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Impact Of Drug Addiction On Loved Ones

I am a 33 year old single mom. I have two younger sisters. My dad raised the three of us on his own. My mother has been a drug addict my whole life. I married a man who became a drug addict two years after we said our vows. I fought for him for 6 years before giving up and divorcing him. My current boyfriend is someone I've known since high school and been in love with since I met him. He is now addicted to Meth. I've never used drugs, but they are constantly destroying me and those I love.

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Letter To Meth


Published: February 2018

You don't know me,
and I promise you never will.
You've taken over my best friend.
His soul you're out to steal.

I tried to keep him away from you.
I gave him all my love.
I prayed that I could save him
with help from up above.

Since the day he met you,
he hasn't been the same.
He's confused and without reason.
He's caught up in your game.

You push and pull on his veins,
moving in and out.
You are the nightmare in the needle
he just can't live without.

You lie to him, and he believes you.
He thinks you're harmless and fun.
When he wraps you in his track marked arms,
he's playing with a loaded gun.

I don't know if my love can save him.
You've got a hold so tight,
but I've been through this all before,
and I never leave without a fight.

I believe in a mighty God, I do,
and he will win in the end.
I believe his love and mercy
will one day save my friend.

If he can learn to love himself
and extract you from his mind,
we could move on with our lives
and leave you far behind.

If I had my way right now,
you wouldn't even exist!
Go back to hell where you belong.
I bet you won't be missed.

I hate the pain you've caused my family!
I hate the way you make him feel.
You blind his eyes from the truth.
He's unable to see what's real.

You don't know me, demon.
You'll never know my name.
You don't deserve a second thought.
I'll never play your evil game.

But I know you all too well.
I know exactly who you are.
We've already been to hell and back
with you; it's not that far.

But I'll keep on fighting; God help me.
I'll keep holding on.
I'll keep praying he'll give you up
until one of you are gone.



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