Remembering A Childhood Favorite Place

Grandpa's ranch is a place where her soul can roam free in the natural world.

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Ranch Of Memories


Published: February 2006

My feet pressed against the dusty roads
The cool breeze skimmed my face
The air's fragrance, a mixture of fruit and flowers, traveled through my nose
Down the slopes I would race
My hair spreading all around me
The dogs raced down too
This fantasy became reality
A dream come true
Some people may just call it a walk or a hike
But it is independence for me
Some people prefer to take a bike, but I let my soul fly free
On my grandpa's ranch
Across the trees
Across the flower patch
Through the breeze
This is the place I love to go
This is the place my soul flies free
So many memories I cherish it holds
This is where I get to see my family
My grandpa's ranch, my favorite place in the world



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