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I'm a 13 year old boy with no family to count on. I raised my self and was brought up on weed and dope. The only way to make money was drugs but I was tired. At 10 years old a foster child trying to make it. I went back to the doing drugs when I was 11 I got shot and never went back I just thank god that I'm alive.

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This poem was good. It made me think of myself.

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My Drug Change


Published: March 2011

It's a whole new day
the past is gone
mistakes are mistakes
let's move along

Changes will come
at least I hope
no more drama to live with
no more weed or dope

I'm no longer no one
I put my drugs aside
my life as changed
I gained my pride

I can walk down the street
feeling good about me 
I'm prouder ever
thank God I'm free.


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  • Amuar Kelly by Amuar Kelly, J
  • 9 years ago

This poem was good. It made me think of myself.

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