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Stop Smoking Poem

This poem is for anyone who wants to get a notice to their dads to make them stop smoking for you because if they loved you they would stop. Just print this poem, give it to them and let them see what it does to you...

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For My Loving, Caring Dad


Published: October 2010

Dad- You are making me ill
From all the times you make me get
Your addicted and most wanted
Pack of cigarettes.

Dad- Why can't you stop?
It's horrible to see
The man that we all love
Falling at the knees.

Dad- We need you back
The way you used to be
I will end up just like you
And that's something you don't want to see.

Dad- If you look yourself in the mirror
You will see yourself withering away
The Dad we all look up to
You're lucky you're here today.

Dad- Your death will cause us pain
How many times you have been told
That what you're doing and what you can't see
Is making you look old.

Dad- I wish that you would stop
And just stop, look and see
That what you are doing
Is harmful you and me...

-x-Dad Please Stop Smoking-x-
-x-Smoking-Don't Keep It In The Family-x-


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