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Kyle B 13 years old

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I Am


Published: October 2008

I am black because I stand out from all the bright colors.
I am a circle; all my great points are as good as the next one.
I am a jog because I take life easy.
I am a bang, no one can ignore me.
I am a bird, flyin high above the clouds and everyone else.
I am "Love me or hate me," by Lil Wayne, I don't care how people feel about me.
I am infinity, I have endless possibilities.
I am a fully customized '64 Impala, because nobody can be like me.
I am a shelf, at times I have so much on my mind and others it's blank.
I am a lobster; it's hard to get to my soft side.
I am the bass, because I keep the rhythm of my life.
I am the sky; endless.
I am a rock, to tough for anyone to break.
I am an oak tree; once my mind is planted I won't move.
I am afraid of lightening, because it's so quick and deadly.
Frightened is the world behind my eyes, because I'm scared about my future.



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