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I'm Addicted To You

I was head over heels in love with this guy. There was only one flaw I saw in him, which was that he was heavily into drugs and drinking. I was convinced I could change him, but once I tried, he dumped me in a voicemail. I was heartbroken and drank every night after that. I've been sober for two months now and finally realized no guy is worth hurting yourself over and you can never change someone unless they want to change.

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I know that it hurts, but you need to move on. I know it's hard, but there's nothing you can do to change her feelings toward you. You just need to find someone who likes you back and will...

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Published: February 2009

I bet you won't call
You know it's true
You're addicted to drugs
I'm addicted to you

I stay up waiting for your call
Insomnia; sleepless
You will never realize
You are my biggest weakness

You said you would be here an hour ago
It's cold and I'm still waiting
It will never be you,
Only the drugs I'll be hating

Happy Anniversary baby!
What? Acid again?
Call me when your trip is over,
Maybe we can talk then

I don't like this side of you
Drunk, trippin', chopped, whatever
It hurts so bad
But I will leave you never

I wake up and see I have a voicemail
It's from you; I'm so happy!
"I can't date you anymore,
I need more time to party."

I break down crying
Realizing I'm no better than you
Grabbing the bottle, I say
I'll only have a shot or two

Time has passed
I'm drunk as hell
The saddest thing is
I love you still


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  • Tom by Tom
  • 7 years ago

I'm a boy 16 I have been rejected by a girl that I have loved for four years now. I'm sorry but I have completely given up on life I cut every day in the shower with my razor. The blood washes away but the pain never goes with it. She rejected me half a year ago now, I still love her and its my birthday today and I have cut more than I have ever done and I felt dizzy about an hour ago. When she rejected me I broke my arm because I couldn't take it. Love is my weakness and my addiction and my torturer. I don't know what to do, please help me :')

  • Alex Van Gysen by Alex Van Gysen
  • 3 years ago

I know that it hurts, but you need to move on. I know it's hard, but there's nothing you can do to change her feelings toward you. You just need to find someone who likes you back and will make you happy, but it's up to you to make your choice. I can't exactly force you to do anything.

  • Alex Murdock by Alex Murdock
  • 6 years ago

Things are not over, I used to feel like that too, I used to cut my ex boyfriend's name into my arm all the time, but please don't do anything like that, you will get passed her, you just need to look a little bit harder.

  • Manny by Manny
  • 8 years ago

Hey I'm a guy and I'm nothing like that and never will be and the thing I notice is that most girls go out with those kind of guys and I try so hard to get a girl that's nice a pretty but they're always with some guy that treats them bad. I don't think that's right.

  • Lagrenouille by Lagrenouille, USA
  • 8 years ago

I read things like this and they make me ashamed to be a guy, not because of the drugs and stuff this talks about but because I don't see how a guy could be so stupid as to waste his life on something like weed when he's got someone that truly cares about him sitting right there, or worse yet, how could you leave your SO sitting in the cold, guys like this are no good in my opinion, I've almost ended up in trouble a few times because of this same type of person... I'm 24 and still haven't found the right person for me yet, though I know she's out there

  • Zjala by Zjala
  • 9 years ago

THIS POEM IS AMAZING!!!! I found a boy. I love him he loves me and I thought we were meant to be. But I found out he has a horrible secret, even worse than boyfriend smokes weed. He says he's not addicted; I don't believe it. he said he'd stop for me ....this poem is my exact story, it describes everything I'm going through, except we haven't broken up. I'm afraid that we will break up. I really care about him and I don't know what to do. I'm scared and I don't want him to get hurt. He means everything to me. I'm afraid all of this wont be worth it....I'm emo and I we made a pact that if I don't cut he won't smoke. I hope we will be honest and stop, because I'm keeping my promise I just don't know if he will.

  • Illinois by Illinois
  • 9 years ago

Really sad. I'm sorry to hear that. The best way to have a self-defense in these situations is to turn your negative thinking into positive doings. For example if a guy dumps you and you knew you lacked nothing or did nothing wrong the right thing would be to tell yourself you are better than that person and that you will do whatever it takes to not make the same mistake or do the same mistake as he was doing. Good luck and there is always someone out there, at that time we don't realize and we feel our hope is lost but definitely there is always hope out there.

  • Cj by Cj, Az
  • 9 years ago

I love your poem. It spoke to me. I write poems myself but never thought to publish them online. Anyway, I'm glad you got off the booze. Guys like that are nothing but trouble. Especially if they are too worried about themselves than the person that love them, like you obviously did/ do. Feel better. =)

  • Lauren by Lauren, Pa
  • 9 years ago

My boyfriend of 4 years was into drugs. He knew I hated him smoking, even just legal bud. He tried and tried to quit and one day he just left me. He, of course, was high at the time. The next day, he tried to apologize but I couldn't be with him anymore.

  • Msw by Msw, WI
  • 10 years ago

Great, I loved it. I've been in the same position just keep your head up and be strong, there's someone out there for you that's worth the time.

  • KP by KP, Tenn
  • 10 years ago

Baby it will be okay!!! Boys like that suck. Stay away until you find one that's actually worth it. It might take months or years but they are out there and f**k drugs. I like them but they were never meant to be involved in a relationship with 2 people. Drugs are for the lonely. Be happy you have life. Amazing poem. I feel as though you were describing my life. It's time to be someone. You are someone. Go out and make a difference. I believe in you

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