Teen Confused By Love Poem

My ex-boyfriend had cheated on me and I really loved him, but I could no longer be with him. We ended up going out again anyways. Don't fall for the same stupid tricks I fell for. You will only get hurt.

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Forget Me, But Don't Forget To Remember Me


Published: May 2011

Just forget me,
being with me nothing good can come through.
But one thing I promise is,
I will never forget you.
The memories we shared,
that went by too fast.
They're all a part,
of my wonderful loving past.
But we both knew we couldn't continue,
under these conditions.
There was so much love there,
but too much distance.
Please forgive me,
for the choices I've made.
I just want you to be happy,
but please don't let the memories fade.
I have cried myself to sleep,
time and time again.
And I'm just waiting for the day,
that maybe we can be one again.
It's just right now,
is no time for pain and love to mix.
With all the distance and hate from my father that was there,
it just seemed impossible to fix.
Maybe we can happen again,
sometime later in life.
Just move on for now,
don't be a sacrifice.
You are too amazing,
to lose forever.
I'm not going to forget about you,
not now not ever.
No one knows,
how much this is actually hurting me.
Free from this pain I call myself,
is what I wish for you to be.


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