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Poem About Things That Make Us Who We Are

This is a poem I wrote at the age of 10... it was one of my very first poems and it inspired me to write more... which I do in my free time. When I grow up I want to write books of poetry and a book about my life. In this poem I talk about my life (as a fifth grader... when I was ten) and the way I live(d) it.... so go ahead and take a minute to read it.

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Very true indeed! Keep writing Rose! God bless you immensely.

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I Am From

© more by Rose M. De Leon

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007 with permission of the Author.

I am from the love of my family.
I am from my mom, my dad, my grandmother, and my grandfather.

I am from sweet baked cakes, homemade cornbread,
and all the smells of the world.

I am from good jobs, great effort, and "GO TO YOUR ROOM."
I am from thick and thin, cold and hot.

I am from stories from my neighbors, from my dad and my mom, from my nephew and nieces.
Stories to stay strong.

I am from childhood pictures and baby toys.
From rattles, pacifiers and bottles.

I am from my mother's stomach
where she held me for nine full months.

I am from good and bad.
I am from music of ALL kinds.

I am from feast such as parties.
I am from piƱatas, candy and ice cream. I am from all kinds of fun.

I am from "I got your back" and "You're one of a kind."
I am from love and harmony and everyone around me.

I am from hard and soft.
I am from my father's heart and my mother's love.... I am from the hands of God.


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  • Arya Jasmine by Arya Jasmine
  • 7 years ago

Very true indeed! Keep writing Rose!
God bless you immensely.

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