Abuse Poem by Teens

My disabled daughter was abused by her aide the last 2 years of high school. We ran into the aide at a craft store, and it triggered my daughter's memories. I wanted to express my feelings.

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Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011 with permission of the Author.

Shame on you for playing with her mind.
I know a place for one of your kind.
I know someday you'll get you're due
'Cause the devil is waiting for you.
She knew what you did was wrong.
She withstood your physical abuse for too long.
Now that the truth is out,
And she can shout,
It's not fair! It's not right!
To suffer now after the fight.
The feelings of anger and tears come every day.
Wishing the trauma and memories would go away.
Shame! Shame on you for destroying my little girl's mind.

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