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What Places Do You Remember Fondly From Childhood?

This poem is about remembering a favorite childhood place. Grandpa's ranch is a place a girl fondly remembers as her favorite place in the world. Her soul can roam free in the natural world.

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Ranch Of Memories


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2006 with permission of the Author.

My feet pressed against the dusty roads.
The cool breeze skimmed my face.
The air's fragrance, a mixture of fruit and flowers, traveled through my nose.
Down the slopes I would race,
My hair spreading all around me.
The dogs raced down too.
This fantasy became reality,
A dream come true.
Some people may just call it a walk or a hike,
But it is independence for me.
Some people prefer to take a bike, but I let my soul fly free
On my grandpa's ranch.
Across the trees,
Across the flower patch,
Through the breeze.
This is the place I love to go.
This is the place my soul flies free.
So many memories I cherish it holds.
This is where I get to see my family.
My grandpa's ranch, my favorite place in the world.


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