Dying Poem

The author watches someone close to her fade away in a hospital bed. Looking into her eyes, she experiences an epiphany. She soon will not be with me in body, but she will be with me in spirit.

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Don't Give Up


Published: February 2006

When I looked into your eyes
I saw you looking straight back at me.

As we stared into each others eyes it was like some how, some way we were thinking the same thing.

I was thinking that I'm scared for you.

As I looked into your pale eyes, and I saw your helpless body lying in the hospital bed getting weaker and weaker..

Thinking to myself I don't want to lose you.

You're like my best friend, without you there's no reason to go on.

But as I stood and we looked into each others eyes.
It was like you were telling me there is a reason to go on.
You have friends and most of all family who care so much about you.
And don't think of me as gone, just think of me as in the next room.

As I stood there and watched your helpless body fade away,
I stood and thought to myself you are right..

The only problem is when I go into the next room you're not there in person, you're there in spirit.



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