Change Poem by Teens

Life was rough and still is but I'm getting through it. I've been doing stupid stuff since I was 9 years old. It's about time I stop.

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At Last.. Happiness


Published: November 2011

Popping pills all the time,
Even though I know it's not right,
Cutting deep into my skin,
Gripping my blade tight.

Always trying to look my best,
When I actually look my worst.
I thought alcohol
would refresh my thirst.

I planned to have kids when I got older,
I want good things to tell.
But why I would I tell my children,
that all I wanted was to go to hell?

I had too many problems.
physically abused and bashed.
my arms, wrists, and legs,
had been both bruised and gashed.

I thought of myself,
As a strong Girl.
I wasn't strong at all..
Than I hit reality and realized life was real.

I had decided to stop,
and do what's right to get my life on track.
I realized so much had been wasted
and I needed to change because I could never take it back.

I'm a better person now.
I'm about to turn 16.
I can't believe how stupid and young I was,
and how I was so keen.

All the drugs and the alcohol,
the cutting and pain.
Have all disappeared,
now I'm one step ahead in this game.

I'm finally happy.



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