Addiction Poem about Family

My Sister Is Starting Drugs

Both my parents were drug addicts all my life. My mom is still fighting heroin addiction. My dad is dead because of addiction, and now my lil sister is starting down the wrong path, and I am desperately trying to stop her. This is how I feel.

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Published: August 2008

Why do you do this to me again and again?
I am your family, I am your friend,
But it just seems you only love it,
The thing that's turning your life to spit.
I try to help you, I keep reaching out.
You just keep saying you don't know what I'm talking about.
The drugs are turning you into what you hated all along.
Just like them, it's the same old song.
We don't have to be like them, don't you see?
The cycle can stop with you and me.
Don't let the drugs tear us apart.
I know you can beat this with all of my heart.
Please let me help, don't push me away.
I know together we can find a way.


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