Abuse Poem by Teens

Leave If You're Hurt

My baby's dad passed a year after she was born. He was nice at first but became violent. This is for everyone out there, do not think just because you had a baby together that you can't leave if you're being hurt.

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Published by Family Friend Poems January 2011 with permission of the Author.

The only thing you ever gave me were black and blue eyes,
And it always ended in me letting out cries.

You would come home angry, scream in my face,
Waste no time showing me that I was a disgrace,
Always threatened me, said not to tell,
But everyone knew I was going through hell.

Why should I have to pay for your crime,
Why should I have to take the time
To cover up the scars and emotions you left for me,
When the teachers and doctors knew I was leaning out, a plea for safety.

I will never forget how you came home at night,
The only emotion I felt was pure fright.

Now that you're gone for good,
I can say that I never quite understood,
What I did wrong for you to do that to me,
But now that you're gone, I am free.

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