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A mother leaving her child, how could this be?

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My mother left me when I was 3 years old and kept coming back and ruining everything...when I turned 16 she told me she wanted to see me again and she wanted to invite me to her wedding. I...

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Dear Mom How Could You Leave Me


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

Dear momm how could you
Never care about me?
I'm dying inside
Which you will never see
You never even call
Just to talk to me
Heck, you don't write either
So your love I don't see
You're not the one
Who wipes my tears at night
Nor are you the one
Who chases away my frights
Dear mom, how could you
Just leave me like this?
You didn't even come back
For one last kiss
Mom, how could you
Have a kid and just leave?
That's no way to act
That's no way to behave
Dear mom, I want to know why
You decided not
To be part of my life
I want to know why
You have no heart at all
And how you can have a child
You don't see, write, or call?


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  • Amy by Amy
  • 5 years ago

My mother left me when I was 3 years old and kept coming back and ruining everything...when I turned 16 she told me she wanted to see me again and she wanted to invite me to her wedding. I was so happy and I actually thought she cared, but a week or two before I was going to see her my grandmother begged my father not to let me go because my mother was going to use me so she could have another child. In other words, my mum was going to make me have sex with her 50-year-old husband and get pregnant because she can’t have kids anymore...

  • Michelle Sinclair by Michelle Sinclair
  • 7 years ago

Great poem. My daughter is a mother of two boys 2 and 4. They aren't coping well and want to go home with her and it hurts me to see what addiction is doing to her. It's been a year and she hasn't followed any court orders and it's been over 10 grand in attorney fees. Her rights of the 2 yr old were now terminated and soon she will lose her joint custody of the other. I love her but this has by far been my worst pain not having my grandchildren to hold anymore.

  • Tabitha by Tabitha, Usa
  • 8 years ago

When I was 5 my mom left, and then came back again about a year or so later. She took my hands in hers and promised she would never leave again. Then a couple years later she left with a different guy. My dad took her back in; she left a few years after that. She compulsively lies and disappoints me. Beats me in all senses. I haven't talked to her in months and months and I'm happy about it, actually. She cheated, lied and abused me for far too long. I have no idea what or how she's doing and I don't care. I feel liberated now that I've said this.

  • Cayley Pierce by Cayley Pierce, North Carolina
  • 8 years ago

When I was 5 months old my mom left me to a foster home and my dad took a blood test and I went home with him. But there is so many sleepless nights that I cry so much, I hate it. So those of you that have a mom be thankful.

  • Ainsley Castañeda by Ainsley Castañeda, NE
  • 9 years ago

My mom left me when I was in the fourth grade for her boyfriend. And every time I see her she would cry and say I love you but honestly I don't think she does. Because if she did love me and my two sisters then she wouldn't have left. I secretly cry myself to sleep every night because of her, and she doesn't know anything about me. She doesn't know that I want to kill myself or that I get bullied everyday of my life. I just wish she would understand!!!!!!

  • Alicia Roberts by Alicia Roberts
  • 11 years ago

I like this. See, my mommy left me in a trash can nothing on but a diaper and she left me to die. Now I'm 15 and she is telling me to go die and that I'm a messed up

I really like this poem because my mom did drugs and left me with my dad when I was 15 months old. I am now 15 and never see her. She was never there for me when I was sick or hurt but I have a new mom that has been here with me since I was 15 months old but I always get in trouble by her...

  • Rebecca by Rebecca
  • 13 years ago

this story touched me because my mom left me at the age 1 and now I am 14 and never see her and that upsets me...

  • Vivian Zabel by Vivian Zabel
  • 13 years ago

This poem reminds me of someone I once knew, wish I knew where she is now.
Anyway, as a mother, I cannot imagine abandoning any of my children, even though they seem to leave me.

  • Tabitha by Tabitha, MS
  • 13 years ago

This has really touched my heart because my mother left me after I was born. She has never contacted me. I don't even know if she is still alive.

  • Zandi Manini by Zandi Manini
  • 15 years ago

I LOVE IT!!!!!

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