Aging Poem

Getting Older And Accepting Yourself Just As You Are

As an ageing senior having trouble accepting the inevitable changes of ones outside appearance and feeling invisible I needed to reassure myself that its what's inside that counts and that will never change.

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Published by Family Friend Poems February 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I stand before the mirror
A stranger stares at me
I've been replaced by someone else
They're standing where I used to be.

This person's hair is fading
Her breasts point to the floor
Zips and buttons straining
Nothing fastens anymore.

Her face is worn and wrinkly
Her lips have lost their pout
Some would call her cuddly
But the word I'd use is stout.

This image large and bloated
Her waist has disappeared
She never thought would happen
What she really always feared.

I tried to sympathize with her
Used all the right clich├ęs
But I could now relate to her
In many many ways.

We promised to be buddies
And join as one strong team
Our body image worries
Weren't as bad as they may seem.

We made a pact to lighten up
And take it on the chin
And promised to remember that
What matters is within.


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