Fear Poem by Teens

Teens Experiencing Stress And Pressure

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Lanoue. I am a senior in high school who is also taking college classes at my local community college. Within these college classes, I am taking a creative writing course. I wrote this poem based on the stress and pressure I am feeling at the moment to get my life together before graduation and pick a career path. At the moment, I am applying to as many scholarships as I can and they are stressing me out. Hope everyone likes it!

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Finding Meaning In A Changing World


Published: June 2018

The light I find in life is only temporary.
Each day gets harder with each breath I take.
The days grow, and I become wary,
For this feeling of woe I cannot shake.

I know I am not the only one feeling this way.
Time is ticking and life is moving.
I'm having trouble keeping the monsters at bay.
They wait in hiding, each one unmoving.

My life flashing before my eyes.
Each day the darkness consumes my heart,
Knowing all too well I need not tell lies.
Struggling to keep myself from falling apart.

Moving forward in this life so bitter and gray,
Looking for sunshine in the gloomiest day.


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