Drug Abuse Poem

Tragic Accident After Drinking

Drinking and driving rates in the United States are steadily increasing. Most people don't realize the permanent damage that is caused by this terrible issue. If you do decide to drink, please DON'T drive.

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Gone Forever


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016 with permission of the Author.

You were the life of that party,
Oh, everyone loved you.
Drinks in both hands,
You started to stumble.

Hours started to tick by,
Yet you were still drinking.
It was time to go,
But you weren't quite ready.

A couple drinks to go,
And you thought you were fine.
Head spinning,
You decided to drive.

Screeching tires,
A child's loud scream.
A horrible crash,
This must be a dream.

On this night,
A two young lives were taken.
He chose to drink and drive
But was obviously mistaken.

Two sets of lungs quit breathing,
Two hearts stopped beating.
Two sets of hands grew cold,
Hands no one will ever get to hold.


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