Brother Poem

A poem with my rambling my thoughts about my brother and how he is really annoying and irritating but I still love him and he probably loves me too even though I can get quite angry and shout at him.

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I Love My Annoying Brother


Published: October 2009

He doesn't really have to do a single thing wrong,
For me to become a volcano and explode,
It's just that he is like a huge pile of needles,
That is continually adding to my load,
It doesn't take a lot from him,
To make me suddenly snap,
His mere presence alone is all it takes,
To break the camels back,
The thing about it all is that I know,
I know the whole thing is due to me,
What he does doesn't have be bothersome,
Yet every time I still let it be,
He behaves like a rabbit caught in the lights,
When I start to raise my voice,
My brother doesn't like to be shouted at,
But it's not like I have a choice,
I'm out of control when I'm angered by him,
I react like a time-ticking bomb,
He has a knack for annoying me,
Even when he isn't doing something wrong,
I'm older than him so I should be mature,
Since he's only a sixteen year old boy,
And I should be reasonable and not get angry,
But he sure knows how to annoy,
He tells me he really can't help it,
It's a semi-deliberate thing,
And I know I should loosen up,
But my brother's so damn annoying,
He does the things he knows bug me most,
He's a pest who buzzes in my ear,
His behaviour seems to drive me to the edge,
Or at least worryingly near,
I love him, I do, rather deep down,
And sometimes my brother is great,
I should get off his back and stop being mean,
But he seems to like to irritate,
It doesn't really matter because soon I'll be gone,
Out of the home and flying from the nest,
It's not like he's the only annoying brother in the world,
I know I'm one of 'the rest',
The best thing to do is to keep my cool,
And not let him get my hot under the collar,
Since even though he really annoys me,
I really do love my brother.



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