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Poem On The Pain Of Growing Old As A Woman

Since I've grown older, it has become more obvious to me how little I'm now noticed by men. Some days it's hard accepting that it would be very difficult for me, now 70, to catch a man's eye. It's just one of the many adjustments to make growing old and I believe it is harder on women.

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Another brilliant poem - I love the way you write - keep them coming, please. Very best wishes, Ann

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It Could Not Be Me Anymore

Patricia A Fleming © more by Patricia A Fleming

Published by Family Friend Poems March 7, 2024 with permission of the Author.

It could not be me he's thinking of
When he looks up at the soft moonlight.
And it can't be me that he's dreaming of
When he falls asleep at night.

It could not be my face that caught his eye
In the midst of his busy day
Whose beauty left him hypnotized
And at a loss for what to say.

It could not be my smile that melted his heart
Or my laughter upon the breeze.
It would not be the curves of my body
That left him limp and weak in the knees.

It surely could not be my luminous eyes
Or the touch of my skin so smooth.
It would never be just the image of me
That could trigger his amorous mood.

You see I know it could never be me
To catch a man's eye these days.
In fact if I happen to pass one by
He just looks the other way.

My eyes are not as bright anymore.
They're sagging and much too thin.
Surely, they're not the kind of place
Any man could get lost in.

My body has not aged gracefully
And my curves are far too plump.
My boobs are falling down to the floor
Along with my flatter rump.

Most often I feel invisible.
I blend into the scenery.
I'm far too old to "strut my stuff"
To get Prince Charming to notice me.

Right now feeling wanted and desired,
To be the woman of his dreams,
Is now nothing more in the scheme of my life
Than a thrilling and sweet memory.

Yes, those days of romance and passion
Have sadly passed me by
And now I just feel grateful each day
For the man growing old by my side.


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Another brilliant poem - I love the way you write - keep them coming, please.

Very best wishes, Ann

Oh yes, another winner. I'm smiling as I write this. I love it when you spell out the truth.
Very best wishes
Ann x

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