Addiction Poem about Family

Poem About Brother’s Struggle With Addiction

My brother was in and out of recovery for the past 6 years. He was a wonderful soul, but some demons were too strong for him. He was 8 months clean when he had a terrible week and relapsed. One relapse. But it was laced with fentanyl; he died immediately.

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Heroin's Sister


Published: April 2017

I've never touched, tasted, or craved you,
But I know you.

I've watched my hero
Deteriorate in search of you,
Praying for the oblivion that follows,
Jumping through obstacles of deceit,
Torture and heartbreak
For one moment of relief,
One moment of silence,
One moment of peace.

I've never flirted, danced, or played with you,
But I know you.

I've watched my brother
Stalk, hide, and run from you, all at the same time,
Not wanting to find you
But needing to
For one moment of clarity,
One moment to breathe,
One moment to escape.

I've never listened to your promises, whispers, or songs,
But I know you.

I've heard you in his screams,
Haunting his dreams.
He just wanted to be free,
But he was always getting pulled by you.

I've never touched, tasted, or craved you,
But oh,
Do I know you!



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