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Poem on Faith

Faith is a part of Life because we are intelligent beings, we therefore know with a clarity which may even defy logic that there is a deeper meaning to our existence. Faith Poems are about the belief that since God created us he therefore must care about little me. How important we must be if God cares about us. On Faith alone, the entire universe can stand.


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  1. Suicidal Thoughts

    • By Jonathan Davis
    • Published: July 2010

    I'm trapped in a box with no intentions to survive
    Praying.... asking God why am I still alive
    I go to sleep each night knowing everything I say is a lie
    Knowing that is enough for me to breakdown and cry...

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    That is beautiful!

    I share your faith, but I've never had it rough. I wonder if I had big problems if I'd be strong enough.
    My life's been pretty easy, I've never felt the pain you...

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  3. The Battle

    • By K.S.
    • Published: July 2015
    Poem About Christ's Power Over The Devil

    The devil tried to grab a hold of me.
    He tried to win the battle, you see,
    But that is impossible, for I have God on my side.
    He was with me through the times that I lied.

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    I really like this poem because I have had horrible thoughts, but God was there for me, and He set me free! Praise the Lord! And He told me who I truly am. His beloved child.

  4. Hold Your Heart


    Remember those days when you were young?
    Life was as easy as it could be.
    There were laughs and stories and dreams.
    You saw the sunshine and you were free.

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    Hi, Ashley. My name's Nichia. I read your poem a long time ago; and after I read it, I wanted to tell you my story, but I didn't have my own email address at that time. I wanted to say that,...

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  6. The Day Before I Found You

    I never had a perfect life
    I always wonder why it never went right
    None of my dreams ever came true
    But that was the day before I found you...

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    This Poem really touched my heart, I was 45 years old when I found God, he was always in my heart, I just did not realize it. I also went to church to be prayed over, and it hit me like...

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  7. My Prayer

    • By Ella Demore
    • Published: June 2013
    Help Me Get Through This

    The day I found out I looked at my arm,
    Covered in cuts from none other than self harm,
    Rumors were spread. Lies were told,
    But no truth, none at all did they hold....

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  8. Hope Is A Mystery

    • By Vanessa
    • Published: July 2012

    I don't know why
    why this world's so cruel
    it's so abusing
    We all have seen Earth's glorious mysteries...

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  10. Outside The Door

    Feeling Distant From God

    How am I supposed to trust You
    When You feel so far away?
    How can I grow closer to You
    When it is here I am forced to stay?

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  11. When You...

    • By Chanel
    • Published: January 2015
    Poem About Turning To God

    Lost and confused
    Struggling to do what's right
    Drawn to do what's wrong
    Fear of being alone

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  12. He Is Always There

    • By Alina
    • Published: July 2012

    He is always there, when you need Him most
    He is always there, the butter to your toast.
    He sent his angels to guide you, put his love beside you.
    He is always there, when you need Him most....

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  13. What It Means To Live Another Day

    • By Rebekah
    • Published: July 2012

    What does it mean to really live
    Wake up another day
    Go back to sleep another night
    But what does it really mean?...

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