Teen First Love Poem

I am a young teenage boy. I fell in love with my classmate with whom I always quarrel. When I left the school I had a deep feeling that I had lost a precious thing in my life. I always wished to see her and try to propose, and I did it one day, which ended all our dealings; she rejected it and she never talked to me, even as a friend. This poem is a part of my life as this is the first poem I wrote when I was falling in love with her.

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Dethroned Heart's Angel


Published: April 2011

Things become small including the sky;
when I was just talking or even beside her;
a feeling in the inner soul of flying high;
always feel that "The time should stop forever."

The colour of moon in night;
appears at her cheek when she feels shy;
she always appears so bright;
even when she takes the path without light.

The way she'll always be is pragmatic;
it's quite different from all the epic;
of the creator who lost all his power;
in creating her cute, little lively flower.

A misted thought comes in mind;
by staring at her eye;
I desire to change her to feel kind;
it always turns a lie.

She makes others even her friends;
with sensitive, patience, kind heart;
feel jealous with her amazing beauty;
some are jealous, change their trends.

I made it clear;
that she is the one I have to pray;
and I always fear;
that she would leave and go away.

In future when I reach my aim;
I'll represent her with my fame.

Things I know about her;
gave me life and those;
I understand about her;
had made it to continue.

I humbly have to say;
I am the luckiest and also fortunate;
in sense of the way;
I am getting her love, it may be late.


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