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  1. Eternally Alone

    • By Joshua Lawson
    • Published: September 2008

    where can I go?
    how can I begin.
    At 20 I'm still depressed
    I tried taking my life at ten...

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    People like you are the reason I try to stay strong. Knowing I'm not the only one struggling for so so so gives me hope that maybe one day I can overcome my depression. I have...

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  3. Dancing In The Rain

    Poem About Seeking Help For Depression

    You've had those feelings... you wish your life was done.
    You're broken, defeated, and overcome.
    Each day more challenging than the last.
    Moments of weakness...emotions consistently masked.

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    Beautiful. Starting with pessimistic feelings, ending optimistically. True.
    Friends can change our lives for the better. Life is not to suffer, but to enjoy. How Is left to us to...

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  4. Me

    Would You Still Catch Me If I Fall?

    Can't you see
    The pain in my eyes?
    But this is me
    And my life....

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    I know exactly what you're feeling when I was little my mom and dad used to fight and I would sit there and watch it, after we left my dad, my mom got with another man who beat her. So my...

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  6. Changed Because Of Depression

    • By Debbie Brown
    • Published: February 2008

    Where is that cheerful girl I used to know?
    I look in the mirror and it's like I don't even recognize myself.

    I look so down and tired, I don't see that girl who was so happy so long ago....

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  7. Together

    Poem About Staying Strong

    So--this is where we are.
    After coming so far,
    This is what it's come to.
    After all we've been through,

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  8. Curl Up And Die

    • By Terri
    • Published: February 2008
    Curl Up And Die

    my pain runs so deep I feel like it is inside of me
    running through my veins
    carving me up as it goes
    I don't want to feel like this...

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    Hi. My name is Daniela. I feel the same way, truly. I am also Bisexual. My parents, both are disgusted by me. I was emotionally, physically and almost sexually abused by my father. At the age...

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  10. I'm Gone

    • By Emily
    • Published: March 2009

    Scream at me,
    maybe your voice will kill me inside
    Hit me with your words,
    what's the worse that could happen, ...

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    It is necessary to be sad. We all have bad luck, but I am sure you will find true love. Don't think that boys are hard to impress. They are easily impressed, and I am a boy. I have a crush on...

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  11. Invisible Advantage

    • By Zeana Romanovna
    • Published: December 2015

    The world around is falling
    Life is vanishing
    People run past
    The cries they scream are gone

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  12. You Are My Victim

    He traps me like a prisoner.
    Never lets me see the light.
    Never lets me go.
    He keeps me up at night.

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    I'm impressed. It touched me, and the words sink in my heart.

  13. My Personal Battle

    Depression Being A Part Of Me

    Depression, my friend and yet you are my foe.
    You hold my hand through my tortuous times
    And sail with me through the wings of birds
    And the smell of leaves.

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    This poem said exactly how I feel. Thank you for writing it.

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