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Hand In Hand

© more by Miranda S

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009

It's amazing how easy I can make my heart jump
In my throat I felt a lump
I froze for a second
Just because you beckoned

You called for me to grab your hand
And before I knew it we were hand in hand
Even though it was a game
I don't think I could ever feel the same

It was too perfect
For me to deserve it
It probably won't happen again
'Cause we are and always will be friends

I never thought it would work
Till that little jerk
Now I'm thinking maybe
But I'm still a little hazy

I saw those looks
Didn't you see me smirk?
Then on to 7th period

We had to fit 15 into a square
And your face was right there
It was right next to mine
Our bodies pressed together yet we stayed silent as a mime

Then on the couch
We both sat with a little slouch
Your sister called for you
But you would not go

She tried to pull you away
And that's when you reached my way
You called for my hand
And there we were
Hand in hand


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