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Poem About Forgetting Cares After Coming Home

A teen in college going to a boarding school, sees the true value of home, and misses it.

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Published: February 2009

Each morning I awake,
And always I am glad,
so gladness I ought not fake,
for there's no reason to be sad,
as far as I'm at home.

Each term when I return,
my joy I can't contain,
all my worries I burn,
and easy is peace to obtain,
the reason is I'm at home.

When I recall the trouble,
and my most stupid mistake,
I hardly ever fumble,
and my shame doesn't wake,
just because I'm at home.

If elsewhere I will fear,
but here I feel secure,
here illness is so rare,
and I know here lies my cure,
for here is none other but home.



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