struggle,
    the daily ride.

    When will they go?
    When will they end
    these terrible thoughts
    that they send?

    They make me
    hate myself.
    They fill my head
    with torture and doubt.

    I'm tired of crying,
    I'm tired of trying,
    I wish I could believe
    those demons were lying.

    It's a constant battle
    between them and me.
    I just want to end it all
    and be free.

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    This poem really catches something in me. I'm 17 and have struggled with depression since I was around 12. Diagnosed when I was 15 and hospitalized twice for trying to end my life. Depression...

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  3. 43. I Hide

    • By Nikki A. Bruley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2017

    Stay at home mother of 2 toddlers, living 1700 miles from friends and family has led to feelings of guilt, depression, and inadequacy. Writing is my only outlet.

    Feeling Worthless

    Due to my twisted sense of pride
    Having no one in which to confide
    Taught to never show the tears I've cried
    Many times wishing I had died
    No one knows just how hard I've tried
    To not show what's truly inside
    So I hide
    I hide behind a mask and a smile
    Faking it all the while
    Never showing the true trial
    Constantly in a state of denial
    Feelings of worthlessness, nothing worthwhile
    When did things become so hostile
    So I hide
    I hide behind a guise and grin
    Rarely acting on a whim
    Afraid of what could've been
    Letting too much get under my skin
    Patience continuously worn thin
    Keeping everything within
    So I hide

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    I hear you loud and clear, my friend. I'm 40 years old and there is not one living soul who knows the TRUE me, and that's really sad. I have a mother, father, brothers, sisters, husband, and...

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  4. 44. Taking It Day By Day

    • By Vincent Ramos
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    I wrote this poem a little after reading some on this site. As I read through all the poems about others' suffering from depression, as I am, I wrote this both as an outlet and as a way to give people a look into what it's like to live every day with depression.

    Each day I live, the pain consumes
    What little sanity I have bloomed,
    Like walking in a cloud of fog
    Falling down, sinking into smog.

    Life just seems grim.
    I think on a whim.
    Interest lost in everything I do,
    But what a life, who really knew?

    Depressed to a fault, that's all I see.
    Death just seems like the only way for me.
    A waste of time I feel I am,
    But that's its nature, a full mind-jam.

    I try and try to ease the pain,
    A fallen effort with no gain.
    Thoughts begin to eat away,
    Makes me want to end it today.

    Uncomfortable around others for the way I feel.
    I pray and wish this all wasn't real.
    Life just seems more like a prison,
    Caged, alone, an abomination risen.

    No one could ever understand
    Why I would want my death sooner than planned.
    It's not something I want for me,
    But to end my suffering this is what has to be.

    So I write this all as I fall from grace.
    Down to this place, some barren waste.
    I know not how much longer I will last,
    But all I can do is pray that this will just pass.

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    Latest Shared Story

    Hi Anamika!
    I'm really sorry that you have to go through the same thing that I've had to struggle with. You're right! It can be very awkward to tell your parents about your depression! The...

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  5. 45. The War Within You

    • By Ryann A. Cave
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2018

    Hi, my name is Ryann. I'm twenty-seven years old. I've been divorced ten months now, and it has been a tough road. Going through betrayal hurts. It is during this time I found poetry. Now I wish to share some of this battle with you.

    Overcoming Anger And Depression

    Confusion sets in.
    My mind is a blur.
    Overthinking too much,
    So hard to endure.

    My thoughts go dark.
    Personality turns black.
    I'm unleashing a beast
    I can no longer hold back.

    I unleashed a beast within,
    Stalking my prey.
    As time went on,
    My dark personality turned gray.

    I conquered my aggression
    And cast it aside.
    Realized it's depression
    That's been lurking inside.

    The most powerful battle
    That one can endure
    Is the one with yourself,
    Of that I'm so sure.

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  6. 46. The Masks I Wear

    • By Evelyn Barrera
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018

    I wrote this poem to show people that I'm not always happy, even though I might seem like it. Smiles can hide deep meanings.

    The Truth Behind The Mask

    "You're always smiling."
    "You're always laughing."
    "How can you be happy all the time?"

    All of these questions get asked of me on a daily basis.
    No, I'm not always smiling.
    No, I'm not always laughing.
    No, I'm not always happy.
    Sometimes I'm not even happy at all.

    If you see me smile, it's because I feel sad.
    If you see me laugh, it's because I feel lonely.
    If you see me happy, it's because I'm breaking.

    All you really see are the fake smiles.
    All you really see are the fake laughs.
    All you really see are the masks I wear.

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    Hi, I’m 13, and I have clinical depression. This poem honestly made me feel like someone finally gets what I go through on a day-to-day basis. I am constantly expected to have this mask. Then...

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  7. 47. Silence

    • By Shaelynn M.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017

    I have been suffering from depression for about three years now, and sometimes I just feel so worthless.

    Silence is the loudest thing
    I have ever heard.

    It consumes you like you
    Are in a crowd full of people.

    It screams at you when
    You are alone.

    It has no weakness.
    You can never escape it.

    It can kill you; it's the most
    Dangerous weapon I've ever had.

    It will take your happiness away
    And make you miserable.

    It has taken me and made me a victim.
    I will never be the same.

    Silence. Don't. Take. Me.

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    I can relate to you and this poem. It seems so much like my own story. Silence can be really deafening. I have experienced it and I just wish nobody else does.

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  8. 48. Prisoner Of My Thoughts

    • By Grace P.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017

    I wrote this because I felt I was all alone in the world and no one understood how I felt. I felt like my negative thoughts were controlling me, but I have taken back control. This is just to let others know they are not alone.

    Being Controlled By Your Thoughts

    Why do I feel like no one understands?
    Is this supposed to be God's master plan?
    Am I supposed to feel so alone?
    Feeling like this should not be condoned.

    Melancholy has found a permanent home in me.
    How do I remove it? Do I just let it be?
    I am incarcerated by my own brain.
    In my world it forever rains.

    There's no escaping the darkness and gloom.
    There's nowhere to run or hide, I'm doomed!
    I see the happiness looming, but it is always short lived.

    What more does life want from me? I've given all I can give.
    No one told me it would be this hard just to live.

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  9. 49. You Are My Victim

    • By Red G.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2017

    I don't normally tell you what these are about because I want you to figure that out yourself. It means more when you interpret your own meaning.

    He traps me like a prisoner.
    Never lets me see the light.
    Never lets me go.
    He keeps me up at night.

    Numbness runs through my veins when he's around.
    He's got me locked in chains and I can't break free.
    He's got his control pushed into my mind.
    He is so close to just killing me.

    He beats me constantly and drives everyone away.
    He locks me away in my cell, whom size is so small.
    I can't barely move or breathe.
    The chains bury deep in my body, and he doesn't care at all.

    Yes he's like a needle constantly poking into my flesh.
    I barely get fed and no-one comes to see me.
    My heart is constantly sore and my eyes always so red.
    Everyday I try and escape, I search around for a key.

    My attempts are worthless just like myself.
    The light keeps dimming and my hope is fading.
    He leaves me a noose close by.
    Suicide is something I've been contemplating.

    But I won't because I know that's what he wants.
    The sick man only tightens his chains every time he comes around.
    I thrash and scream for help but no-one hears me.
    He eventually gagged me so I can't make a sound.

    Now I lay here empty, dying, and broken on this cold, dark, stone floor.
    I won't give up just yet though, I can't.
    He's a snake tightening his grip.
    My heart is wilted just like a dying plant.

    He can't keep me prisoner forever.
    I will fight my way out.
    I will tear these chains away and turn on the light.
    I will no longer be a victim to his doubt.

    This man, the in prisoner, once told me his name.
    He came forward one day and whispered it low.
    "My name is depression."
    That's when I knew I couldn't tell him no.

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    I can relate to this poem. I hate every second of my life because I stay in this house and am used. Please, if you are reading this, stop and pray for my soul.

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  10. 50. Dead Inside

    I'm always battling depression. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even there. I put up a front for my family, but I'm dying inside.

    Pretending To Make It Through Life

    She may seem alive
    But she's dead inside.
    How can one live
    When the important things died?

    You can't just take it away
    If you never even know
    The dark things tearing out her soul
    That she'll never choose to show.

    She's dead and alive,
    And it's no way to live,
    So the numbness envelopes.
    She has nothing to give.

    She's pretending to be all that is real.
    Pretending to hurt when she can't even feel.
    Pretending to look when she can't even see.
    Pretending to love when she can't even be.

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    This hit me hard. This is exactly what I felt every day. Without my "friends" I had nothing to think about. I felt numb. With them I can't think about what's happening inside my head.

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  11. 51. I'm Gone

    • By Emily
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    I loved this guy, and I was nothing. I did everything I could, and for all that has been done, I wish I would have been dead.

    Scream at me,
    maybe your voice will kill me inside.
    Hit me with your words,
    What's the worst that could happen?
    Bruise my memories,
    ignore me.
    Hopefully I'll go mad with silence.
    Hate me more than anyone ever could,
    so I could try to hate myself more.
    Walk away,
    I'll just walk straight into my own hell.
    Love me,
    too late,
    I'm already gone.

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    It is necessary to be sad. We all have bad luck, but I am sure you will find true love. Don't think that boys are hard to impress. They are easily impressed, and I am a boy. I have a crush on...

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  12. 52. The Light

    Frequent bouts of depression have left me crippled, thinking that I do not deserve to walk on this Earth. The light, in this case, is my mother. My poem is intended to guide others facing similar struggles to their Light. May it be a friend, a family member, or even yourself, you do have a Light. Keep searching, my friend.

    Poem Thanking Those Who Helped You Deal With Depression

    Through darkness and despair,
    I can count on you.
    Deep in the pits of hell
    I can see you,
    Showing me the way.
    You grab me by the hand
    And take me away
    From this darkness.
    I was lost in the fog,
    But you were there to guide me.
    When I put up the wall,
    The indestructible wall,
    The ghoulish wall meant to isolate me.
    You broke it down.
    You freed me from its grasp.
    When I saw only darkness in myself,
    You saw the light.
    I opened up to you,
    And you let me in.
    Most push me away again,
    Destroying any chance of trust
    To live inside the shell that is me.
    This is why
    You are my light.

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  13. 53. Down But Not Out

    I have struggled with depression, and the poem is a reminder for me and hopefully a help for others.

    Depression Is Real

    Depression is real
    It zaps your zeal
    Weakens the bones
    Confuses the tones
    Leaves you in dismay
    Tries to take the day
    Controls the throttle
    Wants you in a bottle
    It is a bad place to be
    Where it's hard to see
    There is help for this
    When nothing seems bliss
    Talk to a friend
    Do not pretend
    Rest in the Lord
    Read His Word
    Start confessing
    All the blessings
    Joy is near
    Do not fear

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  14. 54. The Monster

    The story behind this poem is a girl who has had depression for years and can't get rid of it. Nobody knows how she truly feels because she hides all her feelings.

    There's a monster inside of me, eating away at my smile,
    He takes all my sadness and makes a file.

    These files are all stacked up in my brain.
    Now my whole life just consists of pain.

    It's such a problem that I can't sleep.
    Nothing works...not even counting sheep.

    When I'm in public I hide my tears.
    It's been this way for several years.

    I hide my sadness behind a fake smile,
    But the pain won't go away...not for a while.

    The hardest part is hiding when I cry.
    It makes me feel like I'm going to die.

    I feel like I'm slowly going insane,
    But I am not the one to blame...

    Blame the monster.
    He goes by the name...Depression.

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  15. 55. I Do Feel Everything

    • By Jillian J.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020

    The story behind this poem is that I feel like sometimes I can't find a voice to tell people how much pain I am experiencing mentally. And the only way I can think to do that is through writing.

    Not Being Able To Speak Out About My Depression

    I feel like there is nowhere to go.
    I feel like I can't get out.
    I feel like there is no one I can show.
    I feel like I can't shout.

    I feel like just giving up.
    I feel like I am worthless.
    I feel like I am never enough.
    I feel like I don't have a purpose.

    I feel like I am locked in a box.
    I feel like there is no key.
    I feel like I am always in shock.
    I feel like no one can hear my plea.

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  16. 56. The Sickness

    I wrote this poem because I know how it feels to go through depression. I suffered from it for five years, so if you are going through depression, get some help; it can really destroy your life!

    The sickness is back,
    I think I need some help.
    It just won't go away,
    I feel like I'm by myself.
    It all started years ago,
    the feeling just won't fade.
    I feel it is all my fault,
    a monster is what I have made.
    Depression ruins your life,
    it sucks the life from you.
    It will haunt you forever,
    no matter what you do.
    I feel I have no one,
    I don't know what to believe.
    It feels like this is the end,
    I feel this disease will never leave.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I really enjoyed this poem it really got to me and how bad depression can be. I loved it and you should be really proud of yourself.

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  17. 57. Cries

    A teenage girl who can't tell anyone how she truly feels because she is scared of being judged. She hides her sadness behind a fake smile so nobody will know she's not happy.

    Not Being Able To Tell Anyone How You Feel

    I feel the tears fall as I lay here and cry.
    Nobody knows that all my happiness is a lie.

    You see, I can't really smile; I haven't in a while.
    It seems like my new style.

    Inside I cry; everything I say is a lie.
    I feel like I'm going to die, but I really don't know why.

    One minute I'm smiling and the next I'm frowning.
    I honestly feel like I'm slowly drowning.

    For I will shed more tears; I'll feel this way for several years.
    When I was younger this was one of my biggest fears.

    Why didn't anyone tell me life would turn out this way?
    I'm crying at night and pretending to be happy by day.

    I'm always really sad.
    I just pretend that it's not that bad.

    Stop listening to my lies.
    They just hide my cries.

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  18. 58. Push Me

    I am a girl who fell in love with the wrong person. this is how I felt, and this is what I am still dealing with. regret. sorrow. agony.

    Fell In Love With The Wrong Person

    I do not know
    I am so confused
    who made me this way?
    will I ever know?
    if the man I love is falling,
    will I be there to catch him?
    I won't ever know

    I am the one falling.
    nobody has a chance to catch me
    I am on the ground,
    hurt, torn apart by two people.
    I cannot handle getting up alone.
    is he there for me?

    I'm still on the ground
    he has no clue
    if he heard my screams he would be here
    I wouldn't be on the ground
    and I would have gotten up already.
    was he the one that pushed me?
    I don't know
    I'm so confused
    who made me this way?
    will I ever know?
    if the man I love is falling,
    will I be there to catch him?
    I wont ever know

    I am the one falling.
    no one has a chance to catch me
    I am on the ground,
    hurt, torn apart by two people.
    I cannot handle getting up alone.
    is he there for me?

    I am still on the ground
    he has no clue
    if he heard my screams he would be here
    I would not be on the ground
    and I would have gotten up already.
    was he the one that pushed me?

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    I promised myself that I'd never fall for him. My heart assured me that everything was okay. My eyes showed me that he was Mr. Wrong. Then we started having long conversations until late in...

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  19. 59. Gone

    • By Alana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2010

    I wrote this when suffering from pain... really personal but thought people could relate.

    I am gone.
    I'm so far gone you wouldn't even know.
    So far gone I won't even show.
    I'm so far gone and there's no way out.
    So far gone I just want to shout.
    I'm so far gone you could never hear me scream.
    So far gone you wouldn't hear a thing.
    I'm too far gone I try and let you see.
    So far gone you wouldn't notice me.
    I'm so far gone drowning in quick sand.
    So far gone there is no helping hand.
    I'm too far gone you can't help me.
    So far gone I tried, begged on one knee.
    I wish you could understand how much pain one could withstand.

    I try to be brave, yet I have drowned,
    I'm in so deep, too deep for you to notice,
    to deep for you to care. I'm gone now; nothing's left.
    I should only hope you learn
    it was never your fault.
    The depression cut me
    too deep for you see, too deep for you to feel.
    The pain is bigger than me.
    I tried to fight.
    I'm just gone now.
    I'm sorry.

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  20. 60. Remember Our Daughters

    • By Eric
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2014

    Menopausal depression is real. In one of our darker moments, I read some poems, and they gave me strength to write something that makes me cry. It's very personal, as most of the postings are, but I thought I'd share it.
    As I was writing the poem I started to think of my early life and the possibility that I had had depression, and towards the end I realized that perhaps I had, and also that my wife had a predisposition towards depression and this was something we should tell our children about.

    Poem About Helping Someone With Depression

    I have often been thin. Not skinny or scat
    I'm not overly large... I hate the word fat.
    I'm 50 years young, full of vim and vigour,
    And this menopause, it's taking some figure.

    Low self esteem invites depression, it seems,
    Which differs from depression that brings low self esteem.
    The two of them together is quite the mix
    And is causing me problems I'm trying to fix.

    When depression sneaks up there's no time to prepare.
    You just hit a trigger and then there's despair.
    One more rabbit hole that you've just tumbled down.
    It's dark and it's deep and it's way underground.

    And when you remember you've left people behind,
    There's no light in the tunnel; you can't see, you're blind.
    You can't tell where you've fallen, how far or how fast,
    But I'm holding a rope; it's attached to your past.

    Your past and my future inexplicably bound
    Held onto the earth by the love that we found.
    The pain and the suffering that you're going through.
    The hell and the torment that we've got to do.

    Feelings you can't feel but I know they're there,
    And when you get better I know we can share.
    Know when I saw you it was love at first sight,
    And it's grown a little every day and every night.

    A morning routine of walking and training
    Can make so much difference, but not when it's raining.
    It rains in my heart like it does on the roof
    And now you're not eating; you know that's the truth.

    We'll go to the gym, we'll eat, we'll get well,
    And then comes a trigger and you're back in hell.
    You look for an exit or someplace to hide,
    But I know you're lucky cause you've got a guide.

    Someone who's been in the depths of despair,
    Who knows the way in and can pull up a chair
    Someone who's able to lead you to shore,
    Returning the favour of more years and more.

    I know that we'll beat this, when it's all said.
    We know it's important to get out of bed
    But after you're up, well...let's check out the dial.
    Let's keep our pjs on until there's a smile.

    There are lotions and potions and things you can do.
    There are old wives tales and mindfulness too.
    There are many things working for others, it seems,
    But don't let them get in the way of your dreams.

    There's a message to be told and we mustn't balk.
    Remember to chat and remember to talk.
    Our daughters are going to get to this gate.
    We need to prepare them and it's getting late...

    I love you

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