Anger Poem

Life Is Falling Apart

I just lost my job I've been working for the past three years, and my wife and I are having some problems. She has not been showing me any attention; it's just like my life is falling apart again, but I work hard to keep it together.

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So Hard


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011 with permission of the Author.

why is life such a heartache? what did I do to deserve it?
sometimes it makes me wonder if living is even worth it

'cause every time I get somewhere I go right back to the beginning
seems no matter how hard I try there's never no place for winning

but I pick up the broken pieces every time they shatter
and then I go on with my life like there is nothing a matter

I just wished things could go good for once. I miss the life I had
the one where I was once a loved husband but now all I am is sad

I try hard to be faithful despite all the temptation
because I'm a real man with a family that I am raising

I have a beautiful daughter and another child coming soon
but I still don't know the sex or the color of the balloon

but it doesn't really matter, boy or girl, whichever
I just hope through all this I can keep my family together

even though I have problems I understand my quality of life
and that's being there for my family and loving my wife


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