STOP Teen Suicide Poem

Stigma Has Crushed And Hurt

Sorry if this is triggering for anyone, but stigma and prejudice suck.

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Crazy, Crazy On The Wall


Published: March 2015

Crazy, crazy on the wall
Are you the craziest of them all?
What you doing with that knife?
Why'd you want to end your life?

Nutter, nutter on the roof
What are you, some kinda goof?
Can't you just pull yourself together?
And not end it all forever?

Looney, looney tying that rope
If you're feeling low, just smoke some dope
We all feel sad now and then
But this depression bull isn't attractive to men

Freak, freak, lying in bed
I know you don't really want to be dead
Just a cry for attention from a drama queen
Stop it! Grow up! You're no longer a teen

Maybe if you didn't say this stuff
I'd get help instead of trying to act tough
Stigma has crushed and hurt
So please think before you blurt



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