Abuse Poem by Teens

Poem About Abusive Relationship

Hi readers, I am a 13-year-old girl from Orlando, Florida.
I've been through a lot in my life and I've seen a lot so far in my life.
I write poetry to better myself.
I used to ask myself what's my purpose and what's my talent, but I found it...
poetry is my talent, passion, and gift.
I hope you love my poems. Thanks. Sincerely, Passion

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I'm 14 and it's in the past, but this reminds me of an abusive parent/person whenever I read this.

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Cry For Help!


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008 with permission of the Author.

I thirst for help before it's too late.
I stand alone in the darkness as I lay.
The might of his fist feels like burning coal.
The power of his kick ordains the soul.
The fire in his eyes makes you blind,
but my cry for help you cannot find.
I need help and someone to help me now.
He won't let me leave him, so I don't know how.
He is passive and controlling
as he pushes me around, my body rolling.
I don't think I can save myself.
Someone listen to my cry for help!

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  • Lucas Kincanyon by Lucas Kincanyon
  • 7 years ago

I'm 14 and it's in the past, but this reminds me of an abusive parent/person whenever I read this.

  • Passion by Passion Poet
  • 11 years ago

I'm glad that you guys recognized my work and it touched you guys. Wow I published this when I was 13 years old. I'm now 18...this brings tears to my eyes and uplifts me and motivates me to write more.

  • Clain by Clain
  • 11 years ago

I was reading and sadness overwhelmed me. I read it again and felt this was a male needing to be saved from himself. I was battered in my past and refuse to be considered a victim. I am a survivor as I pray this little girl is also a survivor if this is her situation. May God Bless You And Keep You. Continue to write!

  • Kaysee by Kaysee, Bendigo
  • 13 years ago

Hey your poem is so sad but yet so true I have also been through a lot in my life I got my brother and sister taken of us and had to grow up without them when I was 15 I got bashed and two males shaved my hair and it went on for 3 days and I honestly thought that was the end of bad times but then when I was 17 I got drugged bashed by 7 males and a female and they were my everything this poem has really touched my heart because I want you to get out before its to late well I hope you're okay and get out soon

  • Lex by Lex
  • 15 years ago

Hey your poem really touched my heart because I been thru a lot like you have...and most of the time the beatings and shit don't stop they only progress as you get older unless you stand up for yourself...I was beaten and tortured since I was 4 years old and now I'm 17 and nobody can touch me cuz I stand for myself and fight back...
And I don't know if your poem is about an abusive relationship or if its about an abusive parent but either way you need to try to get out of it...before worst comes too worst and I'm not going to even say what that is...

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