Bullying Poem

This is about people who get gossiped about. Most gossip starts when you make a friend mad or you do something to someone. But most likely that was a accident and you didn't mean to. But the people don't care because if they are going to get talked about they might as well turn the subject to you. There is no need to worry tho, cause the gossip will go away sooner or later :)

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Gossip Gossip Gossip


Published: March 2011

Does gossiping get you anywhere?
Does anybody actually believe it?
I don't get why they would,
All their doing is getting other people
To talk about you and not themselves.
It's really not the truth,
So aren't they just lying?
They only do it just to get back at you,
For something you didn't mean to do.
You thought you guys were friends,
But now you know it was only a mistake,
And your friendship was not really there at all,
Remember you have A lot more of best friends,
Who won't do you that way.
They are your REAL friends,
So don't forget that,
Don't worry about all the talk,
No need to start a war,
Soon everyone will forget about it,
As you will too.



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