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I have written every poem with all my passion and all my heart.
Most of my poems are about my super family and me.
So I suggest that if you want to find out more about my adventures and me, my bad habits and what I get up to, then you are going to have to read my excellent poems. I really hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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Daddy Broke Her

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Published: April 2009

There she lay in a room so low
Only in that room, little did she know
She saw no sunlight, she saw no snow
No place to explore no place to go
Never seen the beautiful Sandela
Nowhere could she try to escape
Hands tied, and mouth closed with tape
She faces abuse she faces rape
The beautiful Gabriella

It's no way kind, it's no way lovely
Dose he do it shameful, or proudly?
Assume being cursed by your family
Its all wrong, it can't be done rightly
She wants to see Sandela
Four grey walls, she had seen no other
He must be evil, he is her father
Never had a friend or a lover
Always the same Gabriella

In no means did she feel content
She could not try to win an argument
Getting caught he tried to prevent
While her life was out for rent
Stuck under the Sandela
Wishing that one-day this torture would end
And that in this dump no more time she would spend
She would love to experience having a friend
Not the lonely Gabriella

How could she be gone for such a long time?
Her room her body, dirt and grime
The police did not search, this is a crime
Surrounded everywhere with filth and slime
Waiting for Sir Acapella
He was so dashing he was so fit
If she called to the policeman, she would get hit
As she heard his voice she did not worry a bit
Dreams were coming true for Gabriella

She really had no other choice
But to call someone save me at the top of her voice
Knees knocking and forehead moist
Finally, at last, it is her time to rejoice
She saw Sir Acapella
He looked at her surprised, up and down
Turned to her father and gave him a frown
Said: Maim you are now able to explore the town
The individual Gabriella

She thought is this all that happens to me?
This is not really being free
She still lived her life in misery
She lived feeling nothing but envy
Of the people in Sandela
That girl had no reason to live
She could never be joyful or festive
After her past she will never forgive
Daddy broke Gabriella

The Josef Fritzl thing was absolutely horrible.



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