Abandonment Poem

Abandoned Child

unfortunately children have to deal with parents who abandon them. As this poet says "I wish I only knew that forever meant whenever"

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What Happened?


Published: May 2008

What Happened?

You said you would never leave,
But then away you went.
Only to come back again,
I wish I knew what you meant,

When you said it was for good.
I wish I only knew that forever meant whenever,
And soon you would be gone again,
Are you going to come back again, ever?

You know where I am today?
I am sitting at our old house.
The one you used to live in with me,
And my sister, your daughter, my mother, your spouse.

Maybe you will never know the heartache you caused
Because you will never know me
You will never be my dad again.
Do you even remember how to be?

Well pops, I guess this is goodbye.
I won't talk to you again,
I won't see your face or the back of your head fading farther away.
Never ever, not now, not even then.


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